Selena And The Scene PHOTO SHOOT

  • pauli

    shes so freaking gorgeous…

  • blahblahhh

    im freaking jealous of her beauty and her lips O.O grrrrrrrr. xD hahaha i love her :)

  • Sence?

    Where the “Scene”?

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat

    I loved this episode my fav soo far =] ?

  • Chelsea-Rose

    “I’m single because nobody hits on me, everybody hits on my mom.”

    Haha :)
    The thing that annoyed me about her album was that every picture was beautiful, except the cover.

  • 123123

    Who said she’s boring?

    Haha. Probably my favorite ep so far.

    Loved the part about her mom getting hit on. LOL.


  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I hate this bitch.

    She blows at singing

    then maybe you shouldn’t listen to her songs

  • Mandy.

    she so gorgeous and funny. love her.

  • Kourtney

    HOT DAYUMMM said:
    thanks for sharing.
    … very useful information
    is your profile pic Zac Efron or Ed Westwick, I can’t really tell. either way… hot dayummm! :) hahaha

  • Commercial

    why is she a BITCH????

    omg i LOVE HER SO MUCH
    fuck u HATERS!!!!

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Props to the stylists, they did an amazing job on Selena.

    I loved the photos where Selena’s in front of the mirror, she looked so pretty!!!

  • —-

    She is gorgeous but she seems like such a dull girl.

  • Commercial
  • (:(:(:(:(:(:

    when she talks about her stylists and stuff she sounded like she was talking about her dogs – i bring them with me everywhere i go there, there so sweet :/

  • Jenni

    I love her. She seems like someone “I” would hangout with & i dont hang out with just anybody.
    I hate drama and Selena seems to bnot care for it either so thats why i admire her.
    She’s down to earth and is doing this becouse she WANTS to. not to just become popular or make more people like her.
    so kudos to you Selena. :)

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Her wadrobe (sp?) stylist sounded German (?!)

  • blahblahhh

    SHE WAS LISTENING TO T.SWIFT {forever & always} WIN. EPIC WIN. xD hahah she looked so pretty :)

    “this is for my eharmoney profile” HAHHAHAHA


    then maybe you shouldn’t listen to her songs


    You mean her computerized songs ? I already have & they suck. I also watch DWTS & she CAN’T SING, I was embarassed for her.

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    then maybe you shouldn’t listen to her songs


    You mean her computerized songs ? I already have & they suck. I also watch DWTS & she CAN’T SING, I was embarassed for her.

    “The Way I Loved You” wasn’t at all computerized. “I Promise You” and “I Got U” were awesome too, and they were not computerized.

    “Naturally” and “More” didn’t suck and they were computerized. I don’t think “computerized” is the exact word I’m looking for though.

    And she sounded nervous on DWTS, anyone would be for their first live performance.

  • isabear

    i never knew she liked that music playing in the background. i knew all those songs

  • annnnn

    shes so adorablee
    an dthis video basically pretty much proves that shes not boring she seems fun and she has a sense of humor soo hopefully there wont be haterrs

  • Anonymous594943943945

    Was the background on her computer herself?

  • dkksckkmvkmlklmdbgg

    lol pretty vain don’t u think ? :P


    it was of her one of her best friends

  • nickjonasismyheart

    Cute :) i love her!

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Was the background on her computer herself?

    Her and Joey King! The picture is actually a promoshoot of their movie!!!


    how is it vain to have a picture of you and your friends as your background?
    that just means you love your friends….
    STUPIDITY at it’s finest.

  • Anonyb b mmous

    it was of her with joey page
    this is the link to the pic
    she said it was of her and joey in one of her live chats

  • Bre

    I loved it when 3OH!3 was playing in the BG

    I kinda hated it when Forever & Always was playing “back up baby back up” no. -_-

  • dfstdfs

    “I’m single because my mom gets a hit on before me.”
    “I’m single because nobody hits on me, everybody hits on my mom.”

