iCarly EUROPEAN FUN GUY Calendar


iCarly‘s Spencer Shay released his European Fun Guy 2009 calendar! YOU can download the HI RES calendar HERE! Watch the episode HERE if you’re confused.

  • iiKissedYerMaw

    wannaa join me (6)

  • LaLaLandGirl


  • Anonymous


  • meaghannnn

    Does anyone else find iCarly the most fucking annoying show ever?

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Haha, GO GIBBY! :)

  • hithere

    what the hell is that!??
    gooo gibby! he is a hottie!
    i think icarly is boring….

  • Anonymous

    why can’t disney do this?

  • sien

    i love this

  • Nik

    GIBBY!!! haha

    this is HOT!

  • laurennn

    what the heck?

  • Anonymous


    uhh.. okay?

  • …………

    october 2010 is the hottest!!! hehe

  • Yanavi

    i like icarly the show but this guys are fucking ugly they are soo NOT hot!

  • selgomez

    what the fuck is all can say!

  • vickycyrus

    this is just as gay as miranda cosgrove.

  • shanester

    what the f***

  • mojo

    lol Gibby!
    iCarly is a great show. It’s so funny (and kidna weird!) that they actually made this calendar!

    Imagine if Disney tried to do this though. If they made a shirtless hunk calednar with the Hannah Montana brand, every hater abnd uptight religious parent in the country would lose their shit over it. And Miley would be called a nasty slut over it even though she probably would have nothign to do with it.

  • whoiam

    Okay what?

    I thought the sexual innuendos and blurred out down tops were one thing.

    but this is just wrong.
    they know little girls watch I-carly. is this supposed to prepare them?

    good luck for us nerdy and fat guys…now we’ll never get dates

  • Pants pants pants

    blurred out down tops?

  • Megan


  • nikabela

    Sorry, I haven’t seen a single ep from icarly. I thought it’s for kids…

  • Anonymous123

    bahahahha, GIBBY!! xD
    Why does people think it’s stupid?
    It’s for fun and it’s funny. =P
    You guys need more sense of humor.

  • Anonymous123

    If you don’t like iCarly, then get the fuck outta this post.

  • Rowi

    Armpit hair in the AUGUST picture is photoshoped!

  • Roy roy


  • MitchelMluv


  • miami



  • Adam J

    I love it i am going to print these out and hang them on my wall!

  • Anonymous

    I thought Icarly was a kid’s show?!?!?!

  • Anonymousssy

    haha at november 2009 and august 2010

  • Anonymousssy

    i mean april 2010

  • Anonymous
  • ricky

    never doubt the power of shirtless european men in shorts.

    i never do.

  • 1# icarly Fan

    LOL!!!!! I loved this Ep.!!!!! hahahahaha and I LOVE ICARLY!!!!!!!!!!!! That SHOW ROCKS!!!!<3

  • juicebxxx

    nick is like the new mtv they had pcd peform on their channel and now this .wow lol

  • Anony
  • Anonymous
  • mmbvfWa


  • fanies

    oh my god, i don’t like this
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  • Anonymous

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  • Tmzvinz


  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

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    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

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  • jGivwV


  • hpaddictedx

    LMFAO!! Gibby! Omg.

  • ploDNuSL


  • Anonymous


  • JhrPlm

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  • xstrawberry.rawrx

    what the fuck? haha. O_o

  • Anonymous

    HELLO MR. NOVEMBER 2010!!~

  • Paut94Mexico

    The november guy
    IS the guy LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    That’s so nasty

    Icarly is blah

  • Anonymous

    That’s so nasty

    Icarly is blah