Taylor Swift @ the launch of VEVO at Skylight Studio on Dec. 8 in New York City. Joe @ SocialiteLife met Selena Gomez and Taylor at their love Mozza lunch date.


  • Anonymous

    Ewwww she is borderline anorexic. Taylor you really need to eat something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kourtney

    aw, she looks so pretty, and I wish she’d wear her hair straight more often, its pretty :)

  • veeroh

    taylor looks gorgeous with her hair in a updo.selena & taylor both look very pretty i like tay’s straight hair

  • Anonymous

    wth are you talking about?? miley and demi are still bffs. but i do agree on the whole selena/taylor/joe/nick thing

  • Anonymous

    taylor looks stunning!

  • Alterego

    She is stunning!

  • Anonymous

    omg me too
    i thought i was the only one who hate her.
    she change these days.
    she suddenly become ‘diva’
    oh yeah i forgot, shes richh!

  • Anonymous

    i dont think selena is very supportive about whole ‘Jemi’ things.
    she suppose to be with demi,
    i mean when those rumors/media eat demi.
    but shes with taylor, spending some girls time with joe’s ex.
    urghh i dont understand why people said demi change and be friends with miley when obviously u can see selena and taylor had be friend before them…
    so demi is lonely, got no one to talk to so she find a new friends.

  • Anonymous

    she must be working out all night long sexing up that werewolf. She’s getting skinny.

  • Lauren

    This girl knows how to be so classy.

  • Anonymous

    There is such drama going on. Taylor isn’t close friends with Miley any more since she got really close with Selena. Selena isn’t Bffs with Demi any more since Demi got close with Miley. Demi isn’t Bffs with Miley any more since since the whole Trace thing. Taylor isn’t friends with Demi any more since the whole Joe and Demi thing, but Taylor is still friends with Miley just not close, Selena is still friends with Demi just not Bffs, and Demi is still friends with Miley just not bffs either. So much drama in the teen world.


    I’ve had enough of this dirty girl. I HATE TAYLOR SWIFT. ;)

  • Anonymous

    she looks super pretty & good dress choice :)

  • hpaddictedx

    Sel looks cute.

  • Lety

    her hair is so pretty like that

  • Lety

    her hair is so pretty like that

  • Anonymous

    taylor is soo pretty :)

  • Anonymously yours

    She’s skinnier = Taylor squared sexing

  • renee

    i love taylor i wish i could be her bff insted of selena her and selena arnt good bff
    and it seems like her and miley arnt that much of bestfriends anymore for some reasen

  • Hilary

    Taylor is so GORGEOUS <33

  • Mercedes

    she looks pretty from the side…from the front no so much..yikes!