American Idol runner up Adam Lambert ‘Time For Miracles’ music video.

  • NICOLE .

    This post is fucking hilarious. He has ruined his life by being born this way. ;_; I should be pissed, but it’s too funny.

  • Anonymous

    wow…you people need a life, Instead of talking about his sexuality, how about the song?? this song was written for the movie. It has nothing to do with Adam’s life so we don’t need to act like 10 year old’s and pretend that we just found what the heck gay means..”OMG hes sooo gayyy” WTF!!! its a wast of time. I met Adam and he is the nicest person alive…wayy nicer then any of you so maybe we should learn to appreciate the music and not be little babies and worry about if hes gay or straight…newsflash, the gay card is sooo 1969!! look it up!!!

  • Anonymous

    I l♥ve him :o)

  • nat

    lol they filmed this outside my friend’s house. it’s funny because it’s just a random, crowded street, and they made it look busy and wider. XD

  • Anonymous

    i just <# his voice =D

  • Anonymous

    as if you’re a real guy!!!hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Ok this song is for 2012, so what does that have to do with him being gay? Your comments are irrelevant to this song. Get over it, hes a great singer, and this video is amazing, so stop judging him and actually lisetn to the music!

  • Anonymous

    dude.. i agree 100%

  • Anonymous digust me. not listening to someone’s songs because they are about him liking guys ? NEWSFLASH. gay people are people. learn something called tolerance.
    His songs , are amazing. & gay isn’t something bad to be.
    i’m straight, & i love his songs, his voice is amazing.
    so why don’t you stop hating on adam.
    he deserved to win.

  • Anonymous

    umm..newsflash to both of you? this song has nothing to do with anyone being gay. so just get over it.
    and btduz, ever heard the saying god loves everyone? mhmm..that includes gays. so stuff that in yoo bible. :)
    this song, and adam is AMAZING! :D

  • x0SoReckless0x

    this is a fucken CHILDRENS gossip site, and you’re being homophobic?!? SERIOUSLY?!?

    im sorry to be mean, but you need to shut the fuck up. Adam is a GREAT guy! You shouldnt just not like him because he’s gay. WHO THE FUCK CARES?! he’s a good…no, AMAZING singer, so it shouldn’t matter!!!

    I for one love the video AND adam. so HA :P

  • Anonymous

    I agree :)

  • Anonymous

    look..there is no sush thing as gay ppl
    our human being nature is a man loves a women or a girl loves a guy..they marry and they can have children in a normal way…
    those ppl arent normal
    he really has a good voice?? but wtf? the man is singing about another man?? and its going to be romantic?? how gross is that can be??im really sick of this shit and the worst thing that ppl r starting 2 accept it?? he should go and shoot his self..he has a great look and he ruined his life…
    oceanup dont post this bullshit…

  • Discostella

    Amen to that.
    Gay people are people; I may not believe in it, but I do believe that they are the same and should be treated as such. Adam went on American Idol to make music; so listen to his music and don’t complain about his sexual orientation. He is handsome, a good singer and this song is awesome.

    People are so disrespectful, my goodness.

  • Anonymous

    i most certainly agree with you. its all about their voice and passion for music. and i think he did a excellent job with this.
    i love the song (:
    well done adam!

  • Anonymous

    wow ur nice…not.
    leave them alone…some of the gay people in the world cant help it.
    the point is he is a excellent singer. and if you dont like it, dont listen to it.
    get a life…and some manners.
    great job adam! (:

  • Anonymous

    ohh..he said Baby!! i wonder who is she??
    ooooohhhh snnaaaaaaaap
    i forgot his baby boy!!!!lolz
    this cant get inside my freaken mind??
    now we r listenin to this…im expecting next year seplings r going to marry and that would be ok?then ….
    where is ppl’s minds??
    whats happening to this world?
    ppl believe in god please

  • Becca

    Wow,some of you guys are pathetic ! First of all, why is everyone talking about Adam being a homosexual ?! Are you late or something? NO DUH HE IS ! But really, like who cares?! He is a beautiful man & amazingly talented.If he chooses to like men thats HIS choice.Whoever that was that said Adam should just go shoot himself for being gayy is like VERY stupid,Maybe you should go shoot yourself for making such an ignorant comment like that.I am a HUGE Adam Lambert fan,He has soo much talent and i support him 100% This is a great song and video! You go Adam :D

  • Anonymoussss


  • Mrs.AlexNoyes

    I just died ?????????????

  • 345048503485

    Spoiler Alert to Fan Girls

    He’s a homo. Moving on….

  • hahahaha

    I love the irony of your comment. You say this is a children’s site but obviously put the effort to say fuck as many times as you can in a paragraph. Congrats dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    This post is fucking hilarious. He has ruined his life by being born this way. ;_; I should be pissed, but it’s too funny.


    Newsflash; people are not born gay. God wouldn’t create a baby and doom him to hell. He choose to love guys.

  • psst hello

  • Anonymous

    YOU NEED A LIFE!!! if you dont like Adam or his life style…then why are you wasting ur time posting comments about him. I dont think that you would want to hear a whole string of comments about how bitchy and ugly you are…so treat people the way YOU want to be treated!! and next time before commenting on gays..why don’t you look up and see the years gays started to be accepted. 40 years ago!! the reason why our society is going down hill is because people cant agree and accept everyone else…sorry i guess we might not be as “perfect” as you but at least I’m trying o make a difference and I will succeed in like while you sit there on a corner while everyone comes back to bite u in the ass one day.

  • Emma

    Whats wrong with gay guys? Homophobe.

  • alli

    ewwwww hes so freaking ugly and why would i wanna listen to his songs when their all about the boys hes dated or wants to date its grosss

  • Anonymous


    I love the song so muuch !
    he looks really HOOT !

  • first o primero

    PRIMEROOOOOOOOOOO firsttttttttttttttt

  • first o primero

    PRIMEROOOOOOOOOOO firsttttttttttttttt

  • Sasha

    be him and love the song, but the video is
    too much like ‘never say need’ by the fray.
    great job though (:

  • Sasha

    I meant to say love him and the song
    but the video is too much like ‘never say never’ by the fray.
    great job though

  • Anonymous111

    i looooove him and the song

  • niuigf

    well this song is boring

  • mandaa.

    adam has such a great voice…and he looks preeetttty nice in this video! (: haha!! <33