Zac Efron chatted with Nylon magazine [Via MTV] about dating and random things. What would Zac take to a deserted island? ‘Three things to take to a deserted island. I would take a lover, a bed and plane, so I can leave if I get bored.. I’m kidding. I read that online, that’s not my real answer.’

What’s in his iPod? ‘I listen to all types of music all the time. I’ve been listening
to a lot of Michael recently, Joy Division, early reggae, stuff like that. Just a mix.’

If Zac doesn’t like a movie Vanessa wants to see, he fakes it for her: ‘A good date movie is anything she wants to see, but the key is pretending like you’re really excited. The movies is one of the best places to go ’cause it’s dark, and everybody’s faced in one direction, and the movie’s far more interesting than me. It’s one of my favorite places to go these days.’

From Christina: On October 15, I saw Zac Efron at the Vancouver Aquarium! He was eating at the cafe with his hood down and he was texting on his phone. Nobody else really noticed him except for me, so I went up to him, hoping to talk and take a picture. When I asked, he said that he wasn’t taking pictures today, but he really sweet about it! ‘Me & Orson Welles’ poster thx to Cinematical.

  • lilly

    Hey, it’s my birthday today. One day before Zac’s. Happy birthday, Zac. Since you didn’t get me a present, I’ll just have to unwrap you. LOL

  • Audrey Burne

    Here’s a proven and efficient way to be a success. Don’t come across as overbearing. Appreciate the other person, including their faults. Treat them like a real person.

  • Joshua G.HELP!!!!!!!

    Zac my life is horrible. I`m being picked on , abused , cursed at, etc. My wish is to be famous for certain reasons.

  • Veselka

    Happy 22nd Birthday Zac Efron.I wish you all the best,great carier and long long long love with Vanessa.I love you.Your biggest fan from Bulgaria Vessy <3<3<3

  • Anonymous

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  • ash

    hahaha i love him but seriously he can do better then hudgens anyone agree?

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  • mariah lover zacam135

    hi zac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your movies. call me at 562-691-3393. But my boyfriend wanted to do it,but I too young. What should I do?!!

  • Steeephanie;;

    hahaha i love this guy.

  • XD

    lol a lover and a bed i was like WOAH ZAC! SLOW DOWN THERE! Haha and he said he was kidding! Lmao that’d be a nice april fools joke XD

  • lilly

    “Oct 17, 2009 @ 12:37 pm
    Anonymous said:
    so this zac guide to g.ay dating cuz we all know vanessa is bearding for him”

    You know, you are just a freaking idiot to say that. We all DON’T know that. Zac isn’t gay and what he and V have is REAL. I’m sure that you do not know Zac, much less been in his bedroom, so you know NOTHING.

  • Anonymous

    so this zac guide to g.ay dating cuz we all know vanessa is bearding for him

  • oneofakindxo

    lmaooo i love zac.

  • zac’scat

    OW MY GOOD, you’re so gorgeous
    I love you Zac *_*

  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

    check out
    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

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  • Anonymous

    It’s not an insult haha it’s just being nice and letting your girl feel like she’s not forcing you to see something.

    also considering he hangs around for hours after working long days to sign things and take pictures I think he’s allowed a day to himself where he doesn’t do that!

  • BlackBerry User

    Well that’s mean. Pretending like you’re excited is just an insult.

  • Miss AJAC

    Not taking pictures today? How could you decide that you aren’t going to take pictures today???