Cheerleader Gets FLU SHOT, Can’t Walk

Story of what happened to a woman 10 days after taking a flu vaccine. Thx Maya!

  • Anonymous

    this is really touching, this is sad. i hope she can still live a happy life as best as possible. god bless her!

  • Delsy

    I saw this a couple of days ago and i was crying. Its so sad. I wasn’t going to get it anywayz

  • Anonymous

    Bullshit (:
    That’s not fake.
    Don’t be stupid.

  • Anonymous

    WTF? Is this CNN?

  • Anonymous

    that is FAKE

  • Anonymous

    this is FAKE !!!!

  • yaaaaa

    ughh. my moms making me get it and i REALLY dont want to. especially after seeing that.

  • Anonymous

    I heard about this on The Insider, it’s sooo sad,prayers are with her

  • Jane

    wow… its so incredible…
    her husband is amazing <3

  • Ur spider under ur bed!

    FUCK YOU!!!
    maybe when it happens to you, you probably (and hopefully) would understand it more.
    but NOO!!
    You have to be the heartless bastard!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god!!!!!! I can’t believe it! this is so sad, very touching and Im in shock right now… this is TERRIBLE! Poor Girl!!!!!!!!!
    God Bless her and her family! The way she talks and the way she walks is something I havent seen in my entire life, and then she can run like a normal person! At the begging I thought it was fake but I dont know… They cant invent something like that… Is soooo sad!

  • Lexxi

    She got this neurological disorder because it was a one in a million type of thing. Her body basically had a very rare reaction to the flu shot. She’s a beautiful girl . This makes me realize how thankful I should be for my life and body. I hope this girl can touch others in the way she has touched me. Thanks oceanup for posting this.

  • rose <3

    wow, that makes me so sad.

    especially when she says that running is the only thing she has left.

    my heart goes out to her! <3

  • MrsGregGarbowsky

    omg this is terrible :( poor woman. god bless her and her family! <3

  • Anonymous

    Why would they fake it?

  • Anonymous

    no it’s not CNN but it’s important so…

  • Anonymous

    that is crazy.

  • CabbagePie

    How bizarre that when she runs/walks backwards she can speak clearly?
    Poor woman, i wish all the best to her and her husband.
    If any of you are getting flu shots, dont worry this is a 1 in a million chance of getting it, its an incredibly rare disease that was triggered by the jab.

  • <3

    this is horrible !! God bless ! My prayers go out to you !!

  • I’mCute:SNoShit

    OMG this is horrible!!! my prayers are with her!!

  • linnyb

    im not sure i believe this.

  • melissa

    wow my heart goes out you and your family!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe I am going to say this, but thank you Ocean Up. I will NOT be getting a flu shot. And it definitely makes me grateful.

    Thanks for finally using this site for some good!!

  • Anonymous

    god bless her

  • Anonymous

    awwww :(

    thats really sad! i hope the doctors can find some way to fix it!

    its interesting however why everything is normal when she walks backwards or runs :/ wow, the human brain is a confusing thing.

  • jennnnypooo

    omfgg, i see so bad =///
    she had a bright future now.. =[


    wow. that’s so sad.

    My prayers go out to her.

    Damn. I just got my flu-shot today

  • maggieeee

    I feel soo bad. That is heartbreaking. God Bless her

  • Anonymous123

    this is so sad
    good thing she has a supportive husband

  • AmieeDawn

    awww poor girl :(

    How sad. BUT her husband is AMAZING :)

    So many men nowadays would leave their wived if this happened to them.

    God Bless this beautiful woman, I will pray for her and her family.

  • Anonymous

    i feel sorry for her but on ocean up? i guess they dont have nothing to post about celebs are not crazy anymore

  • TSLove

    Thats awful! God bless her :)
    I’m just worried that her husband is still only with her because he feels sorry for her :( Sad but true it happends alot.
    I hope he’s with her because he truly loves her.

  • A.

    That’s horrible!!!
    Makes me scared to get the shot. =(

  • deee

    holy shit, that’s terrible and sad.

  • Anonymousyo

    WOW that is SO WEIRD.
    And heartbreaking. she’s so gorgeous i hope she gets better somehow and she can cheer again. that is the saddest thing ive ever seen omg. God bless her.

