Lucas Grabeel OUTTA MY HEAD

Lucas Grabeel singing ‘Outta My Head’ from his show I Kissed A Vampire.

  • Kyansgirl45

    Vampires are so over rated now. I really hope this who vampire goes away soon. stupid twilight…

    on the other hand; LUCAS IS AWESOME! :D

  • Twilightsucks

    Twilight does indeed suck

  • ssexybeast

    He’s actually very talented!

  • Why?

    this was awesome
    hes great:)

  • Anonymous

    Lucas is a fantastic pop tenor with a beautiful voice and tone. Anyone who thinks he can’t sing probably can’t hear, or just has no taste.

  • Anonymous

    in some part of the video he looks kinda scary. i have habituated that lucas grabeel who was acting in high school musical. :D

  • i hate this

    aghhh i knew it as soon as twilight came out now all movies decied that they have to have vampiers in it aghh its so anoying and this film seems to be a bit light twilight it really anonnoys me aghhhhh cant people get over the fact there there is a ready a vimpier film out. i love twilight but everyone is making a big deal out of it which just ruins it. god its just a film/book.
    and lucus can not sing he looks like a freak and he is forcing to act i dont know why is is in films just because he was in hsm dose not make him a good actor!!! OK
    ps the girl in the video can’t act either she looked like she was fake screaming which is stuping when you are making a movie

  • Anonymous

    the one above ahd a lot of spelling mistakes soz about that i was a bit mad!!! lol

  • tere

    one word ridiColous HAHAHA

  • Anonymous

    He cannot sing? He cannot act? For your information, Lucas IS the most talented out of the hsm franchise. Lucas acts, directs an produces his own films and even has a company under his belt. Lucas also starred in movies like the highly acclaimed Milk and starred in other musicals as well. Before you insult Lucas again, please take a look at his accomplishments and bear in mind that he is still young, only 26, yet his success is overwhelming. As a supporter of Lucas, I really just need to defend him. He is my inspiration and my motivation. And not many stars are sweet enough to reply messages left for them. But Lucas is just really that humble and considerate.

  • 26489

    lmfao, lucas. :)

    this is… interesting.

  • ilovenicholas

    He is such an AMAZING actor.

  • Kel loves Jonas & Twilight

    they’re trying to make his hair ‘Edward Cullen’-ish. Blech, go back to HSM. xD

  • ET

    But vampire diares its pretty cool

    GOSH I MISS SO MUCH 2006’2007
    disney was amazing at that time :/
    now everything is drama, fights, more drama, HATE HATE HATE

  • coolkid

    Surprisingly, this song is really good =) I love it <3

  • Anonymous

    One word:GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilly

    Oceanup! Selena Gomez will be performing on Feb 7th at the San Antonio stock show and rodeo.

  • Anonymous

    he looks wow.

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  • Anonymous

    second BITCHES!

  • ssexybeast

    I kind of miss him=/

  • Kirsty

    :) i love him.

  • mirannndaaa

    lolz i am in love with this song…but editing is pretty bad

  • Sadiezz


  • Goldengal11

    I guess the song is alright, it’ kind of hot. But why is the video SO corny? My gosh.

  • Hannahh

    Lucas Grabeel! :)
    And what’s with all the shows about vampires?

  • ilovenicholas

    I know right?
    Its pissing me off, ive never liked this vampire shit and Twilight made it even worse!