Kristen Stewart slaps one of the werewolves. Taylor Lautner talks to Access Hollywood about how he’s excited that fans like seeing him shirtless under cut!

  • Anonymous

    haha I like the slapping sound :)

  • Anonymous

    this doesn’t happen.

  • Anonymous

    This is stupid. You can’t slap a werewolf. Stick to the books, she slaps Jacob and breaks her hand, but slaps Paul and doesn’t? Okay, cool. -rolls eyes-

  • Anonymous

    it doesnt happen.
    it’s jake and paul that are fighting.

    nice try.

  • Arielle

    Ok, so it’s not in the or it is in the book, whatever, who cares, I meen seiously? Gawd I meen I’m a obsessed twilight fan too and all but everyone’s alwas freaking out about something! Like oh why’s Edward’s Volvo now dark, why us filix trying to kill Edward, just seriously stop complaining and if it’s just so fucking dramatic and just so horrible then go do something about it! Jesus people! And if you don’t like anything twilight then….gee idk mabey you shouldn’t look shit up of it, if it makes you tht angry! I meen I don’t really like Harry potter but do you see me looking it up!? I swear people have no lives anymore.

  • Anonymous

    maybe pauls a wet lettuce or maybe its BAD CONTINUITY BY THE FILM MAKER, oh well at least it keeps the ‘fans’ whatching

  • Anonymousss

    Omg i wanted to see the end of slapping werewolf . :(

  • isabel


  • paris-resident

    he’s going to turn werewolf just for that?

    what is he sensitive?

    learn more from the wolfman or lycans, idiots…

  • Itsme

    Yay! I’m so excited to watch the movie !! =) , can’t wait !!!

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO at you people saying its not in the book because IT IS.

    Its where Bella gets mad at the wolves for changing Jacob :P
    re-read it you sorrow bitches…

  • Anonymoudfds

    Twilight sucks, the acting sucks, there is nothing romantic about it, if you want romantic, watch rebelde, mia and miguel actually are good actors and it’s actually romantic, twilight sucks compare to rebelde

  • Anonymous

    O.M.E Jacob as a wolf is ssooooooooo Hot!!! Watch the full length version!!! xx

  • Emmy

    Oh snap. By the time this comes out we’ll have seen basically the whole thing… in addition to having read the whole thing.

  • Stephanie.

    what’s the point of this if they aren’t going to stick to the book? Bella doesn’t slap him. Jacob is supposed to be right there the whole time arguing with Paul, and when Paul says something mean about Bella, Jacob defends her and that makes Paul mad. Then when Paul starts to shake Jacob stands between them and Paul changes because of his short temper. This doesn’t make sense:( Come onnn.


    I AM glad the part where she’s like JAKE RUN isn’t when she sees Laurant again, because I was REALLL pissed about that whole thing. That would’ve ruined like half the book.

    We’ll all just have to wait and see how it plays out.

  • Anonymousss

    the end effect when jake’s running was HORRIBLE. ugh :( i’m scared now

  • Jane

    ;D who cares if the slap was there or not!
    your not the director so shut it…
    everyone is happier that way


  • C…

    ooooohh he got bitch slapped lol i cant wait till the movie i loveloveloved the books :)

  • Blair

    Anonymoudfds said:

    Twilight sucks, the acting sucks, there is nothing romantic about it, if you want romantic, watch rebelde, mia and miguel actually are good actors and it’s actually romantic, twilight sucks compare to rebelde
    lmfao seriosuly u cant compare a Mexican novela with a Twiligt movie, like compare it to another movie but that Rebelde thing… was waaaay too random lol and it wasnt that good of a novela it wasnt romantic at all

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait ’til Nov 20th!

  • Emma

    WOW, i’m even more excited for New Moon :D

  • xstrawberry.rawrx


  • Anonymous

    he is so adorable he was blushing a bit=p

    cutie pie

    so excited to see new moon!!!

  • PolkadotSocks!

    can’t wait! YAYERZ! But in the book where Bella PUNCHES Jacob she breaks her hand and Jacob doesn’t feel anything…yet now she just slaps Paul and it looked like it hurt him or someting. =/

  • PolkadotSocks!

    Emma said:

    WOW, i’m even more excited for New Moon :D
    My name is emma too!

  • Jennnnnnnn

    looks so good cant wait 2 see it!!!!!!!!! taylor is so hott!

  • becca:]

    oh man i cant wait!

  • Anonymous

    TAYL0R G0 PUT 0N A SHRiT!!!! :b

  • Anonymous

    how da heck did ya get it?? its not real is it lol

  • Anonymous


  • Iknowlotsofthings

    I’m sorry but that Kristen chick can’t act!


  • Emma1108

    Jackie what the fuck!

  • MiLeY & DeMi

    Anonymous girl, you need help.

  • ndd

    haha!! TAYLOR!! HOT!!! CANT WAIT FOR IT!!!

  • Anonymous111

    Does that even happen in the book? (I know it doesn’t, just being ironical). Ugh, I don’t think I’ll like the movie.

  • clara

    send an email to

    Tim can ban this Anonymous girl

  • YourSexyMama

    Go girl bitch slap that werewolf hoe!

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    Taylor is such a jerk. I think he’s just way to cocky to be any good. But still, he’s cute.
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  • Bridget

    lmfaoooo Mexican novela

  • Anonymous

    lol. wow. this movie is uhm.. lols ill wait til i see it ;)

  • wartduara
  • Anonymous

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  • stellagirl1993

    Okay..So Bella Slapped One Of The Werewolves? O_o

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