Alice In Wonderland OFFICIAL TRAILER

Alice In Wonderland hits theaters on March 5, 2010.

  • Anonymous405

    This is gonna be crap. The Mad Hatter wasn’t even as an important character in the story but because Johnny “Ridiculously Over-praised” Depp is playing him, he’s got to be first billed and advertised as the main character. Ugh. Tim burton makes me so mad.

  • NileyFTW

    I’m SOOOOO excited to see this<3
    This was always my favorite book/movie! And when I found out that they were making a movie -and with JOHNNY DEPP- I was so stoked.
    March 5 can’t come any faster!
    This is already my all-time favorite and I HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN IT YET!!!!<3

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous15
  • MileyFANDUH!

    Johnny Deep always plays some crazy character. I relly hope he gets his role for Batman 3 ! So many movies are coming out next year: Last Song , Selena’s Movie (for got the name) Spider Man 4, National Treasure 3! Man, I can’t wait for 2010 ! LOL!

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  • Chelsea-Rose

    That’s amazing! I need to see that movie! Can’t wait :)

  • Anonymous111

    I really can’t wait.

    I’ve always loved Alice in WonderLand and Jonny Depp is my favourite actor

  • Anonymouss4321

    LOVE the trailer!!!! Looks so awesome, can’t wait! =)

  • lovedjny

    Didn’t know they were making a remake of this. Johnny Depp is an awesome actor too. :)

  • RachelinNeverland :D

    It better not be PG. I WISH Tim was smart and had Disney stay out of this. Alice in Wonderland is NOT a Disney movie. The story was from the 1800’s and had such a wild quality to it. I was hoping for an even darker, perhaps scarier and twisted movie, much like Sweeny Todd. I’m still seeing this opening night and Tim has yet to dissapoint me so we’ll see how it it. P.S. OU, this trailer’s been out for about 3 months and you’ve posted this before :P

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    hey thanks for the post! i really loved it just cause of the fact that it is johnny depp…aw i love him. thanks again.

  • jbluver86

    can’t wait for this!!! =]

  • Anonymous

    this trailer was released months ago! and i’m pretty sure oceanup put it up around the time it was first released. i still wanna see this movie, though!

  • Anonymous

    Actually he was pretty significant in the novel…

  • row

    I gues it would be awesome film.

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  • Anonamas

    Excellent – can’t wait to see this :)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah… this trailer was shown like 3 months ago… lame, i was looking forward to seeing a new one.

  • fast cash

    wow i cant wait to see the show it looks really good

  • shaecianne


    Johnny Depp is my lover


  • eri09ka

    This looks awesome! I can’t wait!!

  • Alicemiley

    Can’ t wait… Hey my name is Alice and my b- day is on the 5th of march

  • fast cash advance

    This movie looks fantastic i cant wait. Johnny deep is one great actor he does look scarey and creepy still i cant wait

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    CAN’T WAIT….johnny depp, ahhh :)

  • Anonymous

    2nd!!! or third!!!

  • luvniley


  • sexygal

    omg I cant wait! My favorite all time story! Johnny Depp is sexii

  • Anonymous

    i’m sooo excited, it looks like it’s gonna be awesome :)

  • ilovenicholas

    I absolutely cannot wait!!!!
    Im so stoked, even though it looks a bit scary! Hahaha(:

  • ssdjhfzcxb

    im sry but i have always hated alice in wonderland
    and when i heard it was originally about a girl on drugs that just creeped me out more

    dontplan on seeing it