Caroline Clark APOLOGIZE OneRepublic

Ashley Tisdale‘s backup singer Caroline Clark covers Apologize in her bathtub.

  • Hmm

    She keeps sticking her head forward like she’s trying to smell something…

  • Claire

    Those who are saying she is better than Ashley are dumb. She is okay, not great. But really,,, why the bathtub? Is she trying to look cool or something because she doesn’t look cool

  • Anonymous

    you can tell she’s a backing singer.

  • Felicia

    She’s ok. Nice voice. I really hate how she sings it though, holds the notes too long or starts the next line annoyingly.

    And what the hell does Selena have to do with this?

  • Emyyyy

    I thought it was a joke at first… then I realized she was serious… uhhhh…. Her voice is pretty good, but she could still use lessons to improve her voice. She sang A LOT of wrong notes. And I understand she was trying to make it her own, but it was a bit too much and to weird? Bathtub??

  • hjdh

    Come on, who doesn’t like singing in the shower.

  • Anonymous


  • sheapet

    she better than selena than again anyone IS.

  • Anonymous

    soooo why does ashley has a record deal? i mean seriously, this is a BACKUP singer and she’s better. *sigh* autotune really is a charmer.

  • Lauren.

    I love her :)
    she’s brill.

  • Anonymous

    It was REALLY awkward watching this video. O.O

  • Feist

    Because it’s REALLY cool to sit in a bath tub fully clothed to promote your singing skills.

  • Alexzz510

    she seems INSANE. not in a good way o.o

  • blabla

    okay she’s pretty good but why in her bath?

  • Anonymous

    wouldn’t you want someone who could actually sings as your backup singer? That was really bad, and weird.

  • PaaperPlanes

    I actually like her voice. :) She’s better than Ashley for sure!

  • SamanthaKay

    I understand why she is a backup singer. Not that great.

  • jordy(nileylover)

    shes like really good!
    but a lil on the emo side :D

  • http://deleted TBa

    She has a WONDERFUL voice but the whole scene looks kinda creepy lol.

    She should be more than a backup singer tho :)

  • Anonymous

    The acoustics are great in the bathroom. Her voice is easier heard in the bath tub another than her bedroom or living room…

  • Delsy

    Why in her bath??

  • GiLLY

    Didn’t really like it, she has a decent voice, but didn’t appeal to me.

  • Anonymousss

    In the bath…. ? Everythin wil be okay when you bounce.

  • ketty

    she better than selena she can actually hold a note unlike selena. she should gotten the record deal instead.

  • dudesup?

    why are you comparing her to selena…? this has NOTHING to do with her. gtfo.

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    Eh she has a decent voice not to bad. I rememeber when that song came out it has so many plays on my Ipod

  • Anonymous

    first off, what is she doing with her hand, it just goes up and down!
    second, she isnt that good of a singer she just fades out and cant hit any high notes
    third, bathtub..really??

  • Anonymous

    so strange! why is she in her bath tub??????

    veryyyy weird and awkward. wow.
    who is she anyway? lol

  • sophia

    Better than Ashley…