Kristen Stewart MOBBED IN BRAZIL

Kristen‘s bodyguard tries to protect her from wild fans in Brazil yesterday.

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  • Jessica

    Whoa. Kristen look so tired..but yeah she was still hot, but still. I feel so sorry for her. She just got back from Vancouver and now she’s in Brazil. Summit did not even let her rest for few days, but she still gave smiles for all those pictures with fans.

  • lucianagarbim

    It was awful , I wasn´t there but I saw the video and the people were really disrespectful but I wanted to say that not all brazilian fans are like that , I´m Brazilian and I would never do that and I know a lot of other Twilight fans that are ‘normal’ …

    Anyway , I´m really ashamed by how thing went on the airport and I hope K and T weren´t too scared of brazilians =(

  • blondie. rapture

    this is ridiculous and very disrespectful. i’m brazilian and, sad but true, i knew that it was going to be like this, and that’s why i don’t want Rob here, i love him very much, but he would be eaten alive.

  • Anonymous

    Kristen and Taylor even waited over an hour in hopes that things would calm down.

  • natália f.

    we brazilians only want see our idols. . bcause some celebs dont go to brazil , and its very difficult one celeb come to brazil , make concerts on brazil . for US is very good see the ppl who we love . for all the ppl in the usa is so easy see hm .. miley cyrus .. for example . for brazilians is rly difficult see miley or others celebs . WILD FANS ? we only love , we are ppl too . what’s the problem ? +1
    i NEVER EVER saw a celeb, i think who lives at USA need to stop of talking bad about brasil, saying that we’re wild, and a lot of things. you’re lucky, you can be walking in the street and sundelly see jonas brothers, for example, but here NOT. it’s very dificult to us, so try to understand our side before you start to talk bad things about us, we gotta feelings too.

  • Tory

    Kristen Stewart is so much better than Selena Gomez! She is a real person with flaws, like once Kristen said “I rather be hated for being real than be false and fool people”. That goes to the girl who act like perfect little angel = Selena Gomez

  • Gina

    I don’t think anyone in the United States is talking bad about Brazilians specifically. It’s more of fans in general. Just to make it clear, not everyone in the US get’s to see celebs walking down the street cause I know I definitely don’t. Chances are, I probably won’t in a lifetime. The only one saying Brazilian fans are “wild” is Oceanup.

  • Kourtney

    I love Kristen Stewart…for the fact that she has to deal with things like THIS pretty darn often and yet she’s still completely sane. I also feel bad for her, things like this is what makes her hate twilight fans.

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    OMH THEY’RE HERE IN BRAZIL?! WHERE?! WHY?! WHEN DID THEY GET HERE?! Can someone PLEASE give me details?! I’m freaking out here!!!

  • Isabela

    YOU are INSANE!
    brazilian fans just love they and don’t will hurt Kristen and Taylor! stupid

  • lisamarie

    I love that quote from Kristen! BUT, I don’t think Selena Gomez is acting. I think that’s just her.

    People at my school always call me this perfect little girl who doesn’t do anything wrong. But the truth is, I don’t TRY to be a goodie two shoes. Just cause I don’t go out partying and hanging out with my friends all the time doesn’t mean I don’t do bad things. I make mistakes, I’m just more smart in keeping it to myself and not drawing attention. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    And to the people saying us Brazilians are “wild”…. it’s not everyday that our idols come to our country ya know?

    Yes, we love to party, we are always hyper, always in a good mood, but that doesn’t make us wild. Seriously, how many times have the Jonas Brothers been here? Once. Kirsten and Taylor? Just right now, this one time. I’m not saying ALL people in the USA, but a LOT get to see celebs! But here…at the end of the year…when we look back at which celebs came to Brazil this year…the BIG celebrities…only 4-5 sometimes 6.

    We just want to see our idols. Is that wrong? I mean, in the USA…the Jonas Brothers do concerts in the WHOLE country! Miley does concerts in the WHOLE country! Demi does too! And so do a lot of people! It’s EASIER to meet celebrities, idols. Here…it’s kind of impossible.

  • natália f.

    giovanna: eles tão em são paulo (tãaaaao longe desse lugar que eu vivo D: ) no hotel hyatt, eles chegaram ontem.


    They’re in Brazil promoting New Moon. They got there yesterday.

  • Stash

    I don’t think she necessarily hates Twilight fans. She just doesn’t like all this attention.

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    são paulo ?! que droga. moro no Rio…

  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up oceanup

  • natália f.

    giovanna: pelo menos alguns artistas vão pro rio, e quase nunca vem pro rio grande do sul :( e eu sou pobre, não tenho como ir pra são paulo ou rio ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

  • Anonymous

    brazilian fans are not insane we love are idols we stay hours and hours waiting for then dreaming with they and we like to show how we love them because qe love them more than you guys

  • sam

    são paulo ?! que droga. moro no Rio…

    kristen e taylor esta no sao paulo???
    voce sabe que a onge?

    and yes, stop giving brazilians crap
    i’m not saying everyone is calm, but you can’t pretend that everyone is wild; its like, such a huge stereotype

  • wow12

    haha I get what u people mean! If that was Selena Gomez, she would come out and give her big smile with her makeup and hair done and will take photo with everyone as it will of course, come out in this bitchy website who favor fake people like her and will think real and not-an-attention whore person like Kristen a bitch.

