Debby Ryan AND Boo Boo Stewart FAMOUS Cupcake Grand Opening


Debby Ryan, Boo Boo Stewart & his sister plus Cassie Scerbo attended the Famous Cupcakes Beverly Hills Grand Opening in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday evening. Photos: Fame, Juan Rico.


  • Anonymous

    boo boo is freakin awsome

  • ILoveBooBoo

    omg i freakin love BooBoo so all you haters can shut it. and im not going to put down debby but i want her to leave BooBoo’s life–HES MINE.

  • Anonymous31

    i love booboo so all you haters can shut it. booboo isnt his real name anyway. and im not going to put down debby but if i were to ever meet her i would kindly ask her to leave booboo’s life—-HES MINE.

  • Anonymous705

    aww, booboo’s adorable.
    booboo’s jut a nickname, his real name is nils.
    and went i met him he was super nice, so dont hate.

  • Anonymous

    Kourtnay Kardashian was also there talking about her cupcake cravings…

  • Anonymous

    Debbie Ryan really does not need cupcakes

  • Anonymwweous

    lol. i love herrr shes so sweet.\
    and oceanup should post things about the kardashians, they are my favorites =p

  • Anonymous
  • Dave101

    Has anyone else noticed that Debby has the cutest feet? She should really show them off more often.

  • Anonymous

    WOW Debby is pretty!blogging tipswrite for us

  • Anonymous

    She looks very cute! :)
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  • Anonymous

    Oh, she is soo cute!!! ;)
    msr 575 2

  • asdn

    looks like the only red carpet that wants her is for cupcakes. interesting.

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  • Anonymous

    Nicely done.

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  • Holly

    WOW Debby is pretty!

  • 44

    awww she is adorable :) i luv her sandals but i dont like her outfitt =]she’s the sweetest girl ever ! <3

  • as

    She atends every premiere,opening or whatever red carpet…anoying!!!Sorry for english…

  • msoceanupwhaat?!

    COOL :)

  • Anonymous120

    ahem boo boo does have a twitter but that’s not his username his username iz mamarazzi he confirmed it through myspace and his’ and his mom’s facebook and it’s all true check it out if you want

  • MEEE.

    He’ll play Seth Clearwater in Eclipse. He’s hot and his name is not stupid, it’s just different.

    but I really don’t understand why does he have to carry his sister around to EVERYTHING. for God’s sake, go on your own for a change, they’d look like a couple if they weren’t so alike.

    anyways, just followed him on twitter – @booboostewart

  • Katie90

    Who the hell is this Boo Boo? His terrible yet laughable name is everywhere. I hate it! What kind of a stupid name is that?

    It must be the worst name in the history of bad names.

  • julia!!!

    she is pretty i dont understand why everyone hates her on oceanup


    Well at least Debby has nice hair…

  • Letskickdebbyouttadisney

    Does she like get fatter everytime I see her?
    Girl, go and hit the gym…serioulsy, it wont hurt

  • Sammie:D

    Boo Boo and his sister look SOO much alike!