Sammi Hanratty ‘I Do Extreme Martial Arts At The Same Place Taylor Lautner Does.’

American Girl Sammi Hanratty talks about her extreme martial arts skills.

  • Anonymous09

    HOLY SHIT! no offense but …
    am i the only one that noticed the bubble head?
    But she seems sweet tho :)

  • GoldenGal9311

    Is this the annoying little girl from the Pringles commercial back in 04??

  • Anonyytmous


  • morgansierra


  • helloo

    Dayumm She Hass A HUGEEE Head
    “Airheadd” Hahah Lmao:D

  • Jonas4Canada

    I’m sad that Miley’s twitter is down :(
    Her tweets were amazing like “I jiggled my thighs and they shook for 3 mississippis” and when she took pictures of her sister sleeping!

  • luunnariis

    wwwwwoaaaah her head is soooo big…

  • Anonymous

    Whoa that is one huge head

  • hotmess

    No idea but damn now you got me craving for some Pringle Chips.

  • TinyTwinLayouts

    Wow, hate that name.
    Sammi Hanratty
    Sammi Hanratty
    Sammi Hanratty

  • Anonymous

    her head is HUGE! D=

  • Sha-Sha

    wow…. is it me or is she…scary looking??

  • jobrolova

    She really shouldn’t cut her hair so short it makes her head look even bigger then it already is

  • Anonymous

    Dude this girl is crazy scary she is so ugly
    her head looks like a bobble head ;p

  • Anonymous

    She sooooo does not go to the same place taylor does if she did she woulnt be so fat

  • Anonymousssses

    my neighbor used 2 b best friends with sammi (im not lying either so dont believe me but im tellin the truth)

  • Anonymous
  • burning

    if it was really miley cyrus, she wouldn’t need that proof
    but idk it could be her

  • CDK

    thats not miley’s new twitter fi you look at the number of followers it says she only has 1.7million. miley had well over 2million. that pic is old.

  • bobble

    dont know who she is.. she seems sweet…
    …but she looks like a bobble head.

  • oceanupSUCKS

    she has a big head damn

  • Sammie:D

    wasn’t she that girl on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody?
    She was in a couple of epi.
    she played Holly….i think

  • burning


  • raejonas


  • burning

    but rly she seems sweet

  • burning

    not that i even know who she is