Aly And AJ Halloween Costume HOTTIES


Are YOU excited for tonight? Trick-or-treating, party, BOTH or nothing?

  • jessloveslife

    Both!!! im goin to a party, and trickortreating (: yeyaaa

    their costumes are cute!

  • Aine

    Hallow’en was invented by the Irish.

  • ImNotAnnoying

    Dude and people think miley’s halloween costume is slutty well they are like the same age and i dont think neither of them looks slutty.

  • wwww

    Nothing, here in my country we dont celebrate , but I would love to !!!

  • teamdisney:)

    im going to a parttyyy woo! :) so excited.

    and who aly and aj now drew roy? i didnt know that.
    drew is reallllllyyyy beauitful

  • Anonymous

    Garder belts are a bit slutty for my taste, but okay.

    They do look adorable though. I love AJ’s costume.

  • Norfolk

    The both look great! Party, Party, Party!

  • Elena <3

    Drew Roy!:D<3

  • <3

    sadly, im not doin anything because im at my dads house and he hates halloween, and he lives in friend invited me to go with her but my sister said not to because i havent spent time with my dad, even though i hate goin to his house.anyways, hope you all have more fun than im having!

  • yomamasname

    i’m going to a lame party, then going and raiding housesss (;

  • yomamasname

    i’m going to a lame party, then going and raiding housesss (;

  • Anonymous

    partyyyy! (:

  • Nikkiii

    OMG!! MY BOYFRIEND SI THERE!!!! (drew roy) :D

  • Frankieeeee !

    That’s drew Roy! Love him :)
    & the costumes are cute!

  • Kiera

    I love these sexy girls.

  • Anonymous

    Who invented hallow’en anyway?

  • Anonymous

    thats dre roy!
    hes from hannah montana and icarly!
    man he sooooo freaking HOT!

  • raejonas

    BOTH! their costumes are cute.

  • Anonymous

    isn’t the guy in the pic jesse from that hannah montana episode/ that kid from idateabadboy on icarly? haha.

  • Caroline

    HEY that guy is Drew Roy, Jesse from “He could be the one” on hannah montana, and the badboy from iCarly



  • Anonymous

    so pretty. LOVE THEM.

  • Anonymous

    Over 13,000 people filled the pavilion by 8:30 this morning, making it not only the biggest concert in the morning show’s history, but the first time 48th street had to be closed to accommodate a concert.

    Miley is Bigger than Jb.

  • Anonymous

    dang nthat boy is sooooooooooo sexy i love him ever since i saw him on i date a bad boy omy god i love him

  • StarLightSTARbright

    I am Trick and Treating!And party xD

  • Anonymous

    OMJ ALMOST 23 MILLION VIEWS! Half of those were Nick??

  • hpaddictedx

    Drew Roy is obviously Trace.

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  • Nikki

    Wow, and these sisters USED to be Christians.
    Hell, screw them… no… SCREW THE SATANIC MTV!!!


    love their costumes no matter what people say
    plus I dressed up as a pirate

  • Anonymous

    so cuttteee

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  • Birthday sex

    Man that guys is a fag

  • Emily Ford


  • Anonymous

    partyyy :D

  • Anonymous

    Fifth :D

  • Anonymous

    I am so awesome :)

  • Anonymous

    i think aly & aj fuck each other

  • wwgjhtuwrfh


  • Anonymous


  • blankgirl

    wow those r so cute :D

  • Delsy

    Cute costumes. I am going to a Party :)

  • Elizzle

    Those are some skanky costumes.