Ali Lohan strolling with sister Lindsay & friends on Friday afternoon. Fame.

  • -

    Lindsay acting like she doesn’t want attention. Priceless.

    Keep bringing the LOLZ Lindsay!

  • Anonymous

    she looks seriously hungover

  • sooo

    she looks alot better without make-up
    and why are ppl hating on her she didnt do anything to you
    leave the girl alone you ugly-ass-miley-baby-fans

  • Ash

    why does oceanup post stuff about her? no one cares

  • illuminaire

    she looks quite pretty here. she shouldn’t straighten her hair. it looks much better when they’re curly.

  • roflkayla

    she acts like she’s 25. you’re 16, you hoe.

  • YO

    God, that girl is looking rough already. What is with this family? They all look like they’re 40. Don’t they realize that if they weren’t so anorexic and ate a few burgers that they wouldn’t look so haggard?

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  • nonononono


  • Anonymousey

    Quack???? lmfaox20

  • Anonymous94

    omg first u guys are such whore and sad loosers for whoever comes on dis websites fuckkkkk u bitches and im takin oceanup down
    cuz jonas brothers should suck their dicks till it goes sore!!!! :)

  • Ha[ily]


  • brittanysaysrawr

    she looks better in this picture then when she was in that little black dress

  • GoldenGal9311

    She looks about 10 TIMES better without makeup. Why can’t some people realize that? Some people look better with makeup, while others look better without it.

  • Anonymousevfewfewew

    How old is she? 40? ahaha She looks so old-er that what she is. Hell Lindsey look younger. ws

  • Anonymousey

    Seriously. I cannot get over it. She is the only girl I know who can pull off 40 at age, what 14-16?

  • E.

    the ugly truth.

  • Natalieee

    i might be wrong, but i dont think anyone cares.