Cimorelli BATTLEFIELD Jordin Sparks


    They are soo GOOD

  • sasa_x

    i think their other videos were better…they harmonized better in their other songs

  • Nelena4evrLOVE

    i relly liked it!! their deff gonna be on diseney someday. and haters are just jealous duhh!!!

  • :) <33

    I liked it :D

  • :) <33

    MyselfYeah said:

    nooo oceanup, we wanted a JOE or NELENA post -_-


    Nelena post?
    Nelena didnt even exist, Jennifer Stone confirmed it.

  • YO

    WOW they are oh sooo talentedddd. LOVE lOve <3

  • pirre

    You people are so jealous! I wish anyone would be happy to be as good as they are, (even though they aren’t perfect)!
    I think the family band concept works awesome! There aren’t too much of this kind of groups out there, at least not this good.
    When it comes to “choosing a place with an echo so that it makes it sound good”, ofcourse it does sound better that way, but think of professional singers, they’ve got all the mic’s and a ton of backround music and singers and stuff, it’s easier to them sound good than for those girls with none of that, just their voices (plus the guitarbut they don’t even have that in all videos).

    Go girls, you’re great!

  • YO

    HHAhahaa RIGHT ON!!!!!

  • pirre

    * I wish I was as good as they are + I think everyone would be…
    Sorry for the confusion..

  • peacelove

    They are good not as good as Jordin but good. They would be better with out the little girls in the front though.

  • Anonymousss

    the show so much emotion i luveeed it. you go guysssss!!!!!

  • bianqueesha

    You should’ve posted their “send it on” cover, its GOOOOOOOD.
    this isn’t that great :/

  • yessirrrrr

    PrissyGurlll yuu tell it like it izzz grrrll!!!!

    they da bOMBBBB

  • katekatekate

    mmmm this is prettygood. you honestly can’t say that’s bad. no.

  • Anonymousss

    2 in the front are best forsure

  • mattPee

    yaaa like sit ther @ yur computer and hate while there out there making awesome videos. haters = LOSERS

  • mee

    They are good…
    but that girl looks pathetic with the

  • godoverdisney

    the average theyll never make it
    they look one of those homeschooled Christan diseny wannbe!
    to much ppl in a band they need to cut three girl the little one in blue the one with friuty rainbow shitr and the one with huge earing!

    the little girl with the bow and behid her are good and the guy so they should be a three person band what are the trying to be the next jackson five!

  • PrissyGurlll

    Omg that was so good !!!!!!!!!
    yall haterz are sooooo beyond jealouz, get a life .
    seriously , they are fukken amazzzzzing , anyone would b lucky to sing liek that .
    yall are chomphin on the hater stripz , they r jusss good kids with AH-MAZIN voicez , and yah .
    yall are straightttt tripppin .
    and who the fuk cares if there homescooled christians or watever it was you called them ??!!
    thass awesome !! waaay to many dumbass kidz in the world as it iz, we dont need no more of THAT shit. we need to feel the positivity theze kidz are bringin to the table man !!!
    come on yall, ya need to RECOGNIZE !!!

    great job gurls, i luvd it =D xD <3

  • WhoaChasity

    You guys are mean. Theyre very talented. I enjoy listening to them. :) Im sure you people are just jealous.

  • MileyRayFan

    That was really good!But I agree that they need to work on the harmonies. =]

  • yaaaaa


  • PrissyGurlll

    o and 1 more thing , yall realy think anybody gives a str8 FUK wat you think about this ?
    cuz guess what . they cimerellis aint readin this !! there probably eatin lunch wit miley !! they lafin all the way home while yall jealous asses r whinin about who did wat wrong .
    pathetic . hatin on nobody who cares , thass wat your doin here .
    hahaha im juss lafin at all o yall . sooo DUMb .
    so go fuk yoself cuz guess what ? your dumb comment is just as gay as the next , and NOBODY GIVES A STR8 FUK!!!!!!!

    once again , great job gurllssss =D yall are beutiful no lies . actualy , yall are fukken GOERGEOUS ! ! ! keep teh dreams alive , dont let nobody fuk wit this uniqe thang yall got goin on here .

