Camp Rock Girls APDT Demi & Chloe


Chloe Bridges Tweeted a cute picture of the Camp Rock girls!

  • arghhh

    shineonmedia 2nd Annual Concert For Hope Tickets On Sale Now: -Miley Cyrus, Jesse McCartney & Demi Lovato will be perfo..
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  • Baaaa

    Demi’s cute.

  • arghhh


  • MileyDemiAshleyftw

    the movie is gonna suck…none of those people can act…at all
    I know=D but i will see just for Demi!

  • Krystalexoh

    hahaah :}

  • IamTennessee

    Chloe is definetely one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen the last time.

    I love her. She’s a natural beauty :]

  • :P

    They’re so cute. Especially Anna Maria, Shorty(red hair), Chloe, and Demi. Idk who the other girl is. Why no Meaghan Alyson, and Jasmine?

  • your name

    Demi looks so pretty
    I love her

  • Miles and Miles Apart

    wow… chloe really looks like a bratz doll.

  • spongebob i awesome

    demi looks awesome as usual but the others look very weird.

  • arghhh

    A World Without Miley Tweets Is a World Without Sunshine
    Today 11:15 AM PDT by GINA SERPE

    Derek Steele/BuzzFoto/Getty Images
    The Twitter gods giveth, and the Twitter gods taketh away. Unfortunately, not even the advent of the “black Svengali” can make up for the disappearance of Disney’s biggest princess.
    While the world continues to mourn the loss of Miley Cyrus’ online overshares, no one appears to be more devastated than her own father, whose heart (but not typing fingers!) is positively achy-broken over his daughter’s sudden boyfriend-enabled exit from the microblogging site.
    And rather than pick up a phone or attempt—gasp!—face-to-face contact with the superstar fruit of his loins, he instead opted to rally the troops and lead the peer-pressure charge to get Smiley back online.
    “Miley. You are a light in a world of darkness,” Billy Ray tweeted yesterday. “You were born ‘Destiny Hope Cyrus’ for a reason. You can’t leave everyone now. We r countin on u.”
    Well, at least we know he’s not putting undue pressure on the kid. Now who can the world turn to for their fill of @ replies and RT wisdom? Oh, that’s right.

  • arghhh

    Still, while we can’t be totally convinced that daddy dearest’s increasingly perspective-losing tweets aren’t fueled by the fact that there’s a new, apparently more influential man in town, her other supporters’ entreaties reek of a little more selflessness. But only just.
    “I can’t help but find myself asking the question ‘What would Miley have tweeted about this?’?” John Mayer, who never met a trending topic he didn’t like, pondered last night.
    Still, Cyrus’ Hannah Montana costar seems to be among the few twitterers not joining the rally for her return (though it may be more a case of out sight, out of mind, as #mileycomeback has already fallen out of the top trends).
    “P.S. @mileycyrus, I will miss u on Twitter,” Mitchel Musso tweeted yesterday. “Updates R cool when friends R far away!”
    “A lot of U R asking about @MileyCyrus,” he added later. “What’s best 4 Miley is that She is Happy & Safe. We don’t walk in her shoes, we just Love her!”
    Maybe he could have a word with Billy Ray on keeping things in perspective.
    “I understand ‘it is true one bad apple spoils the bunch,’?” the mullet-reformed papa implored his daughter. “But listen to the words of your songs ‘Stand…for what ya believe in’…Remember?”
    Or maybe, just this once, sit down and keep shtum.
    Unfortunately, it looks like Miley may be taking dad’s advice: Sources tell E! News the teen is planning to either tweet (OMG!) or post a statement to her official website “within the next few days” further explaining her Twitter exit.
    The world waits with bated breath.
    Miley’s not the only one calling time on Twitter. Frances Bean Cobain also jumped ship, albeit not before losing it on a Lohan.

  • roflkayla

    i really hope chloe’s lips don’t try to eat nick while filming…

  • mimighuneim123

    demi mley and jesse city of hope commercial

  • Anonymous

    Oh, goody. This is just gonna start all kinds of shit on OU. Sorry Demi, but in this pic Anna is WAY more gorgeous then you

  • anonymouss89

    They look cute.

  • LaLaLandGirl

    demi’s pale again!
    what up with the question mark shirt?
    chloe looks really pretty here.

  • Anonymousdsfsd

    holy shit chloe looks fucking gorgeous. like foreal. demi looks fug as usual

  • BlueEyes4Nick

    Chloe is the beauty here! Demi has a strange nose but with all the makeup,hair, etc it works. The others are cute. I want more Chloe – in movies, on TV , in music.

  • Jessicuhh.

    Chloe looks gorgeous.
    Demi on the other hand…

  • Anonymousss

    Aw chloe’s so pretty! demi’s so ugly!

  • LeighHenri

    Chloe looks really pretty here.

  • trishtastic

    ahhhh, they look cute!! hey why the demi hate above??? hope it isn’t over that twitter stuff, she was really nice to that girl and the girls tweet really was hard to tell if she was jk at first..and dem really had to defend what she had meant cuz she wouldn’t want anyone thinking she was saying it was ok to go get trashed she was just saying it is ok to make a mistake that we all do and trust if you haven’t you will, much love!!!!

  • ………………..

    WOW chloe is sooo GORGEOUS she looks alot like angelina jolie
    they have the same lips and eyes…

  • altosaxchica

    the movie is gonna suck…none of those people can act…at all

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  • ftwjvx=)


  • ftwjvx=)


  • naziana123123

    hey i am the frist one wooohooo

  • ~

    AMPDT and her long ass name .. looks gorgeous, and Clhoe looks pretty as well. The Bitch? No comment.

  • Norfolk

    Chloe reminds me of Effy from Skins

  • I can’t wait!!!!
    S2 JB!!!!111

  • arghhh

    Miley Cyrus has sold out four shows at the O2 Arena in London ahead of the release of new album “The Time Of Our Lives”.

    The US teen sensation embarks on a series of dates in December and will play a quartet of concerts at the former Millennium Dome.

    The tour promotes her latest record, which follows the international success of her other solo releases and as Hannah Montana.

    “The Time Of Our Lives” is preceded by a single, “Party In The USA”, ahead of the following concerts.

    December 2009

    13+14+19+20 London, O2 Arena
    16+17 Dublin, O2 Arena
    22+23 Birmingham, LG Arena
    27+28 Manchester, Evening News Arena

    Cyrus issues “The Time Of Our Lives” on November 9.

  • Anonymous

    chloe looks great here! chick in the red looks awkward

  • arghhh

    City of Hope Trailer Miley Demi and Jesse!

  • arrarkexirl

    Other variant is possible also