Taylor Swift Pranked By Ellen Degeneres

  • miss k

    that was so funny i laughed out loud on that one(:

  • msoceanupwhaat?!

    HAHAHHAHHAHA OMGGGGGGGGGG. I laughed for ages. :)

  • Megan

    hahahahahhahahahaha lmao
    i <3 taylor!

  • star19

    LMFAOO. Taylor’s reaction was EPIC!!

  • jbluver86

    hahahaha LOL

  • star19

    LMFAOO. Taylor’s reaction was EPIC!!

  • MrsJonas

    HAHAHAHA! That was soooo funny.
    Gotta love them. <33

  • ………………..

    ellen is the funniest i know ,
    and dude , how tall is taylor swift ?

  • Anonymous12three

    Omg bless her haha.

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  • Anonymous

    ……………….. said:

    ellen is the funniest i know ,
    and dude , how tall is taylor swift ?
    she’s 8 foot 4.

  • MaleLOVEnotWar

    Funniest thing I saw all day!
    She took that floor HARD lol.

  • nikabela

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She really scared herXD

  • deee

    hahhahahaha that’s funny as hell.

  • Anonymous


  • cataclane

    OMG so funny!!!!!! i cant stop laughing at it!!!

  • Anonymous45

    its so ironic how TSwift has a new song called JUMP and FALL
    well Elllen made Taylor JUMP and FALL ahahhahaa i love TSwift! :)
    lkets make this TREND: #weloveTAYLOR

  • Dumm Blonnd

    I lol’d.
    Gotta love Ellen.

  • Anonymous

    when she dropped to the floor! LOL

  • rebeka

    omg! this was soooo funny!!!!
    poor talor!!!!! shuashuashuashua!!!!
    follow me : http://www.twitter.com/rebekabrasil
    yeah. im brasilian!

  • Livie

    LOLOLOLOLOL I was laughing out loud watching this sooooo funny! Taylor Swift is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • TSLove

    I love when Taylor and Ellen get together!
    Always funny!!!!!!

  • lalala

    i could watch this the whole day ! :DD

  • AnaBananaaa?

    this made me laugh so much , i kept replaying it over & over lol :)

  • p.ussylicker

    i wanna lick taylor swifts p.ussy lips so bad

  • Anonymous1234

    Hahaha awww Taylor! Love her! <3

  • JBswiftFan

    these two are so funny together!
    I LOVE taylor.

  • Anonymous

    she is 5’11 stupid. i’m so sure she’s 8’4.
    she would probably be the tallest girl in the world if she was tall like that.

  • E.


  • pft.

    lol. the legit collapse to the floor. funny. and homegirls tall. that look like that hurt a bit. ha funny funny. ellens laugh is pricless.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    hahahahah! :’D
    dont like taylor but this was pretty funny :D

  • YouBelongWithMe


  • xpurplepandax3


  • Kristen827

    funniest shit ive ever seen lmfao

    love you tay <3

  • Kpurity

    ellen is the funniest i know ,
    and dude , how tall is taylor swift ?
    she’s 8 foot 4.


    Blonde hair to the floor?
    You shorties never thought she’d be rappin’ hardcore.

  • mileydemijbpones

    ” I’m like 8 foot 4 blond hair to floor, y’all fans never thought you’d see me rapping hard core”

  • star19

    when she was on ellen and she asked “is taylor launtner a good kisser?” and she looks down and scratches at her finger and says “w-what?” that was sooo cute.


    YEAH. And the one where Taylor and Ellen were trying to write a song, that was funny too. (:

  • mileydemijbpones

    ” I’m so GANGSTA!” HA HA man i know that whole song “diamonds on my mouth diamonds on my mic” even though i don’t like Taylor that much but she is growing on me. ” don’t test me yo!”

    1+0 WIN!

  • Charlotte-x-

    I hate Taylor, but this was hilarious!

  • Anonymouss

    AHahahahaha Love Tay. Also Love Ellen’s costume haha that’s like so sick. haha Her and Oprah on a swing. haha

  • mileydemijbpones

    ” NO i dont have a gun and i never really bin in a club” ” in my extra small tee” dont test me ****” ” she didnt even swear”

  • xSmilesx

    Too lazy to go online x)

    SOO funny! x)
    Taylor hit the floor,
    she’s going low, low, low, low, low x)

  • mileydemijbpones

    ” she got them taylor swift jeans boots with the terd got the whole club laughing at her she hit the store next thing you know shawty got robbed robbed” ” them tight fitting pants then LEI’S with the straps she turned around and gave that big head a slam she hit the store next thing you know shawty got robbed robbed” haha man just had to make that up sorry

  • Anonymous

    That made me laugh so freaking hard! Love Ellen!

  • Anonymous

    hahahhahahahahah omg thats so funny :D love taylor

  • Anonymous

    AHAHAHAHAHAAHA that made my day

  • Musicislife

    HAHA! i luvv taytay! soo funny!!

  • Jazzie

    HAHAHA i saw this like…. 2 mins before oceanUP post this…. its HILARIOUS!!!
    <3 awwww taylor!! sorry the whole world saw your shame

  • :):):):):)

    omg this is hilarious!!
    i love you taylor!!