  • DK

    I feel so sorry for her. I applaud her for being strong. I feel more sorry for her husband. Through better or worse..sickness and in health. you could see how dedicated he is.

    Makes us realize how blessed we are to be healthy in this world.

  • Daniyah

    omg thats so sad! awww!!! i know not much comments on this post. sad. what sis miley cyrus do in this world SO AMAZING she didnt change the world in some unbelievable icredible way shes not god! jeez.. lol ya but this is sooooooooooo sad hopefully they will find a cure!

  • Anonymous

    my god give her strength .god bless her.poor bb.

  • Anonymous

    She was punished by God for something. KArma is a bitch.

  • ShaunaSpamsYou

    Poor girl! omg. I hope she gets better. I’m not going to get the flu shot after watching this. omg.

  • Anonymous

    Oh shut up u dont even knoe her 2 say it’s karma, ut gunna get karma 4 saying that!

  • ScottInLa

    And This Is Why I Didnt Give My Son Baby Shots Because The Fuckin Goverment Dose This On Purpose DONT GIVE BABY SHOTS The Shots Cause Autism This Is Sad God Will Help You!

  • Anonymous

    oh my God i feel so bad for her.
    my bio teacher showed us this video and i didnt think it was real but i feel badd =[

  • BriannaAshley

    That’s so sad! I’m NEVER taking a flu shot!

  • Anonymous

    oh my god, i wanted to cry while watching this, but considering my family is sitting here with me, i’m holding it back.
    this is so heartbreaking & terrible. glad to see her not giving up. i applaud her husband for being their for her.
    god bless her & her family. <3

  • carlyyylove

    omg that’s so sad ): god bless her.

  • shayna

    aww,this is sooo sad. I feel so bad for her and her family.
    It doesn’t seem fair how something so bad could happen just from getting a flu shot.

  • Anonymous

    omg that was soo scary
    poor woman
    i feel so bad for her ='[

  • Stephanie176

    thats terrible!!! i feel so bad for her!!!!
    thats kinda interesting though how she can run and walk backwards without a problem

  • Cata_loves_miley

    woah. my face was in total shock and confusion as i saw this. i wanna believe it, but for some reason i thought it was fake. If it its true, God bless her dear heart and her husband :)

  • Sonny

    Omgosh!!! GOD bless her and keep her safe and well!!! May one day they’ll be a cure!!! To be honest this video almost made me cry! She was beautiful and a wonderful cheerleader, now she can’t even walk!!! :”((( Vaccines are sick! >:[[

  • Anonymous

    poor woman…wish her to be happy even having that disorder!
    god bless her..

  • Anonymous

    omg, ive seen alot of side affects and i dont know if i wanna take one on those shots anymore…
    poor girl, this is so sad

  • Anonymous

    it looks fake

  • Anonymous


    and i had my shot today :\

  • Anonymous123

    :’/ that’s so sad
    i realllyyy hope they can find a cure, i feel soo bad for her. :'(

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god.
    :( how sad.
    my prayers go to her.

    god bless her. <3

  • Nelena Yo!

    Poor girl.

  • Nelena Yo!

    Poor girl.

  • Anonymous

    <3Hope she gets better

  • :*)

    That sucks so bad. I feel bad for her.

    God bless you!

  • Anonymous

    aww how sad :(

    i hope they find a cure because that is so upsetting to watch

  • Anonymous

    Omgosh, poor girl
    shes soooo pretty!
    I hope they find a cure asap.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god wow i can’t believe this. this is so sad… I’m so sorry for her. . God Bless her.

  • Becca

    This broke my heart. THIS is real news.
    She will be in my prayers that there is a way to help her and she will find some happiness.
    I hope she stays strong.

  • Anonymous

    this is so sad :(
    god bless her.

  • Nicksgurl4life1

    Oh my gosh!!
    I feel so bad for her!
    Everbody pray for her.
    And no this is not fake!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    it looks fake

    what the heck is wrong with some people! this is SAD!

  • TaylorSwiftFan101

    Poor Girl :-(. God Bless Her and her family.
    She and her husband are VERY brave.

