• Anonymous

    Actually it WASN’T leaked … I know Andrew said that it was, but obviously he, the rest of the band, and Kat were mistaken because it DID come out today. You can buy it on Target.com right now, in fact.

    And seriously … “poned” was so last year. You sound ridiculous saying it. You probably also say “OMJ!!!!” also, don’t you. Mhmmm.

  • Anonymous101


    It really wasnt leaked. It came out today…. im holding the cd in my hand right now…

  • emilyyyyyy

    LOVE THEM! sad someone would leak it though.


  • Kimtana

    *sight* i LOVE Honor Society sometime more then JB *gasp* i know lol but their soo talented and their tunes are like soo freakin relatable!! haha i’m such a huge HS fan.

  • Kimtana

    haha PONED i miss saying “PONED” now i say “NO DUH!” insted lol i’m a start sayin PONED again i like being diffrent:) being normal = boring! haha (trend are stupid)

  • StephYK

    they’re amazing and this song’s amazing. love love LOVE Honor Society. <3

  • kaseec

    met them……
    love them…..
    good songs….
    saw them wen they opened for the jobros!!!
    lov the jonas brothetrs!!!
    its ad ppl dont like them no more…..
    who still likes them….??

  • kaseec

    for the one above this one…..i mean like likes the jobros

  • Anonymous

    that’s a load of crap! the one and only Andrew Lee (you know, the bass player for Honor Society) said on his Twitter that it was leaked. why would you lie? there’ sproof straight from the band themselves. btw- Andy said it in a blog on their band’s MySpace also….PONED!

  • —–

    hahah sorry but i’m laughing at the whole “poned was so last year” thing. seriously, it’s played out. p.s. she probably says “OMHS!!” too.

    well this is just fantastic, mike’s vocals are great as usual :)

  • Anonymous

    i love it!!
    and lovee them:)

  • Andrea Hylen

    Love this interpretation. Love Honor Society. Love dancing the Honor Roll.

  • Anonymoussssssss

    OMG I LOVE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    <33333333333 LOVE this.
    They’re amazing.

  • Anonymous…


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  • Anonymous…

    I’m not really sure about them yet. I’ve seen them twice with JB but I’m not sure I really like them.

  • Allison

    Good God they’re amazing<3

  • Nobody Does It Better x

    They sound good [=
    Not a fan of Honor Society though

  • Anonymous

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HONOR SOCIETY! This made my day :)