JoJo Levesque, ‘Distribution Deal Is Done.’


JoJo can finally release her record! Excited? New song under.

  • DMV

    Wow at the people who says Miley sings better than JoJo. I’m sorry ,but….. no. You guys obsiously so stuck up Miley’s ass. You probably think Miley sounds better than Mariah and Celine. Miley is a mediocre singer. JoJo is beautifully. I mdon’t hate Miley. I actually like her, but let’s face it, Miley can never sing “Too Little Too Late” or “Leave (Get Out)” like JoJo can. JoJo blows those songs away and JoJo is her nickname. Her real name is Johanna.

  • ine

    selling more doesn’t mean you have more talent.
    JoJo is not interested in selling billions of albums if it’s not the ‘right way’.
    For example, JoJo was offered the Hannah Montana role, but she turned it down, cause it was a manufactured formula to make a star, and use that to sell many many things.
    I love Miley, and I think she’s great, but she sells the records she does cause of the promotion she gets and because most people know her for the show.
    JoJo doesn’t get that much promotion, but she’s making her own path, with hard work and determination, as she says.

  • DMV

    who the hell cares who sales more!!!! Christina is obviously more talented than Britney, but Britney sold way more than Christina. Talent don’t mean shit these days. You can be the most mediocre singer around. All you need is a catchy song and a good beat these days to make it. JoJo is still wayyyyyy more talented than Miley point blank.

  • wssss

    her albums sold over 10 million and her singe too little too late won Yahoo’s best selling single award for selling over 20 million downloads. She faded after that because of university and has been working on her third album ever since.. she was HUGE in 2006/07 and her music has been successful before Miley and she has sold more than Demi and Lindsay COMBINED!

  • MrsJonas

    I remember loving her songs back in the days. Baby it’s you, leave and stuff like that. Good old times man, haha.

  • wssss


  • Karyk

    bored with the song

  • Delsy


  • hjdh

    Pfft, why do you even compare this two. They have completely different music styles and different voices.

    And sorry to say it, but that jojo song sucks. And just because you like Jojo more doesn’t mean you have to put down Miley, let that the people in the business decide who has talent.
    I would like to see JoJo sing “Girls just wanna have fun”, Jojo can never sing that like Miley, because she doesn’t have the voice. Dooh.

  • Send It On

    who the hell cares who sales more!!!! Christina is obviously more talented than Britney, but Britney sold way more than Christina. Talent don’t mean shit these days. You can be the most mediocre singer around. All you need is a catchy song and a good beat these days to make it. JoJo is still wayyyyyy more talented than Miley point blank.


    RIGHT! I agree :D

    btw I LOVE xtina and Jojo :D
    but all People thinks who sells more has MORE talent -.-

  • DMV

    Tell the people that brought Miley up and called JoJo a “Miley Wannabe” that.

  • Annoyed

    I hate this dumbass Miley ass kissers. I like Miley too but in every damn post they have to constantly bring her up. Jojo was here waaaaaaaay before Miley. Her first album went platinum and her second album went gold but was removed out of the record stores because of her label problems. Stupid asses!

  • hjdh

    DMV said:
    Tell the people that brought Miley up and called JoJo a “Miley Wannabe” that.
    Just because a troll said that doesn’t make you look better if you say the same about somebody else. In fact, your not better than that person.

  • ine

    miley can sing better than jojo?
    i laughed SO hard at that.

  • Annoyed

    ine said:

    miley can sing better than jojo?
    i laughed SO hard at that.
    Exactly these LITTLE kids act like Miley Cyrus is the next Christina Aguilera or something. Miley’s voice is only okay. She can’t sing shit when it comes to Jojo though. I don’t know why they have to lie to make themselves feel better about Miley. Miley’s okay but she’s not bursting with great vocals or anything.

  • DMV

    Ummmm, I can see JoJo singing that song actually. Maybe even better. But Cyndi Lauper would always be the best to sing it. I’m not putting Miley down. I’m stating my opinion. The people in the business even says JoJo is very talented. JoJo has the voice to sing any song. I’ve taking you never heard JoJo sing the cover of “Weak” by SWV. I don’t think Miley could sing this very well.

  • joejonasmystub

    who is this jojo chick? she looks kinda like lindsay

  • peacelove

    I love this song and Jojo. (Those of you who dont know who Jojo is must be like 8 becase she was huge only like two years ago.) besides what does miley have to do with her and this song?? just to say it, jojo is better than miley and those of you who think other wise need to get all that miley cult propaganda out of your ears. seriously, some of you people… i used to like miley but her fans… and the whole fact that she is a slut now… anyways, I LOVE JOJO!!!!

