Disney Channel has ordered a pilot for the musically themed comedy series ‘Dance Dance Chicago‘, a contemporary tale of two kids working as back-up dancers on an ‘American Bandstand’-type show, according to THR.

Chris Thompson, creator of ‘The Naked Truth,’ ‘Ladies Man’ and ‘Bosom Buddies’, is writing and executive producing. The show is now casting and the pilot should go into production in January. Do YOU think it sounds good?

  • Todd Chen

    It is really cool. Every one is waiting for it. — Hip Hop dance Trainer, NYC

  • Anonymous

    sounds nice nd a big fan of dancing

  • Tanner

    How was the audition??? Did you sing and dance or just act? Who was watching?

  • Anonymous


  • A n o n y m o u s

    i’m from chicago. nice. finally. they’ve had kids in LA, new york, boston. it’s about time! ;)

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  • Anonymous

    im from chicago…do we really have accents??lol?

  • Billie smith

    Can’t wait…sounds awesome

  • brookie

    hehe. i just saw this. fall out boy moment. they have a song called dance, dance and are from chicago. they should have pete&patrick&andy&joe in it somehow. :P

  • Anonymous

    i auditioned for this show a month ago

  • Anonymous

    IS TAYLOR LAUTNER IN THIS? ;) ill only watch it if he is :P x

  • Anonymous

    Not only kids from Chicago can audition but kids from California can audition too. Just cause Its called “Dance Dance Chicago” doesn’t mean you need a Chicago accent to audition. Heres how the story goes: Dance Dance Chicago Is the tale of to kids working as backup dancers.

  • nicole@@

    if i’m from chicago can i try out lmao?

  • Anonymous

    only kids from chicago should be able to audition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ………………..

    i live in engladn , so its kindda hard to audition ,
    but imma gve it a go + for a new diseny show called ‘ smart alec ‘

  • Cleo

    nice! :D

  • hpaddictedx

    Hm sounds like Glee but dance verison.

  • LeighHenri

    Will these kids actually have Chicago accents? Can I do it then?! I have a huge Chicago accent!! :P

  • flor

    second! LOL

  • Anonymous

    im having an audition today for it.im so excited.

  • Chicagogurl

    Sweet! I cant wait for it. I wish I could audition for it. It’s called Dance Dance Chicago, haah that’s pretty awesome. GOO Chicago:)!

  • Cata_loves_miley

    why do all disney shows have to do with like hollywood and being a star?!!? like hannah montana and JONAS and sonny with a chance! grrr

  • Delsy

    Who ever stars in this is going to be the 2010/11 BIG THING along with bridget medler