The Summer Set CHELSEA Music Video

  • Anonymous

    They broke up

  • D

    the summer set is fucking beast.. everyone should go buy their album on itunes or whatever today because it’s really good :)

  • samanthajd

    awww ? it

  • Anonymous6

    i like the song, but the video… not so much.

  • Anonymous

    they are still together! :)
    brians a close friend to my family and i talk to him about chelsea all the time!!!

  • :):):):):)

    i love the summer set!
    this video is hilarious.
    if you havent bought their album, GO BUY IT! ITS AMAZING!!

  • becca:]

    aw this was cute!
    i like the song too:]!
    chelsea is amazing


    Haha that was a cool music video. The fat guy was really awkward though…. HAHA

  • Abel<33

    the summer set guys went to my school, the are all friends with my sister! i love them they rockk!

  • Anna!

    eeeeppppppp i just saw them in concert. they were so nice! i love jesse. she is the sweetest person i have ever met. and i taught the lead singer how to curse in french :] they sang chelsea and everyone one went crazy (well as crazy as dela-where? can get)

  • Angela

    This is so cute!

    I adore this song :D

  • <3.(:

    love this band, love this song, & i love chelsea staub. (: i’m buying their new album soon!

  • Leena

    This is totally going to be new jam :P.
    cute vid.

  • kole

    i LOVE the summer set. i’ve been waiting for this video for forever.

    ps if you like them check out the maine and the cab. they’re so amazing

  • Aglimpseofheaven127

    AHHHH THE SUMMER SET IS MY FAVORITE BAND!! HAHAH THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME IVE SEEN THE VIDEO IT JUST CAME OUT!!! EPPPP AMAZING!!!! I CANT WAIT FOR THEIR ALBUM TO COME IN THE MAIL!! super deluxe :) hahah when brian and chelsea are in the closet WHOAAA!! :) and stephen licking the gutair haha one of the best moments!! Loveeeee John Gomez And Jess and Josh :)

  • Kietterd

    The Summer Set is one of my favorite bands : D And this is one of my favorite songs. Haha.
    Chelsea Staub is awesome, so that makes this song/video even better.

  • (:*

    i absolutely lovee them ! <33

  • Jordan

    the summer set !
    this video is amazing(:
    just bought their albummm<3

  • Emily :)

    love this band to death.
    oceanup: find out if brian and chelsea are still together…his tweets have been so emo lately and it seems like she dumped him :(

  • Anonymous

    aw, some band wrote a song about chelsea staub? AWW! and she is soo pretty.

  • peacelove

    That was interesting. Didnt really get it.

  • peacelove

    nvm i get it now its like the early 90s and saved by the bell and such

  • hotmess

    I bet she loved making that video.
    Hahhaha awh to her and her bf <3

  • Anonymous

    aw i love chelsea staub! she looks so cute in this vid great song too

  • AJ

    thats hot when she takes off her jacket in the makeout scene

  • Anonymous


    loveee thiss bandd

  • Farrah

    Go buy there new album love like this! :]

  • alexis

    Chelsea is a friend of someone I go to school with. She is dating one of the guys in the band.

  • steph90peace

    best music video i have seen in a long long time
    Love Like This is out now! get it on iTunes now!

    Chelsea looks so cute ^.^

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  • star19

    Its okay.

  • katya

    i agreeee, this has to be one of the cutest music videos i’ve ever seen, i love ittt!

  • Niousha

    chelsea looks grat

  • Dyon23

    I love this Music video its really good better then the music videos people have been putting

    and i love the saved by the bell intro in the begining

  • Chelsea-Rose

    And this is why I’m proud that Chelsea is my name :)

  • britishbabe

    me too (:

  • knkbgxzsx


  • peace&love

    i love chelsea staub

    but she looks better with joe..haha

  • hpaddictedx

    They have a girl drummer? Now that’s awesome.

  • jmkvjfkjv

    she is awesome

  • xSvettyx

    this music video is really good…love chelsea staub =D how cute :D

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE THEM! they’re amazing! i met them a few months ago! cheslea is awesome. =]