  • hjdh

    I didn’t say JoJo is not talented. I just find that song boring.
    I don’t know what people in business say about JoJo, but good for her that she got a record deal.
    And Miley is very talented, because top producers in business like John Shanks and Lukaz Gottwald wouldn’t praise her like that if she wasn’t. I’m just sick and tired of people that say Miley has no talent.
    Now, this is about JoJo, not Miley, so let’s leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    2 of my favorite artists. Question is…why are these two even being compared here?…2 totally diff ppl. JoJo is a great actress&Miley is too. I loved jojo in RV and Aquamarine. and Miley on disney channel.

  • abcdefghijk

    Plus, this song sounds NOTHING like Miley. I’m a Miley fan, but she and JoJo are soo different when it comes to music style.

  • laslieanncardy

    she is sooooooo over.


    love her! Miley Tweenies This Is REAL TALENT!


    LOL real Talent??
    Who sells mor???

    her song sounds like new Miley Songs

    btw i like Jojos hair
    but I LOVE miley lol

  • …sd

    Damn. it’s about time :}

  • stellagirl1993

    JoJo can finally release her record! Excited?

    Uhh No..Not Really…But I Still Love Her!LoL

  • Anonymous

    I love JoJo so much I loved her last album cant wait for this one.

  • stellagirl1993

    Love The Song! :D

  • wattterrrr?

    she needs to come up with a new sound this is over and done with and im not a hater i own both of her albums and for the idot calling a miley wanna be are you kidding she has been around WAY before miley even got known and she can sing WAY better geeze you people are so immature.

  • lol

    she looks a little bit like miley
    and miley can sing better


  • HyperMe

    Lol at the Miley teenies, get the fuck out. :D

    I think she’s pretty awesome, haven’t heard her new song yet but I bet it’s good.

  • Annonymous…


    Miley Cyrus better singer than Joanna Levesque?

    Are you serious?

    Once again, the miley stans prove how delusional they really are.

  • Annonymous…

    Mediocrity flourish in today’s “music” industry, Miley Cyrus is case in point.

  • miley

    LOL at all the fucking JB -.-
    (jonas) they use MILEYs Fame

    b2t i LOVE jojos new song^^

  • etetewq

    omg thank god, i missed jojo, SHE HAS REAL TALENT!

  • Kristen827

    uhmm jojo has been around a lot longer than miley….this girl has true talent have u heard her live??
    and if anything miley copies her since miley copies pretty much everyone =D

    and nowadays it dont matter who sells more cause all the amazing talented musicians dont sell a lot of their stuff like jordan pruitt, aly and aj, vanessa hudgens, jennette mccurdy and jojo….i mean have you heard the voices that come out of these people….theyre incredible and you dont see them everywhere. the only people with amazing talent that are big are taylor swift jonas brothers and demi lovato that’s it.
    it aint even about talent anymore.

  • 1998
  • DMV

    U don’t have to get so emotional about it. I got upset that someone called JoJo, who actually been in the business longer, a Miley wannabe. I’m sorry if my statement upset u that much. But my thing is if somebody is gonna leave a comment, at least leave an accurate comment.Don’t just say shit just to be saying it. Its ok to like a certain artist, but don’t call somebody a wannabe. I feel the same way if somebody called somebody else a wannabe. Like that person invented something. I got upset when people was calling Selena a copycat just because she has a clothing line and acting like Miley was the only celeb to get a clothing line. But you’re right, Miley is talented in her own way and so is JoJo. There.

  • brat cat

    miley wannabe? ha! miley sucks and she has no talent! so why would jojo wants to be a piece of shit like miley?

  • Anonymouss

    wannabe miley
    dont like her jojo(name sucks) xD

  • Anonymous

    fuck you. she’s NOT a wannabe miley because she came BEFORE miley did. what the hell are you talking about? what are you 10? jojo was around in 2003 miley just came out in like 2007 so stfu cuz you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. jojo is an amazing singer. fuck you. miley’s a disneychannel star if it weren’t for disney she wouldn’t have a career.

  • sooo

    jojo was here befor miley you lozer
    omg i hate miley teenies
    thinking that miley is everything go f u c k yourself

  • etetewq

    first of all, jojo was here way before miley ever was.

  • :)

    id love to see miley try and sing like that….yeah never gonna happen. Why the hell are we even comapring jojo to some slut/man with barely any talent??

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  • Shelovesjonas

    First for first time hahah

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  • sdfsdf

    OMFG YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY i have been a HUGEEE fan of jojo since like.. FOREVER and have waited SOOOO long for another album

    I AM SOO EXCITED cuz she really is an amazing artist with AHMAZING vocals and i will DEFINATELY buy her album!!!

    her and miley = absolute fav artist of all time

  • CelebrityCrazy

    OMG finally!!! :)
    Im so glad, I can’t wait.
    I wonder if she is going to become, like really famous again…
    We shall see!!!

  • Alice

    She’s a nice girl, but she should experiment more with her music. It’s obvious that people didn’t really like the new album. It has quite a low ratings on rate it website. Shame, because she really has the talent.

