Tyler Dean TAYLOR SWIFT Music Video

  • giggles_bby

    awwwww how sweet, ill be flattered if a guy wrote a song about me .

  • Sam

    meh…catchy song…but kinda creepish. i love taylor swift and this guys voice is really good but the ending where he gives out his number was kinda lame and the whole song was kinda lame actually. flattering i guess but lame nonetheless. he needs to come up with another song ASAP cuz he really does have a good voice.

  • LaLaLandGirl

    I can’t stop laughing at his “air guitar” moves.

  • Rachel

    kinda creepy but flattering :]

  • Sami

    anyone else notice joe jonas on the background thing?

  • Anonymouswvfwevewvev

    This is cool. Its like she wrote the one for her crush ‘Tim McGraw’ haha I like it. Taylor is seriously BLOWING UP. Man that girl is definitely on the right path.

  • A.

    If he likes her personality, then I’d do.
    If he likes her looks, I’m the exact opposite.

  • Katie13

    Haha “Call me, Text me”
    a bit stalkerish but it’s sweet…..in a weird way, bless him

  • Anonymous

    thats just adorable!<3
    i love the chorus
    'i wanna girl like, i wanna girl like taylor swift' awwww!!!

    check this outtt

  • A.

    I could totally pull off being Taylor!
    We are from the same area after all.
    Shouldn’t I have an accent too?

  • Delsy

    Aww cute

  • kristen827

    aww i love it, it’s so cute hahaha!

  • Haley

    Hey Taylor by Chris Via is a much better version. It has a lot of plays because it is not as creepy.Is Dean a stalker???

  • Taylor-Fan

    how sweet i like the song :D
    is that his real number???

  • raejonas

    cute but kinda creepy

  • lanaa

    aww well that was kind of cute. its like taylor writing ‘Tim McGraw’ … sorta. :)

    ps. is anyone else suuuppperrr pumped that the release was pushed up to monday?! :) i am beyond excited.

  • Anonymous

    check out Hey Taylor by Chris Via! youtube.com/chrisviamusic

  • woohooitsapartyy

    awww thats so cute :) made me smile :)

  • Myself

    Super creepy and a little stalkerish especially when he mentions tracking down her lawyer, father, manager, etc.

  • mwahhaha(:

    The song’s not about Taylor, it’s about how he wants a girl like her. It’s still creepy.
    It reminds me of how Taylor wrote Tim McGraw, except that song was about how whenever the boy thinks Tim McGraw, he’ll also think about her.
    Which is not creepy.

  • irene

    that’s sweet and hilarious.
    especially the ending of the song.
    “615-483-7793.call me.text me.call me.baby.”

  • Anonymous

    OMG, this is so sweet. I laughed the everytime he mentioned her name. it’s so funny

  • Anonymous

    OMG, this is so sweet. I laughed the everytime he mentioned her name. it’s so funny

  • asdfasdf

    cute… it made me smile :)

  • Anonymous

    LMAO i am a guy and i feel like messing with that number >:D no homo but freak out that person :D lol

  • Anonymous

    who is this guy?

  • suhvanuhh

    Aw (:

  • _herecomestrouble.

    first (:

  • Chelsea-Rose

    aww, sweet :)

  • m

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  • pft.

    aw, well thats… flattering if nothing else.

  • Kourtney

    I wonder what Taylor did if/when she heard this song, haha.

    Did anyone buy tickets for her concerts that went on sale today? My show doesn’t go on sale til Tuesday…

  • LaughALot:D

    I like the song
    it’s cute

    but i think he did this for publicity
    I mean he knows that is he put a name of one o his songs with Taylor Swift all the people want to heart it

  • Anonymous

    uuuh that is creepy :/ i mean not creepy, but he wrote her a song…?

  • biel

    aw :)

    reminds me of a rascal flatts song tho.

  • ilovenicholas

    this song is kinda cute.
    Flattering to Taylor,
    a little weird though at the end when he was all call me text me.

  • HyperMe

    LOL haha :)
    this is too funny :D

  • Anonimous