Noah Lindsey Cyrus and Emily Reaves, wearing trendy lady bug outfits, hit up the Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times 17th Annual Halloween Carnival at Universal Studios Hollywood on October 25.

  • becccaa?

    dude… im a figure skater and for an ice show i wore fishnets and i was like 9; so CHILL. yes, a little awkward, BUT its holloween, its a costume !

    BTW; LOVE “Ems”, Think “Noie” is kind of deeply ‘Nnoyin (that was mean to be a tad “punny”, hahha)

  • mimijo

    oh my gosh :o
    emly looks cute but she’s on the edge of slutty
    it’s just too much for a girl her age. I meanlook at those boots…
    Tish is just trying to make her as famous as mily with thouse little scandals but you know there are so many padophiles out there who love such pictures of young girls.its just disguisting
    know what i mean?

  • anynomus111111

    I love the Cyrus Family but this is just wrong!

  • Anonymous

    uh… anyone that thinks anyone in that family is normal has some problems… i mean, an 8 year old in stripper boots (to quote perez hilton) really, come on.

  • rr

    Why are you complaining? Most parents out there let their children wear this kind of stuff. If you think they are sluts look at what your own children are wearing and what you wear. Morals begin at home. Don’t attack other peoples children when yours is just as bad if not worst than these two. It maybe too grown up but that is the type of costumes that they make for children today. If you don’t like it then tell you children not to wear it and stope attacking other peoples children.

  • Anonymous

    STOP Noah you are too young to wear those dresses…………….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it makes sense for a teenager or college student to dress like this for halloween, but they aren’t even ten years old and are dressing skankier than the girls at my COLLEGE.

  • PaaperPlanes

    Just no.

  • ageahg

    those costumes are so inappropriate for girls there age.

  • Anonymous

    Adorable?! Shes nine not even out of elementary school yet and she dressing like that? Who knows what she’ll where in five years

  • MrsJonas

    Oh god, someone really need to stop those girls before it’s too late.. Like people before me already said: they are way too young to be wearing those type of costumes. I’m sorry for saying this but they really look like little sluts. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Cyrus family though. Billy Ray is the man and Miley is amazing. :) But this is just.. wrong.

  • ninastubb1203

    to: Jonas Jonas Jon
    yeah well ur life is really fucked up…bitch…

  • pft.

    didnt minnnie mouse wear mary janes? lol. hmm.

  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    Jonas Jonas Jon… said:

    i hate the cyruses!!!

    There alll sluts


    I have one thank you

  • Jacey

    I love your avatar!!!

  • Anonymous

    Suddenly, Miley’s fashion choices make sense now that I see what her mother puts her young daughter in.

  • Anonymous

    uhm, yea. they are waaay too young to be wearing costumes like that :|

    (btw I was almost the lady bug costume Emily is wearing last year..)

  • JonasGirl001

    What’s with the makeup what is she like, 9?

  • annnnn

    my friend has like the teen costume that emily has but hers came with wings lol
    not that anyone cares lol

  • Kourtney

    Noahs outfit wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t for the fishnets and the boots. Those are just not age appropriate at all. But Emily looks cute, my friends sister had the same costume last year.

  • mmarriiee

    imagine if she went to a real elementary school and they were allowed to wear costumes she would get sent home without a doubt lol
    but girls at my college costume arent even as short as hers have been

  • nanz

    Noah is definately slipping thru the cracks. And Noah’s mom Tish’s friend Edi is probably having the last laugh. She will do anything to make her daughter Emily Grace a star. She’s hitched herself to the Cyrus train and thinks the Noie and Ems show will show off Emily Grace’s talent. Then she dresses Emily Grace cute for events and puts her beside Noah who I’m sure is only too eager to dress slutty like her big sis, since Tish is more interested in things Miley is doing. Then who comes off looking good? Emily Grace and her mom Edi.

  • Jessica

    umm. oh wow those boots have heels.. dAMN im 14 and i couldnt start wearin heals till i was 12.. and thats cuz i had a funeral to go to…and the tube top shoot she doesnt hav any boobs to holem ‘em up

  • Anonymous

    What kind of parents let her out of the house in that outfit? I mean honestly do they have eyes? Noah’s only nine and look at how she’s dressing!!

