Amanda Bynes New Boyfriend AND Pants


Amanda Bynes, wearing ultra tight black leggings and a Doors t-shirt, stepped out on Melrose Avenue with her new boyfriend, Friday afternoon. Photos: Fame.

  • oneofakindxo

    aw i love amanda!

  • Anonymous

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  • juliecouture

    her new boyfriend looks 17

  • Anonymous

    Oh crap!
    oh…the boy?

  • Kammi


  • Anonymous

    “Amanda Bynes New Boyfriend and Pant” hahahaha LMAO!!!

  • amandanne

    I’d like to see her name ten Doors songs off the top of her head…starting now……….GO!

  • Anonymous

    the A-manda manda manda manda manda
    manda manda manda manda manda manda manda manda manda manda show

  • Delsy

    I used to like her until she made fun of Vanessa :|

  • BEBEIR LUVER <3 #10

    Luv the show HATE the pants sry!

  • is in

    hmm amanda!!!<3

  • Pants pants pants

    Nice pants! She is so hot

  • JoeNYC

    i love the new BF. he is so cute.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    haha, lol wtf OceanUp?

  • Richard

    The new BF is cute?? Is this like a taste thing or do you need

  • miscel

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  • Anonymousss

    I love her
    and I really miss WILAY

  • w.e

    I used to like her until she made fun of Vanessa :|
    what did she say ?????????

  • SelenaFan<3

    aw i miss her being with Nick Zano
    they make such a cute couple! <3
    i also miss her old show
    What I Like About You
    i can’t believe they ended it. :[

  • hwello

    hes ugly! her face got chubbier and y does she look so depresseD?? :(

  • Anonymous

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  • Ayla

    I really hate Amanda Bynes. She is so ugly? I don’t know how no-one else see’s this? she has a vile face, and an unnateral colour. anyway, her trousers look stupid, she is trying to be edgy and failing miserable, you cannot be edgy with dyed blonde hair and a fake tan. She looks stupid as usual. also her face is always hugely chubby. her boyfriends quite fit though

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna say it – he’s batting out of his league and it’s going to bite him.

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  • Sinclair

    I thought she was dating Cudi…

  • Hannahh

    “AND Pants!”
    That legit made me laugh out loud for some reason.

  • jerseygirl


  • jerseygirl

    Charlotte – while your new icon is cute. It’s not as cute as your others.

    If you catch my drift. ;)

  • Anonymous

    she is looking piping hot should check out more of amanda beach babes wallpapers

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Sadiezz

    “AND Pants”


  • Anonymous

    Nice pant and I also love the shirt she wear.

  • Goldengal11

    “And pants”

    LOL. OU is starting to get a little sassy. I like that.

  • Charlotte-x-

    AND Pants?! OMG NO WAY!