Push Play Behind Scenes @ THE ROXY

  • olivia

    They are my favorite band in the whole world and I love their new album FOUND and for the haters: you know nothing. CJ is hawt and certainly not gay.

  • tootsie

    ive only met them once. i love them <3

  • Anonymous

    take it from someone who has met them 26 times. they are the nicest most hardworking & appreciative people you will ever meet in your life.

  • Anonymous

    I hope thats true :)

  • Anonymous

    Cj is Gayyyyy

    i know it. :/

  • Maria Evangelista

    CJ’s the farthest thing from gay lmao.

    push play is the best <3

  • Izabela

    the one who sing idk his name is sooo hot =D

  • Anonymous

    probably my least favorite band

  • Anonymous

    i am so proud of push play <3
    they are all adorable!

  • Anonymous

    Push Play!

    These guys are the best :)
    you just heard it from someone whos met them 7 times.

    So its a fact.

  • marta

    kay so i’ve only met them about 8 times, but they are seriously the coolest and most down to earth band you will ever meet. they are INCREDIBLE.