Australian band Short Stack perform their new song ‘Sweet December’ .

  • Anonymous

    So wat they aren’t American but they still rock just like any other band

  • Anonymous

    basically australia is like uniquely awesome
    deal with it.
    i dont particularly like this band
    but i’ll support it because i’m aussie
    its aussie
    k sweeet

  • Jessica

    I’m American, and I love Short Stack, I had a JB fansite, && I had a few Aussie JB fansites on my friends list, and one of them posted a bulletin about them back in like February, I instantly fell in love with them and was obsessed with them for a bit. I was always like, jeez people in America need to find out about them so they can start touring in America, but apparently a lot of American’s don’t like them.
    Obviously they don’t know talent.
    Short Stack is the best.=]

  • ddlautner

    QueenElizabeth said:

    …I’d rather be bouncing with Nicholas.

    Bounced owned :)


  • cchhaarrlliiee

    i love this song! they lyrics are amazing and i cant wait to hear the real version of it on the ladies and gentlemen single.

    im so happy for short stack. they have come soo far over the period of a year and a half. its amazing how popular they have become over here in australia and i think its good that people from other places in the world can see what they do, even if they dont like them. but every band has haters.

    ily bradie webb. x

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Love The Downtown Fiction! :D They should be on here. :)

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  • heybrittney_

    my reaction when i saw this..
    what the fuck oceanup?
    naww i love these boys, super amazing.

    mel and kochie, yeah baby.

  • shaundivney<3

    I was their. I saw this liveee. I camped outside the studio just to see them. they are the most sweetest genuine people I have ever met, I have met & seen them like 15 x & they never dissappoint. their music has gotten me through so much stuff ! I thank them so much for that.
    well done boys <3

  • webbmensiviney

    AMAZING :)
    they’re one of Australia’s best.
    and really nice people.
    seen them many times and they never disappoint.


  • Anonymous

    they kind of suck xD

  • rararar

    andy clemmensen, bradie webb and shaun diviney are the definition of amazing.
    deal with it!

  • Anonymous

    they are fucking awesome. they called everyone who pre-ordered their debut album, and i was there! they gave the whole crowd hugs when they came out, and they’r constantly replying to your tweets and myspace mail, and they’r hot, so shut up americans. :)

  • Hayley G

    wowo go short stack…. i never used to like them that much but they grow on u… go aussies… we do have better but they’re here now so go them!


    short stack are just like any random emo ounky pop band in america
    they are actually better than some.
    but i would also rather be bouncing

  • :D:D:D:D

    Wow. I guess anyone can be famous now, huh?

  • Anonymous

    get haircuts FFS

  • alexis

    AMAZING ??
    i wish they could come to america ! they’d own jonas or beiber or any of those sucky artists .

  • Jasmine

    I’m so proud of these boys, i was there that day to support them, they have come soooo far. They deserve every bit of fame because they are amazing boys, they treat fans with respect and they keep in touch with there fans unlike Jonas Brothers, and they can be them selves, yes they swear, but that’s them and they don’t have Disney stopping them from doing what they want. They are funny,cute,loyal,amazing. if anyone should be listening to music it should be there music, its awesome.

  • Anonymous

    haha yea Mel and Kochie lol
    love short stack xD I’m going to see them March next year…so stoked xD

  • Meow


    lmao i love those guys =]

  • Anonymous

    these boys are amazing, they would never ever do anything to mess with the fans, they called each and everyone of them when they exclusivly bought their album they are amazing guys and even better in person (L)

  • Anonymous

    (: I don’t like Short Stack much and they definatly [sp?] don’t show what Australia can offer, but I am going to support them because they are Australian (and bradies a cutie) ^.^

  • :)

    aww americans LAY OFF.

    i LOVE JB as well, but these 3 boys are just trying to get a break just like JB were,
    i applaud them for trying, because they really are succeeding over here in australia

    good workk boys
    aussie pride :)

  • Alex Jonas

    Wow. so I always send you stuff to post about The Downtown Fiction (
    and you NEVER post it…but you post THIS GUY?!

  • Anonymous

    all you american’s fuck off short stack’s better than all of you fucks.

  • super_smackers

    these guys rock!
    that song is amazing and the lyrics are super!
    good job short stack so proud=D

  • zoeee

    because there fucking awsome

  • Anonymous

    WTF, why are they on here again!?

  • increasetehhPEACE

    JB OWNSS !!

  • QueenElizabeth

    …I’d rather be bouncing with Nicholas.

  • increasetehhPEACE

    QueenElizabeth said:

    …I’d rather be bouncing with Nicholas.


  • msoceanupwhaat?!

    QueenElizabeth said:

    …I’d rather be bouncing with Nicholas.

    Bounced owned :)

  • person that uses nutregena

    lol waz up with an australian bandd on here. lol

  • Carolyn2

    …I’d rather be bouncing with Nicholas.
    LMFAO :)

  • AnonymousMiley

    Miley on the set of Sex & The City 2!!! PHOTO!

  • hpaddictedx

    I thought that was a girl at first….wowza