Shailene Woodley Ariana Grande Kayla Ewell @ FANASTIC MR. FOX Sreening


Secret Life star Shailene Woodley, Vampire Diaries beauty Kayla Ewell, Victorious’ Ariana Grande attended the Fantastic Mr. Fox premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California on October 30. Photos: Fame.

  • ImNotAnnoying

    She is soo blessed with pretty my goodness secrect life is not that good to me but she is till chill

  • Anonymous

    I love Shailene’s Look!!!compare to the 2 girls

  • Anonymous

    she’s so pretty, can’t wait for secret life too! :D

  • idkMyBFFjill

    shailene is so freaking pretty

  • Anonomou

    shailene is gorgeousss

  • sara9

    i love her as amy she is so smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DooDaaPerson

    Shailene Is So Gorgeous!!

  • Anonymous

    Who are these people ???????????

  • TaylorSwiftRoxx13

    Shailene is sooo pretty! I love her as Amy too :) The girl from vampire diaries looks pretty too, compared to the way she looks on the show xD i cant believe she dies on the show thoughh :( CANT WAIT FOR SECRET LIFE! :) <33

  • TaylorSwiftRoxx13

    ohh, and whos ariana grande?

  • iloveselena

    she’s so cute. like selena gomez was a year ago

  • Anonymousmetta

    OMG i love Ariana and Shailene both are really pretty

  • Stephanie

    ariana is sooooo pretty:)

  • Anonymous

    What a beauty!

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    they’re gorgeous. :)

  • Anonymous

    wow.. she is gorgeous!

  • Jamie

    To all of you who have NEVER heard of Ariana Grande,
    she is 16 years old, from Boca Raton, Florida (currently residing in LA).
    She is known for her role as Charlotte in Broadway’s very own “13”! She also understudied as Patrice.
    She plays Cat in the new show “Victorious”, along with her 13 costar, Elizabeth Gillies, and Victoria Justice.
    And to all of you who watch “The Good Wife”, she is Graham Phillips’ (Zach Florrick) girlfriend. Graham was also in 13. :]

  • AnonymousPerson

    19th? 20th? 21st? Watever, I’m before 50 hahaha

  • Carl

    wow shes hot, not bad at all [url=]Chinese Lanterns[/url]

  • Anonymous

    She is still really nice.

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  • Anonymous

    kayla ewell looks like a horse.

  • aubreezybby

    shes kinda pretty and an okay actress but i dont like her character in the show

  • Anonymous

    Ariana Grande is SOO pretty

  • Anonymous


  • blahdfg

    … never really liked her. dont hate her, just not a fan. she is pretty, though.

  • theCeliaaR


  • Anonymous


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  • XxConsiderMe DestroyedxX

    Shailene’s so pretty!!

  • Anonymous

    Wee. Tehy look pretty!

  • Anonymous

    Yay i’m so glad you are posting Ariana Grande! she’s so talented! Her voice is amazing!