  • AnnieRawrs.x

    Anonymouss said:

    wannabe miley
    dont like her jojo(name sucks) xD

    if i may say so, miley came out after jojo,so if im correct, miley, is a wannabe jojo.miley was made for disney channel’s tweenie bopper fans, and has no real talent whatsoever (:
    && jojo’s name is ugly? LOL? miley. your kidding right.

  • becccaa?

    i like her alot.. but she needs a new sound.. ASAP. this is kind of like 2 years ago lmao. but her voice is great, for some reason its sooo nasally in this song though :/

  • becccaa?

    BTW JoJo was DISNEYs first choice to play Hannah/”zoey”(miley) in HM;
    BUT JoJo turned it down thinking her next album would take her farther in which it didnt.
    then miley come along, takes the cake starting in 2006. anyway. and now jojo’s trying to get back into the scene.(WHICH, btw.. good for her)

  • Nikkiii

    hmm…. i dont know, its a good song, shes always had an awsome voice. idk, i guess i want the song to be GREAT …. lets see what happens, ive been waiting for her to like reapper in (on..?) the spot light again so glad for her
    ps. miley and jojo have completely diff styles and voices, both good in their own way and in practically in no way in common

  • Anonymous

    JOJO is it.
    she has the talent, the looks, and everything.

    watch out.
    J is back.

  • CelebrityCrazy

    Im sure she isnt a “wanna be Miley”. Jojo was the one who said no to the role of hannah montana. Miley sucks, Jojo seems NOTHING like Miley.

  • grace

    wannabe miley
    dont like her jojo(name sucks) xD

    ummmmmmm r u retarded, jojo’s older, more mature, and was here way before miley. why do some people revolve around miley cyrus? really? get your own brain

  • CelebrityCrazy

    Ohhh so that’s why this album never came out for so long! I thought it was because no one wanted to promote her album or something.
    Poor Jojo, had to wait like 2 years cause of stupid Universal legal issues.

  • sdfdsf

    oh and ALSO

    people .. STOP hHATING ON MILEY WHEN THIS IS A JOJO POST !!!!!!!!!!!

    they are both EQUALLY amazing in different ways

    yes jojo is an AMAZING vocalist , and so is miley, not because she can top those notes(cuz..i love her butt.. i dont think she rly could, at least not in the same way)
    but miley has a rly beautiful unique voice in a way that tops many other artists

    honest to GOD these 2 girls ar my ALL TIME FAVORITE female artists of all time so dont freakin try to compare them fuckin haters .. got it

  • demiLOVEatolovexoxx

    well, thats a GOOD thing if jojo doesnt sing like miley.
    that means shes omg…..TALENTED!
    something the world has forgotten and become deaf too by mileys rapsy ass dog voice.

    miley sounded like she had a cold when she sang “girls just wanna have fun”
    she embrassed the shit outta cyndi lauper.
    she cant sing.
    shes keeps getting albums, because too many people have their heads stuck up her ass.
    miley worked nothing to get her fame.
    she used her damn daddy.
    miley cant sing

    and jojo was here BEFOREE MILEYY!

    So if thats the case, then miley cyrus, is a christina aguilera wannabe. but its an epic fail, when she tries to belt like christina.
    or beyonce.
    and mariah carey.
    move the fuck over miley, real talent is being rekindled in hollywood damnit.

  • Anonymous

    Finally! I for one, love jojo and cannot wait for her new album. It’s about time lol. She needed a new one. And I LOVE the new song. I love her whole r&b style.<3

  • ev.lovelife

    i love her what amazing talent; can’t wait

  • Shelovesjonas

    the song is pretty cool =)

  • Anonymous


  • nonnymous

    her voice is amazing, she’s been out of the spotlight for wayyy too long! get it jojo ;P

  • Anonymous

    Jojo seems like a nice person, and she has good songs too. :) Glad she’s gonna make some new music.

  • Anonymous

    thanks :) you go jojo!<3

  • abcdefghijk

    I’m pretty sure JoJo was around way before Miley.. so how is she a Miley wannabe??

  • Anonymous21

    Was there a reason why it took so long for her record to come out? Was there a problem with the record deal or something?

    Just wondering because the post says “JoJo can finally release her record!”

  • ine

    Her record’s been ready to go for like two years, but her label (Blackground R.) had legal issues with their former distribution company (Universal). Now they have a new deal with Interscope Records, so they can finally put out CD’s (they couldn’t without a distribution deal).

    So now JoJo’s CD can be released.

  • Anonymous

    love her! Miley Tweenies This Is REAL TALENT!

  • Anonymous

    Jojo was a huge superstar at only 13!
    Miley is 17 years old and here in Europe is NOTHING.
    She’s only known in Usa and she doesn’t deserve it!

  • Anonymous

    JoJo was offered the role of Hannah Montana but turned it down!If she accepted it noone would even no/care about Miley.