  • Anonymous

    Emily looks adorable. That outfit is so cute. <3

  • AmyCola

    That little girl has a fucking truckers mouth!
    and she dresses extreamly sluty. fish net stockings and those boots.
    how old is this little girl

  • Aliza

    Ugh. Fishnets, boots, eyemakeup and red lipstick! So sad for Noah. Definitely slipping through the cracks. Her mother needs to lay off the Miley events as well as cheering on Miley’s sexual relationship with Liam to focus on her youngest daughter. Then again, she probably figures it’s working for Miley at age 16, and she probably wishes she would have started earlier with Miley like she is with Noah now. So sad. Billy Ray needs to pay attention to what is happening with his daughters and not let his wife run him over. He sounds like he would have more of the voice of reason than his stupid wife who is just interested in the fame and the fortune at this point thru Miley.

  • Anonymous

    didnt minnnie mouse wear mary janes? lol. hmm.

    minnies supposed to have mouse ears…not stripper shoes.

  • Anonymous

    party city! LOL
    i have the same lady bug costume that emily reaves is wearing:)

  • Anonymous

    Billy Ray and Tish will probably be suprised when shes pregnant in a few years. They need a serious wake up call

  • Anonymous

    Sluts in training.

  • wa

    don’t their parents say anything about dressing like that

  • Cyruses=SLUT

    What is with this!?
    Shes like 9? Whats with the make up the slutty clothes. And halloween is a chance for Young kids to look cute not like SLUTS.
    GOSH! What is with the Cyruses

  • emilyxgrace

    i was wondering why noah’s costume looked so familiar.
    then i realized my friend has the same one.

    she’s sixteen.

    btw, im not pretending to be emily grace. emily grace is my real name. xD

  • Anonymous

    LOL!! your probably right,but….how do you know those are stripper shoes.hmmmmmm

  • Anonymous

    She’s ugly as fuck! Then again, she’s related to Miley slutwhore Cyrus.

  • StarLightSTARbright

    Anonymous said:

    They are too too young to be wearing those type of costume.
    You guys seriously don’t know the meaning of Halloween,do you?
    It’s not like she wears that outfit out in public expect for on the red carpet that is about Halloween.

  • nowayash

    AHHH EMILY <33333

  • Nikkiii


  • StarLightSTARbright

    Billy Ray and Tish will probably be suprised when shes pregnant in a few years. They need a serious wake up call
    Have you ever seen her dress like this one a daily bases?
    No,so just keep your comments to yourself.

  • Mrs.AlexNoyes

    Damn Tish and Billy should actually pay attention to this.


    lol funny
    but seriously, she looks like a whore, not to be mean, i know shes just a kid but
    there’s a different between a kid wearing dress up make-up and make-up
    it looks disgusting.
    I cant believe half the stuff her parents let her do, I honestly don’t think they are very good parents, they have no say in what they do and that’s why her kids are like that, well I guess Brandi doesn’t seem to bad


    Gross. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus, PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON YOUR DAUGHTERS! I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup ’till I was about twelve.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how anybody could defend Tish and BR’s parenting skills after seeing this little 9 year old girl looking like that.

    It’s no wonder she is doing the things she is doing and dressing the way she is. She has a big sister that is setting a very bad example for her. I guess Noah thinks…like big sister…like little sister.

    I just can’t believe these parents or should I say these friends. It looks like the grandmother would try to give those kids some guidance. The parents sure don’t seem to be.

  • Anonymous

    Whomever is critisizing Tish Cyrus for her parenting skills and adoring Billy Ray’s should pour some cold water over their heads to calm their estrogen levels peaking. Billy Ray had two separate women pregnant in the same year! Please! If anything, Tish has too much on her hands with an absent, yet easy going father. Stop putting the Dad as the savior. I would just like to be their financial manager and get my 2%. P.S. Call me.

  • Rawrdom

    Im sorry but WAYYYY too much makeup for a child her age.
    That’s just the way I see it.
    Like I said maybe her parents see different.
    After all parents know best right?

  • Gemma

    omggg who would dress their child in boots like those??
    stripper platforms on an 8 year old thats beyond wrong

  • kel

    OMG; here is her parents?
    she’s just a kid.
    Well, it’s obvious that Cyrus’ dad don’t care about what her daughters wear, even so she’s still a little girl ¬¬’

  • Anonymous13

    these comments r dumb.. go 2 any halloween store there isnt many outfits for kids out there nemore its stuff like this.. so degrade her for things like this being the “In” thing..n i saw a comment sayin she can get pregnant because the way she dresses.. wow people im a teen mother i sure as hell didnt get pregnant by wearing hoodys n sweatpants which is what i wear on a daily basis.. i made a mistake.. so its not what u wear that makes u a teen parent or a drug addict its the decisions U MAKE.. so leave the girl alone..

