Allie Dimeco & Kristian Reyes Buttercup

Naked Brothers Band‘s Allie Dimeco & Kristen Reyes cover Buttercup & Tattoo.

  • Anonymous

    they spelled her name wrong its kristina, not kristian.

  • Kristina

    …I think my ears are bleeding.

  • Anonymous

    AND, they don’t even have good voices , at all. That’s how I sound when I’m singing for fun.. not for real. I’d be emmbaresssd if I was them.

  • Kristen827

    they never said they were good they just do things for fun why dont people understand that….oh cause i guess theyre just jealous :P

  • Anonymous1659

    holy SHIT!!! ITS ROSALINA!!!!!! lol, wow oceanup why even post this???

  • Anonymous

    ewww they sound like selena! but i bit better than selena

  • Anonymous

    aww i love those girls.
    they are so cool and chill.
    keep posting more about them oceanup
    keep the nbb alive :)

  • Anonymous

    ik where allie goes to schooooool
    my cousiin goes theree

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They are both really pretty!

  • Laraah

    why do they look like transis?

  • Claire


  • Anonymous

    that’s what me and my friends do when we chill lol

  • SamiJoooo

    if they werent in the naked brothers band i’m sure they would have more fans. nbb ruined all their reputations unfortunatly. they’re all extremely talented and have potential. give them a chance.

  • Anonymous

    uhh they’re really bad im glad almost everyone agrees lol

  • Anonymous

    Yeah uhmmm.. not the best singers? how come they got on oceanup? (: they need a lil more practice! that’s all.

  • Kelly

    Look, if you hate them so much then shut the fuck up, ok? Yeah, sure you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you don’t have to go tearing down some celebrities that you’ve never met in your life. I hate Miley Cyrus, but you don’t see me commenting all her shit saying how much I hate her. Maybe they don’t have the greatest voices, but they’re just hanging out having fun. They do have fans, and they want to watch this without sifting through all kinds of hate comments. How would you like it if whenever you were fooling around with your friends anyone in the world could say how retarded you look? I bet you a million dollars that they have better voices than you anyway, so just back the fuck off of them. And for your information, just because NBB isn’t on Nick anymore doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to have stuff posted about them. They are very talented boys who have grown up and written amazing music. Why don’t you look up some of their new stuff? You all seem to enjoy spending time on things you hate.

    I, personally, thought they did great. They’re beautiful girls, and personally I don’t like Kristina very much, but I’m not going to HATE on her.
    Great job, A&K.

  • Goldengal11

    They’re both pretty, BUT that 25 cent makeup has GOT to go.

  • Anonymous

    theyyy suckk!
    the one on the right has the better voice. but other then that….. eww

  • Anonymous

    wtf with the makeup?

  • Kayluhh

    They are so average…
    The one on the right is a teeny bit better…
    but still nothing fantastic.

  • jlbarasch

    THANK YOU! I’m SO glad someone understands! Yes, they were in NBB, which was a good show, but was not anything up to the standards of Disney. But NO, they do not suck, they are all actually quite talented, and are doing a great job now, without the show. Maybe if OceanUp stopped posting all their stuff under the Naked Brothers Band link, since they are not affiliated with that anymore, everyone would give them a chance.

  • Fuckk you

    you guys need to stop acting like hoes
    unless they could sing because unlike you haters should keep something to your self if you hate it, you haters fuck your self in a bush.

  • kat9920


  • Française

    Leave them alone
    I’m sure they are better than you !
    Stop being jealous because Oceanup post a lot of anonymes people except YOU !

  • Anonymous

    you are my new favorite person.

  • Anonymous

    HAhahaha, no one gives a fuck about these two non talented, non famous, NON GOOD AT SINGING fucks. Sorry.

  • ………………..

    give it a rest guys ,
    finnaly something other than disney posts , and your still complaining .

    its not your choice how gets posted on here , and if you hate them so much , why not just scroll past instead of stopping to comment.
    you guys are pathetic.

  • ew

    they do know they suck and nobody cares about them right? they’re not even famous

  • Anonymous

    err they suck big time :S

  • -jonas.cyrus.lovato-

    i stopped the video at why do you builed me up buttercup .

    Lol so farr it sucks lmao

  • Hannahh

    The one on the left just has an average voice. The one on the right is okay. :/

  • Anonymous

    shutup guys there not bad and there just having fun leave them alone

  • uhm

    WHO CARES. Stop poating shit about NNB. THEYSUCK. They’re aren’t even famouse anymore. And alt of people have already stopped coming here after realizing that theres NBB post :P Stop tyring to make them a wonder again, becuhs NOBODY CARES. THey have NO talent ! Just saying :) You know, I AM entitled to my own opinion :)

  • Elliee

    Hahahah they’re so bad.

  • aerrriee

    her name is KRISTINA.
    haha FAIL oceanUP, twice.

  • Anonymous

    kristina reyes. you are freakin amazing and i love your voice! miss you girrllllll! <3

  • Anonymous

    wtf? this is garbage..who the heck r these two..they cant sing!! u must b obsessively in love with them to think they sound half decent…and that make up…really…give it back to the trannies and DQ’s pleez. pleez stop postin vidz of urselves singing, YOU SUCK!!!! BIG TIME!!!! AND UR NOT CUTE SO JUST STOP!!!!

  • Krysta

    I like them. They’re not the prettiest or most talented, and they don’t act like they are. Two teenaged girls having fun. At least they’re not like your precious Miley prancing around on stage acting like she’s the shit when she can’t sing and she’s a slut.

  • claire

    The one on the right is okay but the one on the left sings like shit and she is ugly.

  • Anonymous

    levae then aloneee!
    alllie goes to my high schoool and is one of my frienddss!
    she is the SWEEETESTTT girl so just leave her alonee!

  • jasmin

    r u 2 sisters???

  • allison

    allie dimeco lives in the same town as me.

  • Heyjude

    i love how no one commented this

  • Anonymous

    haha……they suck