Katy Perry ‘Been In A Love K-HOLE JUST Found Out That Miley Deleted Her Twitter.’


  • No Bitchassness

    Katy Perry told an interview person that she and Miley were going to coffee 2 weeks ago so im sure theyre friends.

  • lays

    John Mayer is love.

  • No Bitchassness
  • meeeeeeeeeee

    lol everyone missing mileys twitter. shell have it back soon enough. just wntd people to beg haha

  • wtff

    I’m glad Miley deleted her twitter.

  • Anonymous293993

    twitter will have no more drama now that she left

  • jbarefake


  • fjds23

    ugh now we won’t know whats going on with Miley…so its not like there is an interview everyday…..ugh it felt like we were getting the scoop from her personally. I feel so disconnected now…but hey its her choice

  • Anonymousajahfjahf

    HAHAH did John Mayer just make fun of Miley’s stupid tweets?

  • ~

    183 lbs? … SHIT!

  • Pants pants pants

    Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe she had to delete it for a good reason? Maybe she had another stalker or something she couldn’t safely disclose publically, and getting off twitter was part of defusing it?

    I hope she comes back soon though.

  • Anonymouscbsjbf

    smart move. this should stop the flow of a lot of rumors or attention on her….
    oh wait…haha my bad…she should be back in no time once she figured out she’s tired of not talking about herself.

  • geez

    geez is it really that of a big deal? its like Boo freaking Hooo She didn’t die she just left twitter.

    WTF everyones overreacting.

  • joeismylove

    Welcome displaced refugees from Miley’s Twitter account! I know you’re very scared right now. I made you some pie? Yes. Good. Eat.
    12:10 PM Oct 8th from Twittelator

    “…the DJ’s playin’ my favorite song, and a Trans-Siberian Orchestra song is on/and a Trans-Siberian Orchestra song is on…”
    12:17 PM Oct 8th from Twittelator

  • molly

    I thought katy perry didn’t like Miley because of her emo tweets.

  • the_historian

    john mayer is also awesome as well:)

    this has turned into a gargantuan top story lol

  • ~

    I think Katy is being sarcastic, because everyone is making a big deal out of it.

  • Anonymousoierhg

    you’re such a frigid bitch.

    i suppose every single person who has a twitter now just loves to talk about themselves? so selena gomez, oprah winfrey, larry king, taylor swift and everyone else who have twitters are now self-centered? or is it just miley? oh of course it’s just miley because she’s the only one who’s bad.

    god haters are such fucking dumbasses

  • the_historian

    sarcasm or not katy is great:]

  • Caitlinnn


  • bamm

    lol (:
    gotta love john mayer (:

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    LOL :)

    I bet she’ll be back in no time..

  • Stewie

    Am I the only one that sees a little hypocrisy? Wasn’t Katy the one who made a big stink and unfollowed her? This seems disenguous.

  • mileycfan4ever

    lol…yeah well maybe is better this way…maybe miley’s haters will shut up now

  • andreeeea

    haha i loove katy!

    and i miss mileys twitterr :(