    – P011ina =]]]]

  • Anonymous!!!!!!

    That was bad!

  • Anonymous 1531215154514123121565163

    you are a looser…. bicht

  • egerger

    they sound horrible!!!!!!!there all moving and swinging their arms! its hilarious! made me laugh! hahahah

  • rawrz

    The girl in the blue swinging her arm around on the left sort of pissed me off.
    They sound really great but they need to work on blending together

  • Rachel:]

    WhoaChasity said:

    You guys are mean. Theyre very talented. I enjoy listening to them. :) Im sure you people are just jealous.
    jesus christ. just because people say they dont like someone does NOT mean theyre jealous.
    i dont know why everyone fricken thinks that!

  • Rachel:]

    Nelena4evrLOVE said:

    i relly liked it!! their deff gonna be on diseney someday. and haters are just jealous duhh!!!
    —NO THEYRE NOT. maybe theyre haters because they. dont. like. them.

  • kaseyg

    not hating or anything .. but it seems to me like they dont enjoy singing .. like their mom made them do it .. they have talent but it looks like they have no passion..they dont show the emotion in the song


    mwahhaha(: – YOUUUUU suck. Make a video of urself. noooo way youre better. OR cuter.

  • msoceanupwhaat?!

    why is it in the miley cyrus catogory ?

  • anonymousssss



    They don’t sound that great. They obviously did it somewhere so it echoes and sounds ‘better’. I don’t get why people say they’re amazing. They’re a family band that can sing, so what? I’ve heard much better. They need more voice control, and I feel like their performance is kind of sloppy because they’re all doing different things/there are so many of them.

  • Anonymoussssssss

    no it really is true. haterzz = jealous weirdos.
    i would now, i used to be 1 =P

    but now i get that i have never met these taletned ppl and i cant judge liek that.
    Prissygurl is right!! like who r we to be sittin around on our asses pickin apart ppl we dont even kno???
    i thought it was realllyyyyy GOOD, you cant deny they have talent.
    and if you dont have anything nice to say, y say anythin at all? liek who cares if you don like it? who needs to now?
    liek whos life is that gonna change?!!?!

    hass ANY1 ever thout of that before???????

    jusssss saying. so yeah. keep rokin girls, you wil go FAR =]

  • Anonymous

    anyone could sing better than them. not goood , not goood. sorry, go find something else to do with your boring lives.

  • Anonymous

    whats wrong with that short girl? I mean, I didnt listened to it, but I dont want to anymore. whats the thing with the bow on her head?

  • Anonymous 1531215154514123121565163

    i think you guys,sing more asome that miley cyrus, you sing with the heart no with the voice… you know whan i mean you sign more asome than the bicht of miley cyrus

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous123


  • AmyCola

    You can te the one with the bow on her head is not as dedicated nor as talented as the others, but at least she has some taste in fashion.

    The other ittle one is unfortunate looking, but probably takes singing seriously.

    Oh just a thought :D

  • Anonymous !!@@


  • AmyCola


  • Christina…

    The little girl with the white stripe on her shirt is a good singer, also the one with the blue shirt….but the rest need to improve. They sound like each one is trying to be solo artists instead of a group.Need to harmonize their voices together…. Good not great.

  • anonymoussssss

    loveeee <3

  • Anonymousssssss

    WOW. that was SOOO WIERD!!!
    but besides them being SUPER Wierd they were good.

  • hotmess

    What does this have to do with anything, Tim?
    Btw, 1:50.. yikes!

  • mwahhaha(:

    The girl in the purple shirt sucks

  • Jerretc

    First ;-)

  • Jerretc

    Sounds great !

  • Nicksgurl4life1

    It sounds horrible!

  • Anonymous !!@@


  • MyselfYeah

    nooo oceanup, we wanted a JOE or NELENA post -_-