Sherie When I Look At You MILEY Cover

Sherie from Sweden covers Miley Cyrus‘When I Look At You.’

  • Daniela

    wow. she really sings very good! Congrats. girl you sing gorgeous.. :)

  • Anonymous

    visst, hon är så duktig :D

  • Andrea

    Wow, kinda cool that someone from Sweden is on oceanup :) and yeah, shenie is awesome. she’s a little girl with a big voice :)

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    She won Scnadinavian My Camp rock right?
    That tv-show was so lame.
    I only watched it because new Hannah Montana episoides came after it. lol.

  • Anonymous

    wow! shes really good!

  • Anonymous6767

    I was expecting comments like ”better than miley”.
    She have a good voice, and will be better when she grows up, but i liked mileys version way better. This wasnt ”deep” enough.

  • Anonymous

    This girl won the Scandinavian “My Camp Rock”, and she’s only 12 years old! (I’m from sweden so I know :) )

  • Anonymous

    she sing really really good! im a huge fan of Miley but this girl sings better than her

  • Lisa

    i had NO idea that so many swedish people read OU haha! hejhej alla! :)

  • JBDeepInMyHeart

    She’s so darn lucky! But I don’t like her voice :/

  • Anonymous

    I’m from sweden :D and I think she sang the song better than miley :O haha :D

  • Rikke

    Jamen hej hej til dig også ! (;

  • Chelsea-Rose


  • Elle

    soo cool i’m from sweden lol! :)

  • Rikke

    Nice cover, Shenie! (: From Denmark ..

  • Sini

    Hahah I watched her on “My Camp Rock” :)
    She was my fave. She’s so young and her voice is so strong :)
    She’s great :)

  • chloe

    that was awesome. she’s so young but has such a phenomenal voice!

  • Bianca

    wow I never thought anyone from sweden would get here but she’s like at my age , I saw her there she had an amazing voice :))
    I think she’s gonna have a bright future :D

  • xTheDreamingAngel

    She won My Camp Rock Scandinavia :)
    She’s only 11 years old , and she’s amazing!

  • Anonymus123

    Ahh er du også dansker :) ? jeg troede jeg var den eneste fra Danmark som læste Oceanup.

  • Sara Bin Braik

    wow she sings nice im from the united arab emirates and i wanna sing songs but here we only have school talent shows wich get me to nowhere UGHHH life is sometimes sooo unfair

  • RedLipsz

    Just whant to right a thing xD
    Her name is Shenie* Not Sherie :)

    Wow Shenie äntligen en tjej från Sverige med en fantastisk röst!
    När man hör din röst så blir man
    helt tårögd, du har verkligen en
    djup röst som går rakt in i hjärtat
    på folk!

    God Bless!<3

  • RedLipsz

    The little girl with the BIG vocie
    is what people call her :)<3

  • Doom

    Is that a hot pink tutu?
    And, she has a good voice.

  • TTFrutti

    Her name is SHENIE.
    She won My Camp Rock Scandinavia :)
    She’s really good. I wish I signed up for that, but I wouldn’t have a chance xD

  • hpaddictedx

    Wow she’s really good for such a small girl.

  • knkbgxzsx

    haha, I’m swedish and when I read that she was from Sweden I couldn’t belive it. I never thought that someone from Sweden would be on oceanup!

  • Anonymous

    bleh.. its always all about sweden!
    never finland -.-

  • Anonymous

    finally something from sweden!:D
    i never thought anyone from sweden would be on ocean up:o
    and btw, her name is Shenie, not Sherie;p

  • Hanna SWE

    She is really good :D

    PÅ svenska :D
    äntligen någon from sverige :D:D:D:D:
    hon är väldigt braaaa :D

  • Anonymous

    Haha coolt att någon från sverige är med i oceanup.

    Swedeen rocks! And this girl too, she’s waay better than miley. Honestly, i don’t even like this song and mileys voice but shenie’s version is good :)

    * chockad med ett leende på läpparna xD *

  • maddie

    she’s one of the best singers from sweden and I think that she sang it better than miley.

    I’m from sweden :P

  • Anonymous

    hun er flink !

  • Jakeline Sertório

    OMG! her voice is wonderful

  • kasey

    i liked that better then mileys version.

  • Borkereprow-online

    mycket intiresno, tack

  • Anonymous

    I am from Norrköping

  • Anonymous

    What so special about the fact that shes from sweden.

  • emilia

    won’t you let us swedes be proud over having someone from our country on a AMERICAN gossipsite.

    SHENIE :)
    hon är riktigt grym, definitivt bäst av alla andra som var med ;)
    såg bara 2 sista avsnitten typ haha så kanske inte kan säga att jag vet. men hon ägde.

  • JBDeepInMyHeart

    Yeah I’m Icelandic but my dad lives in Norway and I saw it when I was there :) That My Camp Rock thing :P

  • Anonymous

    Her name is Shenie btw :) And she’s awesome!!

  • Delsy

    She is really good. I love When I Look At You its one of my fav Miley songs.

  • Anonymousnj


  • PiiNK

    Wow, someone from sweden XD

  • abcdefghijk

    Wow she’s really good!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a very deep voice for such a little girl.

  • HyperMe

    okay, cool.

  • Anonymous

    who is she??? but her voice is ok, better than miley, i just don’t like the song…

  • PiiNK

    I think she won ” My camp rock “. It was a competition in Sweden, Denmark and Norway i think..

  • Anonymous

    Wow, honestly I never thought would upload anything swedish and specially not anything from my town, I’m in chock.

  • Josefine

    I know right?! same here! :) well not that you´re from norrköping ^^

  • Anonymous

    This girl sing wayyyyyy better than selena she should get a record deal she actually can sing high notes eventhought when I look at you,is a really hard song she manage, I want to see selena sing that song I bet she can not pull it off…

  • music4life

    Amazing Shenie u did it better than Miley in my opinion ! blesses from Norway ! <3



  • Anonymous

    Sweden power!! First thing from sweden on Oceanup i think! She won the Scandinavian My Camp Rock. Pretty good to be so young I must say. Love that song! My favorite!

    Äntligen lite Sverige nytt på oceanup! trodde inte det eftersom deet händer så lite här =)! Vet inte var det är, men misstänker att det är i Sthlm?

  • Anonymous

    ..såg att det var norrköping nu…

  • jAG ÄR en fjortis!


  • Anonymous

    fyfan va pinsamt

  • Alysha

    awww she’s sooo good :)

  • Anonymous

    Ey, i Emailed this :D her name is shenie, she is amazing. I’m from Denmark (: