Vanessa Hudgens Lucas Grabeel Zac Efron Vancouver Giants Hockey Game


Lovers Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron along with their High School Musical costar Lucas Grabeel cheered on the Vancouver Giants at their hockey game where they beat the Prince George Cougars 8-0. Photos: INF.


  • Toria


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  • ssexybeast

    I kind of miss HSM=[


  • Rose92

    wow it seems like every celebrity is in canada right now.

  • Anonymousss

    There all boring & i hate theem :D

  • Ashhh

    Dammit Tim I wanted a Miley post so the Miley teenies could leave the JB post. FML

  • ketty

    miley loves the way zac treats vanessa in public and wants a guy like him.

  • vaaneesaa208

    FYI the vancouver giants isn’t hockey, its football. the vancouver canucks is hockey


    Vanessa is a whore …

    The truth hurts …

  • Anonymous

    you disgust me.

  • vaaneesaa208

    scratch that it is hockey :P whooppss…

  • luvniley
  • paranoidmuchMRC

    Its zacs bithday today
    ocanup ur slow 2day

  • Veselka

    Happy 22nd Birthday Zac Efron.I wish you all the best,great carier and long long long love with Vanessa.I love you.Your biggest fan from Bulgaria Vessy <3<3<3

  • ash

    glad to see zac efron’s liking hockey so much now.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like there enjoying there fun time at the the hockey game! =D

  • Z

    do you know how stupid you sound? how on earth is she a whore? She’s had the same boyfriend for FOUR YEARS! Whores sleep with people for money. Look it up.

  • No Bitchassness

    Vanessa is GORGEOUS! I don’t like her but shes so pretty. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAC!! i hope they get married haha

  • LaLaLandGirl


  • Holywood people should take a note or two from Zanessa, these two know how to make a relationship work in the midst of your career…just saying.

  • kgeeedc

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  • Vanessa Hudgens

    Hey guys! I know me and zac are hot and cute together! We had s e x, and were plaining on running away together from the hollywood world to make more babiess! We were thinking about having a threesome with Corbin! I think it would be fun I would love to take a ride on there disco stick! Anyways, I’m already preggers! with twins! Me *moaning* me and (ugh harder zac!) zac are f****** right now so gotta go! Nessa<3 But soon I’ll be gone and you’ll never hear about me agian!!!!
    convo with me and zacyyy:

    zac: you feel soooo good nessa!
    babyv: I know zaccyyy I love you in me!
    zac: ugghhh
    babyv: are you *ugh* using a *ugh* condom?
    zac: no were gonna make more babies remember?! *ugh ugh ugh*
    baby v: oh ya! ok well let me swallow your cum!

    THE – END! =D

  • Anonymous21

    whatever, justjared already posted this yesterday

  • paranoidmuchMRC

    haha so true ppl just judge everyone

  • Anonymous

    TODAYSS IS ZACS BIRTHDAY! Oceanup what are you waiting forr? Happy birthdayy zac:)

  • Anonymous

    TODAYSS IS ZACS BIRTHDAY! Oceanup what are you waiting forr? Happy birthdayy zac:)

  • Anonymous

    your so stupid pervert!!!

  • Anonymous

    scratch that it is…

  • Anonymous-

    honey look up the word ”whore” before you call someone that!
    how is she a whore, she has had a Boyfriend for four years! get over your self!

  • Anonymous


  • love for eternity

    ITS ZACS BIRTHDAY, post it oceanup.

  • 3eweteeeeee

    Happy Birthday to Zac Efron :)

  • Anonymous35

    Damn are they going to stay together forever. I mean it’s been a long time, thought they would’ve broken up already.

  • Anonymous

    this was a lot of days ago Tim/Jackie!!

  • Anonymous

    nice couple :D

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  • atlas

    I wish you all the best,great carrier and long long long love with Vanessa.I love you..

  • Nobody Does It Better x

    Vanessa looked like she was really into it.. lol.
    Nice to see they still hung out =]

  • Doom

    Finally some news about them.

  • Anonymousss

    ^^ haha yeah she does .. cute lol =)

    there’s more pictures here Btw

  • VancouverRules

    glad they’re loving here so much <3

  • person that uses nutregena

    i dont see vanessa in the hockey watching pics….

  • Charlotte-x-

    I remember when the world was OBSESSED with High School Musical. Now I hear crickets when their names are mentioned.