  • Anonymouswhatwhat

    love her. hahahaha best one yet.

    ps i think she needs to be more outgoing. shes kinda boring and this video wasn’t normal. i like her in the video but i wish she was like that all the time !!

  • LOVE selena to death

    Selena: gorgeous, talented, amazing, kind, way too awesome.

    Haters: STFU, get ur head out of Miley’s pussy and get a life.

    THE END>

  • Lauren.

    Ah I love her :)
    she’s so adorable!
    and I really like her CD. Well done Selena.

  • MichalkaManiac

    Trust me. Everything IS not what it seems…

  • $elen@ Gomez

    hey oceanup
    i think my photoshota R GREAT SO PLEASE SAY SOMETHING NICE!

  • kari

    biiiiig props to her ACTUALLY singing LIVE @ performances tho. She has a good voice I just don’t think she’s cut out for live perfomances — not many people are tho. Most people sound really bad live tbh. But yeaaah, she looks gorge! love her

  • Anonymous123

    Selena Gomez and the Scene photoshoot? More like Selena Gomez’s photoshoot. That’s one thing I don’t like about her, she needs to give her band more credit!! But anyways, she looks really pretty.

  • andreaVeronika

    she’s gorgeous

  • Candyy

    haha shes adorabllee =) some parts were boring though but love herrr:)

  • Demi.And.Nick.Are.My.Studmuffins.

    awww she’s so cute. I love Sel =)

  • Brick By Boring Brick

    the academy is.. <3

  • Anonymousoierhg

    this was ‘my’ first record
    it was ‘my first photoshoot’

    wtf i thought she was in a band? i couldnt even see them! and they don’t have anything in the album, like their own thank you list or anything. this is NOT a band, it’s selena trying to make it seem like it is.

  • JBdeepInMyHeart

    lmao ! I’m single cause I like to mingle… no I’m single cause my mom gets hit on before me ! >:( lol! I like her :P
    What is whith these math questions ? Are math-tarded people not allowed to write ?!

  • Adam

    Aw, I love Selena! She has a lot of energy in this video! About her not getting on, her beauty makes it impossible to not get hit on. Do perverted comments on the internet count as hitting on her?

  • Anonymoufs

    who sings one of the songs on the video that says “back up baby back up.. did you forget everything”

    was it taylor swift??

  • blabla

    haha start liking Blair Waldorf! she isn’t bashing anyone anymore :)

    I think selenas album is great but her life shows are…okay

  • nickjlover

    Now i’ve got don’t trust me in my head btw awsome! Selena’s AWESOME!

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Where the “Scene”?

    the guys who were jumping on the sofa. lol, i love them…

  • mary.

    “Hey i’m selena and this is my eharmony profile. do you think i’m cute?”

    ahahahhaha. i love her. she’s gorgeous. & i love her new CD. :).

  • Anonymousgfd


  • stuffhappens

    second comment

  • Kourtney

    her album photos are really pretty…but I still just don’t like the cover. but the ones where she’s in the purple dress are so pretty.


    I hate this bitch.

    She blows at singing.


    thanks for sharing.
    … very useful information

  • TheBigBadBitch!

    Really? I think she sounds pretty good. She isnt no whitney housten, but it is definately something I can rock too. Just so you know, I am not going to let you get to me so…:)

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  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Video is still loading.


    she’s so pretty :)

  • hjkhkjlkj


  • Anonyb b mmous

    shes gorgeous.. one difference between her fans and haters is that her fans think shes gorgeous and envy her beauty but love her because she deserves and the haters are just plain jelous of her beauty and hate her coz they dont have it…

    its soo funny when shees talking about her mom lmao. her mom is gorgeous just like her

  • J-Bug

    This is my Eharmony profile.
    Do you think I’m cute?
    I love her.

  • antonia

    oh, she has great makeup. and her hair looks stunning.

  • Anonyb b mmous

    i want her hair and makeup people. im so kidnapping them. she looks so freakin gorgeous. although its probably coz shes so naurally beautiful.
    Shes so cute and hyper in this ep