Hayden Panettiere Hollywood Style Awards


Hayden Panettiere @ Hollywood Style Awards in Westwood, CA. PR Photos.


    love her, she’s gorgeous

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    she is soooo cute. I love her in that Tv series Hero.

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    Thats a really cute outfit. And she’s a really cutie to begin with. Thanks for the pics.

  • Pants pants pants

    She is so fucking hot.

  • NikkiC

    Check out pictures of Cirque Du Soleil at the 6th Annual Hollwyood Style Awards promoting the upcoming Cirque du Soleil show in Santa Monica.


  • JonasFanSince06

    … I’m sorry but that’s a VERY unflattering dress for such a pretty girl.

  • CabbagePie

    Cover up Hayden’s head in the main photo, and you actually cant tell which part of her body is the front and which is the back LOL

  • Anonymous111

    AHAHAHAH, true that xD

  • mudshark_kendie

    i wish i was this girl

  • mudshark_kendie

    Hayden Panettiere, you are gorgeous.

  • hpaddictedx

    I love the color and Heroes tonight!! :)

  • ClaireBear

    She’s gorgeous. But, she NEEDS to layoff the make-up. She’s a natural beauty. She needs to embrace that more often instead of looking like a 40 year-old divorcee.

  • Christina…

    heroes! She alwas looks pretty and classy. Although sometimes her look gets boring, but she is still always stylish!

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  • Delsy

    She got it all

  • SheLovesJonas

    she is pretty but i don’t like the dress