  • psshhhaaa! doi!

    man! i feel bad for that cyrus girl cause with that cutie blonde next to her… she looks really slutty and wannabe -___-

    emily? yeah… she’s ADORABLE!!

  • Anonymous

    are you seriously telling us to keep our comments to ourselves? this whole thing is for expressing your own opinion you dumnut. thats right i said dumnut.:) plus i had friends that wore makeup and dressed like that at her age and they havent turned out so well. one of them is even a drug addict now and has dropped outta school. my parents would never let me dress like that or wear makeup at that age.

  • Jenna

    why does she think shes 15??? shes wearing the shortest dress and THE MOSTT makeup!! shes not very pretty!! The girl by her looks like shes her friend only bc noah is famous!! lol

  • Anonymous

    I wore that costume last year….
    im 14.

    she is what 9?!

  • Meganlikestea

    This is bad however I love the socks with the daisys :)

  • Jonaslover<3

    omg their turning into miley

  • Jonaslover<3

    um just telling you the girl next to noah is her cousin yeah you really should um think before you write or read a magazine for once

  • Kyansgirl45

    It’ll always creep me out how a 9 year old wears more make up then me. And I’m almost 17. Seriously, the make up just ages her and doesn’t her her natural beauty shine.

    geez…it’s sad where picking on a nine year old but I’ve never seen a kid dress like; as I quote mean girls “a baby prostitute” -_-‘

  • Anonymous

    wow shes a ugly little girl.
    what is up with the cyrus family?
    they are all sluts.

  • brianna cabrera

    what is noah supposed to be?
    if she is supposed to be

    she is waaaaaaaaaaaaay off

  • Anonymousad

    Those are the skimpiest Halloween costumes I’ve seen anyone under the age of 10 wear. Seriously, Emily Grace is wearing a strapless! She’s at most 9!

  • Anonymous

    WOW mini prostitutes they start so young!! Shame she has to take after her older sister.

  • Anonymous

    Uhm ?
    Noah ur not ready for this dressup.
    Its like she will give birth in 3 years. :o

  • Anonamas


  • Emma

    Okay this is just wrong. I have no problem with Miley dressing like this cos she is acting her age. But these two kids are what? 9? I know Billy ray and tish apparently like to let their children do what they want and explore who they are and express themselves however they wish to, but this is just so wrong. I reckon Noah Cyrus is the one that is going to grow up to be the next britney spears, not Miley Cyrus!

  • purplekoolaid

    I said it once and I’ll say it again. BILLY RAY AND TISH BELONG IN PRISON!!. They are horrible parents.

    And I’ll bet they’ll be shocked when Noah is pregnant by age 12. She looks like a baby prostitute. And I don’t blame her, she’s a little kid. Her parents need to get slapped in the face.

    And to all you IDIOTS defending her…are you fucking serious? So you’d let your little sister or future children dress like this? Retards like you make me not even want to have kids. The world is too fucked up and filled with dumbasses.

  • Stop The World

    I’m seriously shocked that their mothers let them walk out of the house like this. They’re just little girls, it’s disturbing to see them wearing such skimpy things and getting away with it.

  • Angela.

    Someone seriously need to give Tish and Billy a ‘Parenting for Dummies’ book.

  • Anonymous

    those boots are horrible! but she’s nice

  • E.

    young kids these days
    there mommas must be sooooo proud

  • nowayash

    haha wow the parenting skills of tish and billy ray are unbelievable. message to billy ray and tish: GO TO PARENTING BOOT CAMP. im done. :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    those little girls are wayyy to young to be wearing that, along with all that make up – seriously

  • Anonymous

    please, someone stop her

  • OliviaKristin

    that outfit is so not apporperiate for her age, Tish and Billy Ray need to watch out i am not going to say their bad parents but their not the best either, and noah is just not cute at alll!!!!

  • Heygirlhey

    Emily looks cute..or whatever the blonde girls name is, Noah looks like a hooker

  • Anonymous

    That’s a paedofile’s dream right there.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a paedofile’s dream right there.



  • peacelove

    ew just wrong. the short one would looks cute but the other just no.

  • Amelia.

    & the hooker boots are back.
    it’s sad that she’s only 9 and she’s dressing like that.
    i feel for her more then anything else.

  • Anonymous

    Okay im sorry but she is trying to act way older then she is and its not like kwl or anything

  • Anonymous

    wow Noah seems too tall next to Emily

  • Anonymous

    For everyone trying to defend this, imagine if your little sister/future little (notice the word LITTLE – it’s because she’s just 9) girl came into the room dressed like that and suggested going out in it. If you would really be okay with that, do us all a favour and don’t have kids.

