Nat Wolff THIRTEEN Big Star Cover

  • Miley

    hahaha i know and he thinks that disney stars are like stupid or something but here is the thing disney stars are huge nick stars not so much

  • Leena

    my sister used to watch his show. that rosalinda girl or whatever the hell her name is was effin annoying. D:

  • leiijonas

    his voiced really change -.-

  • SamiJoooo

    the naked brothers band is over. that was just a tv show they did for fun as kids. now they’re growing up and maturing and their music is so much more sophisticated. they’re trying to get out of the “nbb” thing and just be nat and alex wolff. people should listen to them now and give them a chance as nat and alex.

  • RayBanFan(:

    I remember when they first came out.
    I thought thye were horrid but now he sounds pretty decent(:

  • Jonasbrotherlover32

    His voice sounds Weird Lol.
    I never did like him though.

  • Kelly

    Who cares that he is on Nick?
    I think that if he hadn’t called his band the Naked Brothers Band, they’d have a lot fewer haters.
    I’ve been a fan from the start, and this is just pure amazing. I’ve always liked this song to begin with, but I think Nat sings it better than the original (:

  • Person1

    Wow, he’s so talented! :) I’m gaining some respect for him as a musician.

  • chachaslide

    THAT 70’S SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • and…

    I love his voice so much. It’s just so amazing.

  • Holly

    I’m a huge jonas brothers fan BUT i’m gonna agree. Nat has a far better voice than any of them. Leave him alone and stop being mean to the pathetic no lives btw.

  • peacelove

    i dont know why but i just dont like him.

  • whattheflux

    His voice is so much better than Nick Jonas’s. The Naked Brothers Band should be much bigger than they are…what spell does Disney cast on al of us? lol

  • jonaslovatobabe

    this kid is soo weird.
    does his show even come on anymore??
    does anyone even care about them anymore??
    the little one is cute the other
    one is just…..

  • Anonymous28

    # 1 yay

  • Anonymous

    EWw someone from NICK!

  • Stephanie176

    2nd comment

  • Stephanie176

    i mean 3rd

  • Stephanie176

    i mean 3rd

  • Anonymous

    I love the mellowness in his voice.

  • SamiJoooo

    his voice is beautiful. nat & alex are perfect.

  • 007

    The fact that he covered this song makes it an automatic win.

  • the_historian

    what ever happened to his little brother?

  • thenoobiest

    He died.