  • Anonymous

    i have a feeling Taylor swift spends a lot of time on bathrooms floors XD

  • Chris

    Lol. Love Taylor <3

  • hpaddictedx


    I peed in my pants.

  • Kathy Saa


    Love U Taylor…
    and love Ellen costume…

  • Nicole

    Haha that was so funny!! Taylor is adorable. :)

  • oneofakindxo

    lmao. <3

  • Rosanna


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So I’m in a library with my earphones on and everyone is really quite. When taylor hit the floor I couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone turned to look at me so I did the ” cough and pretend you were choking or something” . Thanks ellen,

  • xShyButterfly

    OMG!!! that made me laugh SOO HARD!!! HAHA
    LMAO MAN that was hilarious!!! I LOVE SWIFTY!!

  • Ashley M.

    omg, that was so awesome… i could not stop laughing!!! great prank Ellen :)

  • Anonymous
  • becca:]

    i laughed so hard when i saw that today!
    they were cracking me up:D!
    Ellen is friggin amazinnn:]

  • lovestory

    Love you Ellen, Taylor:)

  • Anonymous

    OMG that was freakin hilarious! :D
    I love them together
    Ellen is sooooo funny

  • Taylor (:

    Ahaha, That Was Epic ; I Had To Watch It Like Four Times In A Row. I Love TSwizzle (:

  • JonasGirl001

    I was scared cuz like she hit her head!! >.<

  • Woohoo

    Oh man i keep replaying tis over and over!
    its hilarious!!(:

  • Demi.And.Nick.Are.My.Studmuffins.

    LOL!!! Love her!

  • A.

    I just watched her hit that floor a bajillion times.
    That must of hurt!
    Sucks for her!!!

  • Anonymous

    hopefully i am the 97th comment[:

    if i am then follllow me!!


    ohh goodnessss i hope i am lmaoo!

    &+ that video is hilarious lmao i love how she falss!! wooooot go ellen and tay tayyy!<3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    oh ohoh now im the 97th!!! follow me

  • yeahhhh

    ily taylor swift
    shes SOO downtoearth :D

  • TaylorSwiftRoxx13

    That was funniest thing EVER!!!! I totally LOL’d like hardcore.. haha poor taylor, she fell hard :( shes hilarious thoughh, her and ellen :) I love taylor :) <33

  • IHeartNewYork.

    LOL! Gotta love Ellen.
    Damn did you see the heels Taylor was wearing, I would have fell too, ahaha gotta love Ellen&Taylor :)

  • Weooow

    Hahahhahahahhaha that was soo epic :D
    Gotta love Taylor Swift :)

  • jay:)

    omg hahah funny!!
    i love her!

  • LifesGood

    OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOLL!!!

  • laura

    hahhah lmao

  • Bre

    Ellen is my hero! (she made her fall XD)

  • Kathleeen

    HAHAHHAHA, that was so funny! I keep replaying it! haha, I love them both dearly!(=

  • Anonymous

    taylor on the bathroom floor? nothing new to here i bet.

  • raejonas

    i <3 Taylor

  • Holly

    yayyy :) i told oceanup about this :)

  • Anonymous

    haha hilarious

  • Anonymousmr.

    awwwww taylor is sooo cute !!!

  • Anonymous

    That was so Funny! Ellen was great, Taylor’s reaction was priceless!

  • Anonymous

    ellen is the funniest i know ,
    and dude , how tall is taylor swift ?
    she’s 8 foot 4.


    Blonde hair to the floor?

  • Duh.!

    this is soo funny
    love taylor (:

  • JBswiftFan

    taylor is like the cutest ever

  • Kourtney

    HAHA! I love Ellen, she’s my favorite.

  • Anonymous

    when she was on ellen and she asked “is taylor launtner a good kisser?” and she looks down and scratches at her finger and says “w-what?” that was sooo cute.

  • Lauren.

    oh bless her
    love you Taylor.
    Ellen is hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    ahaha, i love her so much. i can’t stop laughing, she is SO cute :)

  • Holly

    She’s 5’11” by the way :)

  • Delsy

    Haha So Funny

  • Anonymous

    That’s AWSOME

  • Pria

    OMG i laughed so hard.haha

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Aww, I love Taylor’s reaction :)

  • Anonymous

    First. lmao awesome taylor~

  • Anonymous

    awhh. hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Lmao awww tay tay lol but that was the best

  • ericabbyx22

    Love Taylor <3

  • Mareike

    lmao love taylor

  • Anonymous

    omg that’s freakinn awesomee!!
    dude that was a crazy fall!!

  • shelovesjonas

    hahahaa too funny!!!!!!!! hahahaaha

  • ericabbyx22

    lol, I can’t stop laughing.


  • Chloelouisejonas.

    HAHAHAHA! That is so funny, ohmygod i laughed for ages!!

  • brianaheart1995

    Wow, she seems easy to scary

  • lala1234


  • melissayea

    lmaooooo i love ellen!!

  • iloveyouux

    omg ahhaahhahaaaa. <3.

  • veeroh

    lmfao i laughed sooo hard i replayed it like a million times