  • linnyb

    They look VERY inappropriate for their age. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?? No 9 year old should be wearing that much make up.

  • sjfklsjdfsdf

    wow Noah seems too tall next to Emily


    the boots have heels.

  • ohmyfuckinggod

    i’m annoyed because i honestly don’t see anything wrong with these costumes. it’s fucking halloween. people dress up.

  • Anonymous

    i so agree with you!!!

  • fast cash advance

    i think they are to young to be dressing like this even if it is halloween

  • Anonymous

    they are soo cute just leave them alone if they want to wear costumes like that good for them! If you saw any other girl wearing costumes like that u would think its adorible and just cause they are famous shouldnt chhange that If you think they are sluty get a life!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She started to dress worse than her sister.
    Like what the hell!?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    she’s nine and she’s wearing that much make-up?

  • ari

    it suddenly hits me,that(Not necessarily) Noah and Emily Reaves are like Miley and Emily Osment … Is Disney trying to stir things up in the future ???

  • icyEmbers

    Who keeps letting Noah out of the house like that?!?!?

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  • Anonymous0987620950976762097609760934

    good grief! she’s only like nine, and she has on more make-up than i OWN!
    plus them boots…
    if I had dress like that when I was nine, my momma would have skinned me alive.

  • Thereza

    SUCK is the word i used for them

  • cash advance pay day loans

    I sorry but nine is to young to wear make up

  • hithere

    i hate the cyruses!!!

    There alll sluts

    que ricidulas msmo cara. impressionante essa menina e a amiga dela. pff pathetic!

  • Anonymous

    i hate emily and noah!! they are dressing way to old for their age!!! omg please!! ugg i hate them stupid snobs

  • random

    again with those boots.. =S

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  • Anonymouss

    true that!

  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    i hate the cyruses!!!

    There alll sluts

  • Anonymous

    I am finding it harder and harder to defend the parenting skills of Tish and BR.

    I love Miley though.

  • Stewie

    Same. Brandi and Miley(despite the fame) seem to be the most normal and grounded, again not without bumps in the road. My guess is that they’re trying so hard to make sure that Miley is okay, Noah is probably slipping through the cracks. That’s my guess. I hope I’m wrong though. I don’t think anyone can defend this or the Halloween costume.

  • katizossum

    me too. At first i could understand some stuff they did but noah is 9…this is getting a little out of hand.

  • becccaa?

    ok seriously there are much worse “slutty cyrus” things.
    i love the cyruss’ but this is near the bottom for sure.
    ok, lets break it down.
    fish nets = just tights with little holes in them. they’re actually in this year for like modest, high fashion mags.
    boots = JUST BLACK MOTORCYLE-LIKE BOOTS! little old for her, but still.. um, its holloween!!
    dress = a little too short, but she has little shorty thing under. and ITS A FREAKING TUTU… tons of little girls wear ‘em in ballet.
    her outfit yeasterday or last time was worse.
    BTW, GO EMSSS :)

  • Anonymous

    Even Mike and Carol Brady wouldn’t have allowed little Cindy to dress in such revealing outfits.

  • Anonymous


  • Helen

    i’m confused, is this to do with halloween because I dont get how them outfits are halloweeny, anybody agree?

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the boots?!

  • Anonymous

    if u ppl r think of these kids i sexual way plz go get some help seriously, the way u guys are talking about a 9year old is disgusting u ppl on here r sick n so is OU, they knew exactly watr u miley haters were gana say but 2take it the extend u ppl r really sick looking at kids in a sexual way even if ur thinking it do us all a favour n keepit to ya self cus its nasty.

  • Anonymous

    whoah. those pictures just gave me a chill up my spine..

  • Anonymous

    Can the you guys stop telling the people to shut up because the truth is they are sluts or at least they like ones anyways

  • Anonymous

    What happened to cute little witch costumes or other cute innocent costumes?

  • Anonymous

    OMG again that little girl is crazy…:(

  • dsf

    Noah used to be so cute when she was little. Now she’s just scary looking. D: And her outfit is just too old for her. =.=

  • loveyunakim

    wtf? stop copying your slutty sister, noah. and stop being so slutty for your age darling. how old are you again? 9?

  • Madeline

    what the hell

  • Anonymous

    They are too too young to be wearing those type of costume.

