Tony Oller ONE TIME Justin Bieber Cover

  • Anonymous

    It hurt my ears.
    if he wants to sing. Sing better. :S

  • Anonymous

    It hurt my ears.
    if he wants to sing. Sing better. :S

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. This Oller guy is so irrelevant now.
    He was only semi-cool back on Demi’s As The Bell Rings days. Now he’s just some Disney reject who can’t even cover a Justin Bieber song.

  • Anonymous

    Where can I download this? AWEEEESOME!

  • Mrs.jonastobe

    i agree tht they r trying to copy lil wayne..
    and i hate tony ollers new hair cut…

  • Anonymous

    Is Justin really dating Paris????? Isn’t she like nine??!

  • Anonymous

    ooh i likeeee : )
    almost forgot how much i like him!

  • Anonymous

    They did it better!!!

  • Anonymous

    Okay at the beginning i thought it was realllly weird and he was trying to like rip off lil wayne, but towards the middle i thought it sounded pretty cool! :)
    Kinda too remixed-ish though.
    but overall i liked it.

  • Anonymous


  • magggie

    awwww, its acctuallly nice :]

  • Mariah

    This sounds really cool! they both have talent

  • Paut94Mexico

    amazingjust loved it:)!

  • Tara

    i really liked it.
    malcolm sounds like weezy.

  • Anonamas


  • biebalicious
  • Anonymous


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  • Brittany

    I really liked this!
    Except I think Malcom Kelley is trying to sound like Lil Wayne.. and that’s not cool :D But I think he has talent, he should just find himself as a rapper and not try to sound like someone else.
    But Tony Oller, you did a really great job at this!

  • Kathy941

    cool,, :P

  • Anonymous

    i can see him and paris jackson dating!

  • ilovets

    the other side of the door- tswifts new song!

  • lulu

    cool i think there coping lil wayn but i like it :P

  • helloimtim