Matt Prokop INTENSIVE CARE Pictures


Matt Prokop in intensive care after suffering a head injury playing football.

  • hiiiiimgee

    dear oceanUP,

    why the HELL would you post these? dont you think he wants his privacy?

  • Anonymous09

    aww :S . he doesnt seem so good :/
    Get better!

  • Anonymous3oh3

    this is not appropriate.

  • GoldenGal9311

    Looks like the first scene of 28 Days.

    Get well! = )

  • bjkdsdb

    how were these pics released?

    hope he feels better <3

  • AnonymSDKFHous

    Aww Matt. That’s terrible. But why would you post these pictures, Oceanup…?

  • GoldenGal9311

    I agree. Oceanup shouldn’t be posting these pics. They’re starting to act like PerezHilton. That’s why I left that site. I hope OU doesn’t start.

    EDIT: Sorry ou, I didn’t know he posted this on his twitter. I thought you found these.

  • Stephanie176

    awww feel better!!!! :(

  • lee

    who ever released these photos must hate him, honestly ……..

    ….my question was 2+0 i had a little trouble :P

  • Doom

    how were these pics released?

    hope he feels better <3
    He posted them on his Twitter.

  • Stephanie176

    this is a depressing post. i say delete it.

  • Anonymous1234444

    who would take pictures of him in the hospital

  • Anonymous

    umm damn! isn’t this the stoner from hsm? lol wtf happened?!

  • MyselfYeah

    omg :O

  • lalalla

    aww poor boy. that’ll probably be the last of football.. ? prayerss may help

  • GoldenGal9311

    Doom said:

    how were these pics released?

    hope he feels better <3
    He posted them on his Twitter.


    Oh, then ou should have posted that he put it on his twitter. I thought they went TMZ on us for a second LOL.

  • Anonymoufs

    awwww i hope he gets better! <3

    love him.

  • Lo.J

    Matt released these pictures himself on twitter. Why are you critisizing Oceanup?

  • supergirl

    That’s sooo terrible. Feel better!

  • abbey

    okay, i really dont understand why these are posted…who got a hold of these pics? I think its so inappropriate and inconsiderate to take pictures, let alone post pictures of him like this for everyone to see. Idk, doesnt seem right to me.
    Still, poor thing, I feel bad and hope he gets well soon.

  • eygwse

    i sent the pictures in an email to oceanup (whether they had them already or not, i don’ know) BUT matt himself posted these on his twitter.

    don’t get mad at oceanup, 4real.

  • w

    who would take pictures of him in the hospital
    IKR? What the hell?

  • Anonymousa456

    He tweeted them, so I don’t think he cares about his privacy.

  • maii

    apparently the person that took the photos does’nt think so

  • ummmhi?

    I hope he gets better. Your in our prayers.

  • Anonymous

    WTF? Where did these pix come from?

    Wish him well but take down the pix.

  • brittanysaysrawr

    wow that must really suck
    i hope he feels better sonn=)

  • Anonymous

    Lo.J said:

    Matt released these pictures himself on twitter. Why are you critisizing Oceanup?
    Ok, that’s even more bizarre that he would put these up on his own twitter. Just weird to me. What’s his point? To get more followers?

  • brenda1995

    can someone post the link of miley cyrus picutre giving a blow job

  • 123456789

    I was thinking the same thing too! He looked a little bit like cillian murphy.

  • Anonymous ous


  • YouBelongWithMe

    I have to say, please take down the pictures. You have no right to post pictures of an actor who is in hospital. I don’t think he would want pictures of him on the internet. I hope he gets well. Feel better. But supposly it was on his Twitter. WTF

  • Doom

    I have to say, please take down the pictures. You have no right to post pictures of an actor who is in hospital. I don’t think he would want pictures of him on the internet. I hope he gets well. Feel better. But supposly it was on his Twitter. WTF

    But he posted them himself…?
    edit: My apologies. I didn’t read the last line.

  • Anonymousoierhg

    it’s fake why the hell would you want that?

  • Vale and Lau show

    I knoow..It’s just irrespectful:S
    I meaan

  • Kourtney

    get better Matt!!