  • Anonymous

    Is she krumping?

  • Anonymous

    This looks… i dont know :\ it looks kinda fake, i mean.. she runs? its like normal? and when she stops it turns out all weird for her… im not saying its fake, but i dont know, this looks weird..

  • Danonymous

    OMFG! That’s so sad. She can run fine, she can walk backwards fine, and she can talk normally while running, but she can’t walk forward. I feel really bad for her.

  • Holly

    It looks almost fake, but i pray she finds a cure for that :( It must be awful. The worst thing is, i laughed at the start when she was walking :( I feel awful.

  • Anonymous

    Heartbreaking :(

  • Anonymous

    :( this is so sad.
    but why is this posted? like it has NOTHING to do with celebrities (which this site is about….) and it’s just gonna scare kids from getting the flu shot.

  • Anonymous

    Im praying for her. This is so sad.
    It’s not anyones fault, but it’s just tragic.
    Her husband is one amazing man, God bless him!
    I hope she’s okay, and god bless her!

  • mrs andrew lee ;)

    Thats y im never gettin it … God Bless her n her husband they are very brave !

  • Anonymous

    don’t be afraid of getting flu shots.
    yeah this is true and I’m touched with this.
    But it is a rare disease. a one in a million chance.
    BTW, everytime I see her, she makes me wanna help her

  • StarLightSTARbright

    Awwww omg!
    That’s so sad!
    I’m a cheerleader,and I HATE getting shots :O.

  • Anonymous

    that is…so odd? very sad if its true but i have a hard time believing it

  • kasey

    oh my god.
    i feel so sorry.
    I dont know weather to believe it or not

  • tor tor

    thats soooo fucking crazyy!!

  • Anonymous

    That is a horrible story, its so sad and strange. I hope they find a cure,for this disease … oh and I never want to get a flu shot now.

  • SamanthaKay

    Wow, that is so sad. I feel so bad for her. Thats crazy, she can run fine, walk backwards fine, talk when she runs, but she can’t walk? Needless to say, I will not be getting a flu shot.

  • raaaawr

    i don’t think its fake,
    i hope they find a cure D:

  • Anonymous

    absolutely heartbreaking.
    that poor woman.
    i hope to god she can find SOME peace and joy.

  • Anonymous

    This is completely fake. She uses the same muscles for running, as for walking, as for walking backwards. Neurological it is not possible. And what about her speech. It’s just to weird to be true.
    But it may be real for her, ‘cause it’s possible to make yourself sick without knowing it. It’s the most deadliest illness of better psychological disorder. The is no simple cure for it. Sometimes a placebo will help a bit, but the doctor must be really convincing when he gives her the pills.
    So don’t be afraid to get the flu shot. As long as you KNOW it won’t do you harm, it WONT do you harm.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that is one of the craziest stories I have ever seen. The strangest part is how she can walk backwards fine and run normally. She just can’t stand or walk. Thanks for posting this oceanUP since I just got a flu shot 7 days ago. I’m scared now!!

  • Anonymous

    this is crazy shit! wow like i want the jab now :/

  • Anonymous

    This video is SOOO FAKEEE!!!!! i cant believe you people are actually buying this bull. why do they have to emphasize beautiful girl so much and that she is a cheer leader? it shouldnt make a differce if she is a beautiful girl or a cheerleader. are you saying that it wouldnt matter if a heavier person got this so called “disease” because they arent a “beautiful girl”?

    i am also offended that you would say that her life is completly ruined. there are tons of people with cerebral palsy and quadriplegic disorder that are perfectly happy and make the best of their situation. there are sooo many things that she can live for, like her family, giving hope to others with WORSE CONDITIONS than her, god, or just being thankful that she are alive.

    this is a SCAM to scare people from getting their vaccine. she just wants MONEY!!! so does the company that is hiring her.

    i appologize if i offend anyone by my comment, but i find this video repulsing and offensive to people with disorders, cancer, or worse conditions than you.