  • Killthelightsx

    no… comment

  • Anonymous

    Jonas Jonas Jon… said:

    i hate the cyruses!!!

    There alll sluts


  • memi <33

    they are so adorable :)

  • Anonymous

    WOW!! can you say slutty!!
    Im 14 and i wont wear something that short! If I was them i would choose to wear something different they are just ruining there reputation:p

  • OhMyGosh

    Strike 2!!! Noah Did It Again Do U Think Thats Adorable Its Disturbing Why Would Her parents Let Her Wear Such Disgusting Costumes! I KNow MIley Is A ROle MOdel To Her Cause Shes Her Big Sister And All But Shes 17 Shes A Teenager! But Still Im Dissapointed At All But Thats Not were Talking ABout ight Now What im talking about is NOAH DRESSING UP LIKE MILEY IS BEYOND DISGUSTING!!!

  • Anonymous

    that outfit is not even disgusting
    she is covered.
    you have issues.
    seriously that is not even bad,
    you people just are crazy and get mad about
    every single thing the cyrus family does.
    i mean have you seen the cheerleader costumes for little kids??
    yeah well the whole stomach shows in that one.
    have you seen the princess jasmine costume for kids?
    yeah the stomach shows in that one too.
    so whats the big deal about her wearing fishnets??
    at least she’s wearing tights under it.

  • xocassie

    lmfao this little girl needs to cover up
    i mean honestly, no one wants to see a 9 year old’s legs
    shes worse than her big sister ahaha

  • PIU-45

    Poor Noah … She just tries to have as much attention as her sister. This is what happens when parents want to be friends with their children. Tish must surely be very nice, but when you have a model of women as Miley and Tish you will necessarily be in the wrong direction …

  • jbluver86

    This isn’t even age appropriate. Do her parents pay attention to what she wears?!!

  • foreverlacie

    it is a halloween costum, but still…a princess, minnie, a fairie, a popstar, a butterfly, a witch…so many choices for a 9 year ol girl and she had o choose whoever this is?? Emily looks nice though…but seriously, noah, we understand you want to look and feel bigger, every kid wants to, but could you wait to be at least 11?

  • omghaha!!

    wow i cant believe im saying this
    but emily pulls of the sexy look alot better than noah. noah just looks like tramp.
    omg i feel so sick. these are 8 year olds im talking about…but really. they dress that way so what am i supposed to think?

  • Re

    Not really the right story. Tish was pregnant by Brandi’s dad. Didn’t marry him. Then got pregnant by Trace’s dad. Didn’t marry him. Got pregnant with Miley by Billy Ray. Didn’t marry him at first. Got pregnant again with Briason. Then, only then, did she marry Billy Ray. So, was never married to Brandi’s dad and never married to Trace’s dad. So, this is even worse than getting divorced two times before Billy Ray.

  • wow

    yeah. im starting to realize that it isnt miley whos the real slut. its the parents. especially the mom. like tish doesnt seem to dress sluttily, but she lets her kids get away with it. i mean her mom doesnt have the best christian reputation in the world to start out with. has 2 kids with another guy. divorces. gets pregnant with billy kid then marries him. i mean come on. i can understand kinda trampy outfits ( barely) but this is too far. like really. if noah actually looked CUTE i think it would make it better..but noah just really looks ugly and trampy.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I feel bad for Noah and Miley being raised by parents who allow a nine year old to dress like that.

  • raejonas

    Tish and Billy Ray have an interesting parenting style

  • Anonymous

    no no no first of all noah is miney mouse it cant be a lady bug the other one is a lady bug and 2 there not(I wont say the word ) these outfits are less bad then the other ones any ways

  • AYniess

    The blonde is cutier.
    Noah is too much copying Miley

  • Anonymous

    they look like hookers

  • Anonymous

    StarLightSTARbright, did you dresws like that for Halloween when you were nine? More to the point, did/would your parents let you?? I wore make up at Halloween when I was 9 – it was to make me look scary. That make-up isn’t to make her look scary.

    Miley should start setting a better example to her little sister/tell her sister she shouldn’t be wearing this kind of stuff at her age.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh! :O
    She’s 9 going on 19!

  • Anonymous

    That’s disgraceful in my opinion!
    What 9 year old dresses like that?

  • Anonymous

    noah is sooo freakin’ ugly! no offence

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Seriously? She’s 9?!
    My dad wouldn’t let me go out in those boots, and I’m 14!

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Haha, I just showed my mom that pic and said “If I was 9, could I go out in those boots?”
    She said “No way! You can’t even go out in them now.”
    Told ya.