  • legitstellar

    damn boy, get well soon!(:

  • Jonas4Canada

    Aw… get better!
    That was wrong though to release pictures of him like this…

  • Anonymousss

    i dont even know him, but i feel SOOOO SORRY for him. :(

  • kasey

    omg, he looks so sick

  • itsme

    feel better.
    but seriously, WHY would you post pictures of him hurt?
    oh THATS why. people are messed up.

  • Anonymous555


  • greeen;

    Oh, may he get well soon.
    Oceanup, why the fuck would you post this?

  • Anonymous

    You dumb mother fuck, stop posing for pictures and posting them on Twitter, you’re in INTENSIVE CARE.

  • snaresupid

    Wtf? Why would someone take pictures and post them on a gossip site when he’s like that? I would be pissed.

    Rant over….get better Matt

  • blahblah

    i dun think posting this pictures is appropriate… he must be feeling really sick and if i were in his place i would not like to see my pictures from the hospital online! i know oceanup wanted to show legit proof that matt was in the hospital but in my opinion this is too far :( hope he gets well soon :S

  • NICOLE .

    Oceanup, why the fuck would you post this?


    Better question: Why the fuck would he post these on his Twitter?


    He obviously let someone take pictures or there wouldn’t be any, STOP OVERREACTING. Get better Matt, that must have bin a major tackle or something … Geeeze.

  • kyansgirl45

    I have to admit; for someone in intensive care..HE LOOKS SEXY!

    just sayin… :P

  • blahblah

    my bad! i think he posted them on twitter.. i apologize.. :( get well soon

  • Anonymous9

    oceanUp this is disgustio=ng, how could you put up pictures of some in the hospital, envaison of privacy, much?

  • Anonymousomg

    Get Better :(

  • stupidnames

    meh, i hope he gets better, but god damn attention whore with the whole pic dilemma.

  • Anonymousnjjdha

    OMG its so sad. i love him!!

  • josepha

    omj, i feel bad for him :/
    he looks so bad, poor matt.
    hope he gets better.<3

  • AAC

    Aww get better Matt.

  • Kristen827

    aww i love him<3

  • captionunderpants

    Get well Matt :(

  • GoldenGal9311

    NICOLE . said:

    Oceanup, why the fuck would you post this?


    Better question: Why the fuck would he post these on his Twitter


    LOL, IKR.

  • Elena :)

    Intensive care?!
    Mann, I didn’t think it was THAT serious. ://
    I hope he gets better :)<3

  • MJBH

    poor :(

  • Rawrdom

    I don’t think I know who he is.
    Looks like it hurts though.
    Anyways I hope he feels/gets better soon.

  • Jambo

    Get well, soon! Matt

  • Anonymousf

    get better bb :(

  • BilliChart

    get better

  • mileyluver15


  • Jerry Springer

    Wow, poor guy. Hope he feels better soon =/

  • lindsay

    omg i didn’t realize it was this serious.

    I hope he gets well soon!


    Aw hope he gets better :)

  • Veselka

    Poor Matt I hpe you get well soon.We love you

  • wish

    WOW! i dont think you should have posted those thats really MEST up! that private!!!

    this is really fucked up!!!

  • sellly

    he ugly anyways why the post gross pix i want to barf

  • tx02

    wow…what an ass

  • silentnight

    oh gosh… they shouldn’t have posted these pictures.
    I haven’t seen his movies or anything but all the same, Get well soon Matt.


    HAHAHAHAHA. You guys are so stupid. You should read other comments before posting. Obviously oceanUP wouldn’t invade Matt’s privacy.

    Might as well call Matt ‘fucked up’ since he posted them himself.

  • nicoleeeeeee

    awwwwww babbby booyyy :(

  • yeayeawatever

    you don’t post these kind of things online.its inappropiate and personal stuff.. that’s really bad!!

  • Holly

    I hope he gets better soon! poor thing :(

  • Lelelle


    PS He posted them on twitter people! calm down!

  • Jbn

    Oceanup. This is NOT appropriate.

  • Jbn

    even if he posted them, this is not “gossip”

  • Anonymouss

    that sucks.
    hope hes back to normal as soon as possible!!

  • Anonymouss


  • aaliyahnoelle

    dear oceanup,

    to save yourself from further comments from people who dont realize that matt posted these on twitter please note make note of that under the pictures…saves from repetitive comments such as the ones we have here.

    from aaliyahnoelle

  • risingsunsets

    i’m pretty sure these should not have been posted. Give the boy some privacy!

