Jonas Brothers Mexico Openers TUXIDO


  • R o n n a

    i know them!!
    they are reaaaally great…
    you should hear their song!
    its called AIRE
    its a cover…
    the arent famous yet, cuz
    they started their career like
    3 months ago!
    but they are reaaaally great!
    im SOOO exited!!
    JB&TUXIDO = <3

  • Ashley Marie Williams :p

    well Maybe tuxido is a good bad for that openers Jonas B.
    I love Mexico yeah

    Viva Mexico haha
    and the guys are so sexy
    Mexy sexy!!but selena is not sexy she is 1/2 mexican and don’t speak spanish
    Mario Lopez is mexican and speak spanish and english Eva LOngoria,Jessica Alba is latin and the spanish is not really good but that’s not really important,and with selena she don’t know say Hola mucho gusto,adios or something like that.

  • Anonymous

    i agree. you shouldnt critized them because you dont know me. if you like music then you are also gonna like tuxido
    they are the best ! in mexico

  • Anonymous

    thats what you think
    listen to them
    then critizize :D

  • Anonymous

    if you know how to read
    their name is tuxido
    so shut you mouth ok :D

  • Anonymous

    they are the best band ever besides the jonas brothers of course you shouldnt critized people without hearing their songs ok they are the best ;)

  • JonasCyrusxLovato

    ?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿¿???¿¿¿???¿¿¿¿?????¿???¿?¿?¿? ahaha! aajaj who are they?

  • Anonymous

    me too! i wanted honors society!!!! :(

  • samantha de Carlos?

    i want jordin sparks &&&&&& Honor Society!

  • Anonymous

    thats a real retarted name TUXIDO wtf hahah

  • SomeonethatUlove

    I’m from M’exico & i dont even know them!!!
    This NOT fair i want Honor Society!! D:
    & this looks really cheese! doesn’t even have the venue or promotonial logos! >:(

  • paulina!!

    i’m going too and i have no clue! i wanted jordin sparks or honor society!!

  • Roxy

    let me tell u that they’re such a great band ;)
    they’re from my city(ensenda BC):)… love u guys <3

  • Anonymous

    tuxido is like the best band ever you should hear them because they are really great
    their song is called aire
    visit them at

    ilove jb&tuxido♥

  • nickjonasismyheart

    im going to Mexico, df show :D 3 days babe!! and who the fuck is tuxido? no one knows them here.. !

  • Anonymous

    I know them! Im from MExico, they are doin right now their promotional tour, check them out on myspace

  • doudoufan


  • doudoufan

    thank you same as

  • Anonymous

    … who are they? hahaha I’m from Mexico and I don’t know!

  • Anonymous

    tuxido :D

  • Anonymous


    SEXY MEXY’s!

    I thought Selena was the only sexy mexy hahaa

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha….I’m going to this concert. I have NO IDEA who they are. Hahahaha….missed them playing at six flags tho. shucks!

  • PameJOnas!

    me neither!! i dont have idea who they are!! and im from mexico too im very confused right but if JB choose them to be their openeres they couldn be that bad!!

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  • Anonymous

    First! who are tehy??

  • susi2005

    they may be some boy band in mexico.

  • doudoufan

    do you no who make the first part in france ?