  • Anonymous

    I understand what your saying but I don’t think someone would pretend for the rest of there life that they have a horrible disease. And plus doctors diagnosed her with it so it has to be real. But then again we all have our own opinions.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That is so sad! I saw that a while ago and I thought it was fake because wouldn’t she have reacted sooner? I mean it was hard to believe at first but now I do believe and its so sad! I cry every time I see that video! My mom said not to worry because it is one in a million but that poor woman didn’t no either she had it! God bless her and her family. Hope they find a cure…

  • Anonymous

    hahahahaha twist and shout

  • Anonymous

    hahaha twist and shout

  • ilovejoejonas

    omg wooow. I’m never getting a flu shot ever again!!!!! i feel really bad for the girl

  • Anonymous

    im a cheerleader at SJVA

  • iliana

    omg dats so sad!!!!

  • Melissa<3

    AWWW!!!! =( i feel like crying 4 her GOD BLESS YOU SWEETIE!!! plzzz everyone keep her in your prayers…..and her family. this is a weird thing 2 get cuz she can talk GREAT when she runs but when she walks it’s like her whole life is crashing down on her….=( I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I HOPE & PRAY THEY GET A CURE FAST!!!! but plzz be strong honey god will be there with u along with your husband and family and you greatful to have a husband 2 take care of you like that and LOVE u no matter what has happen 2 u…..NOW THAT”S LOVE!!!!!!!!!! god bless!!!<3<3

  • megan

    aw thats seriously horrible, i really wish there was a way she could get better

  • Anonymous

    This is terrible. Poor girl. Wasn’t going to get the shot, but DEF not gitting it now.

  • Anonymous

    that’s so sad…poor girl :[

  • melemma

    wow a heart touching story like this has no comments. i guess the world cares more about taylor swift and taylor lautner together more than something that could happen to them.

  • ilovejoejonas

    I know, its pathetic. I guess all people care about is celebrities rather than something like this. Its sick. But poor girl, god bless her & her family.

  • Anonymous

    I hate saying this but it looks fake. the fact she can run and talk normally? and walk backwards just fine? kinda shady.
    If it is real, I apologize and my prayers go out to her. She’s a beautiful young woman. God bless.


    God Bless You<33

  • Feist

    There is something SO shady about this.

  • poopface

    Poor girl.
    I wish I could help her,
    she looks miserable, when she’s laying there and trying to tell her story..

    God Bless you

  • lo

    oh my god. that’s terrible…

  • Danielle

    WTF! At what fucking century are we??
    How can someone stay like that in a country like this (USA)… UNBELEVEBLE!!
    I cants even think straight.. WOW

    poor woman, all the good luck for her


    Oh My God.
    Poor Woman, God Bless her.
    I hope she can find a cure for it, I hope her life can go back to normal.
    this is so sad :/
    i wish her the best.

    God Bless her

  • Anonymous

    Not getting a flu shot with m luck I would get what she has…

    so sad :( i’ll pray for her.
    her husband is GREAT for staying with her

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully she can lead her family the way it was before…
    i dont know if this is right, but I think shell be fine once the effects of the flu wear off// can that happen?

  • YO YO Yang

    it is not possible to over come the effects but she can take medical treatment to lessen the syndrom.

  • Julia

    God bless her and her family. While watching this, I almost cried. Poor girl. She was so beautiful and had such a bright future ahead of her. Thank you for posting this, OceanUp. :)

    And LOL to the people saying this is fake.. I don’t think they could make something like this up if they tried.

  • Anonymous9834

    im sorry this is very sad but i cannot stop laughing and dont start bashing me cause i feel bad for her but still!

  • Anonymous9834

    im sorry this is very sad but i cannot stop laughing and dont start bashing me cause i feel bad for her but still!

  • Anonymous

    Poor girl :(

  • Anonymous

    man. poor girl. i saw this on tv like a week ago and since then i havent been able to sleep or anything. im not getting a flu shot because look what happened to her? it can happen to anyone. i feel so bad for her. im keeping her in my prayers until she gets better.

    be strong baby girl!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness.
    My heart dropped at this story. Such a sad story.
    I also pray that they find a cure for her

    God Bless her & her entire family

  • Anonymous1

    heartbreaking :(
    god bless her and her family!

  • Anonymous

    This is very sad. But chances to die from the flu are 100 times higher than to get something like that.

  • ilovedemiiii

    this is so sad. :(
    god bless her. <3