  • Cheapbracelets.

    Aww.Poor thing.
    I hope he heals fast.

  • discobizcut

    ummm who the fuck is this person? WHO CARES, I don’t give a flying shit about him…NEXT POST..

  • Danielle Martin

    Don’t know who he is but poor guy looks like he is in a lot of pain :(

    Go buy Justin Beiber One Less Lonely Girl Now on itunes!

  • ffejigvhejhrgienr

    i feel so bad for him. i hope he gets better!

  • toksieolu

    I really hope that he feels better. Im praying for him <3

  • Kadiness

    oh it’s okay honey GET BETTER =)

  • Alyssa Barkley

    who is this guy?

  • hdoandsw

    awww poor thing!! :(

  • sara goldberg


    it looks so badd.

    hope hes okayy
    better fix his cute face
    ha (:

  • Anonymus

    Oh my gosh! That is intense! When I saw the first picture, I thought it was a joke, but I guess it’s not! Sooo sorry, Matt! Prayers with you tonight!

  • rainbowsprinkles

    awh get better!!
    wtf at oceanup posting these pictures?so personal…

  • Leanne Thomas

    Get well soon m8 <33

  • Aisha123

    this is sick!
    oceanup should take off these photos. The poor guys in intensive care, talk about invasion of privacy.

  • mileydemijbpones

    ahh man he looks like shit hope he gets better man

  • mileydemijbpones

    and yay wtf oceanup these are personal

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Poor Matt – get better sweetie :(

  • Dave


    get well guy D:

  • dfsjldskajfio

    why would you want to put these pictures up! this is just messed up he’s a regular person and i don’t think you would like it so much if someone took a picture of you in the hospital and put it all over the internet!

  • blackskittle.

    Oh God. I didn’t think it was this bad!
    This is horrible.
    You’re in my prayers, Matt.
    Get well soon.

  • MaleLOVEnotWar

    First thing I said was, “OH MY GOD!” That is seriously not good for some eyes? An dHE posted it? I felt bad for him just a while ago, now that he posted them,I don’t even feel much…

  • YouBelongWithMe

    I am just saying, its cool to let his fans know what is going on. I would never ever take a picture like that. Thats scary and I wouldn’t want people knowing what’s going on. I am just saying

  • eygwse



  • validatemypride

    GOOD LORD , poor guy ! ):

    get well soon , kid . he looks miserable <3

  • Hey!

    Dude! Can you give hime a little privacy??…Gzzzz! Just post something that says “Get well soon”. That would be enough! You didnt need to do this…

  • Anonymousoierhg

    poor guy. :( hope he gets better

  • Yes, I watch CMT

    Who is the fucking dumbass who took the pictures?
    Seriously, he is in INTENSIVE CARE, he’s SUFFERING and someone takes a picture of him just to get on OceanUp?

    BTW, Get well Matt.

  • AnonymousLexi ALexandra Woodruff

    I feel so sorry about what happend to matt
    wen I heard I was so worried about him
    he is in my thoughts and prayers
    Iam Thinking of him. I pray and hope he gets well soon

  • Hey!

    Dont be calling us idiots!

  • mrsandrewlee

    omg! who posted these?!?! thats awful.
    Hope he gets better soon.

  • Anonymous555

    Maybe he is a bit confused. He has a dead injury.
    Or he didn’t put the pictures himself on twitter.
    This is not very appropriate.

  • mrsandrewlee

    Oh, guys he posted the pictures on his Twitter, I just saw it. So at least no one is like invading his privacy and posting these.

  • apple423

    oh my gosh!! he is in bad shape. get well soon matt.

  • Jenna

    Poor Matt :( He tweeted that he had a seizure the night before last too, and that they want to keep him in another night. Hopefully he’ll take it easy for a while after this.

  • Jenna

    Also, I think oceanup should put these under a link, as they’re really upsetting to see just on the main page

  • Anonymousssss

    WHY WOULD YOU WANT THESE PHOTOS ON THE INTERNET? i would never post them on my twitter!

  • Sarah96

    OMG!! I hope he gets better soon!!

  • Nour

    God be with him, but seriously oceanup, the pictures are annoying !, please remove them. PEACE OUT

  • stop

    oO, OMG, this is HORIBLE, get well

  • LaLaLandGirl

    get well.

  • leelee