    Kristen >>>>>>>>>>>> Selena

    No wonder Demi likes Kristen Stewart.

  • sam

    um, dissing selena doesn’t make kristen any better

    and they are really at the hyatt?
    nossa, do you think the security will be tough?

  • paula

    What the heck happened at the airport? It’s Kristen and Taylor arriving. Seriously, people KNEW that was going to happen. Why there was no freaking more security? I’m brazilian and I feel really ashamed for those people. If they were more polite and quiet and didn’t star pushing everyone to see them, maybe they would have stopped to take pictures and ”talk”.

  • Anonymous

    I like Selena too but I doubt she would have taken pics with THOSE fans. They were pushing and jumping at each others… Just because you don’t get to see your idol everyday doesn’t mean you have to freak the crap out of you! People need to learn how to behave. And I’m brazilian.

  • Anonymous

    okay people, brazilians just wanted to see kristen stewart, and why does people talk like americans would never do this kind of stuff???? PLEASE GUYS! Stop talking like you would never do this!!

  • hpaddictedx

    And this is why she’s regretting twilight.

  • F

    Well they only went to certian parts of Canada once and we didn’t act THAT way

  • Thaah :*

    SÃO PAULO ? longe do lugar one eu moro :/
    que droga !!

  • jesssslovesjonas

    not suprised. we all know brazilian fans are INSANE!

  • Anonymous


    NO ONE, I repeat. NO ONE in the US is bashing you. Oceanup is the only one calling you guys ‘wild’. If we do refer to fans that go a little too far, it’s not you guys specifically. It’s fans in general. So I apologize in behave of us “US fans” if you guys took this the wrong way. Again, we weren’t talking about you guys specifically.

  • Janeee

    i want people to look at THIS SHIT next time they call kristen a bitch or whatever. kristen is dealing with this the best way possible. plus, there are pics of her right after this smiling with her arms around fans. people need to give her a break and stop being so judgemental. she is doing the best she can considering she has never gone through this before.


    Stop with the putdown! Rob was in NYC and he got mobbed by fans as well. I’m pretty sure there’s crazy fans EVERYWHERE. You just don’t get it on film all the time.

  • Thaah :*

    we brazilians only want see our idols. . bcause some celebs dont go to brazil , and its very difficult one celeb come to brazil , make concerts on brazil . for US is very good see the ppl who we love . for all the ppl in the usa is so easy see hm .. miley cyrus .. for example . for brazilians is rly difficult see miley or others celebs . WILD FANS ? we only love , we are ppl too . what’s the problem ?

  • Leah


  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that Taylor lautner too?

  • lorabell

    KRISTEN >>>>>>>>>>>>>> selena

  • Fearless

    Taylor Swift > Selena

  • Anonymous

    lol. random much?

  • Anonymous

    lol. random much?

  • fcuk disney

    Kristen >>>>>>>> selena

  • fcuk disney

    shut the fuck up! Miley Cyrus is a hoe and

    Kristen > Disney skanks

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    It must be hard getting mobbed all the time but srsly i dont like her.
    Nor I get the hype about her!
    So im gonna go Selena > K-Stew.

    && I cant believe i just said that.

  • summit>disney

    KRISTEN > selena

  • nbfjgnozsjfn

    Frankie Jonas > selena

  • DingDong

    ohhhhh so true

    bitch > slut (:

  • christina

    Hahaha! Yup.
    I’d Rather be known for what I do
    not WHO I do, Miley.

  • Team Jacob

    Taylor Lautner > Selena

  • Anon

    1. Key word: She doesn’t ACT. She doesn’t ACT like she loves her fans cause the truth is, she doesn’t have to. If she doesn’t like you, she’s not gonna put on a fake smile like every other teenage Disney star out there. And that’s what I love about her. She’s not fake. She is the realest person in this business.
    2. Hate is a passion. So love her or hate her it’s still an obsession.

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  • Nikki

    1: she doesn’t give a damn about what you and any other fucking hater says out there about her. she’s not gonna act like little miss fucking sunshine just to please you. she does the things she does cause she wants to, not because people out there want her to.
    2: if she’s ugly, you’re pathetic. cause you need to stop obsessing over her. and yes, hate IS an obsession.

  • errr

    Kristen:My favorite Jonas is Joe Jonas because I like guys who look like girls, im sorta like girls but im not quite a lesbian so now I know I like guys who look like girls

  • reba

    The fuck is this suppose to be?

  • sabrina marcolin

    brazilian fans just don’t have the same chance to see them idols like americans.. please understand that!

  • brazil ;)

    you brazil haters are do ridiculous,thats a shame,you never had a chance to come here or to meet someone from here.

  • Amanda___

    omg i totally agree with your #2

  • Anonymous

    brazilian fans are not wild they are great people how just love taylor and kris

  • Mary

    Brazilian fans are not wild

  • Amanda___

    your ridiculous. its the same thing in every country. your not supposed to say that kind of thing about a country, the fans are the ones who make them even famous

  • miki

    if you think Kristen is horrible actress, the what does that make Miley Cyrus is?

  • nadia

    we crew!!
    it’s simple
    I am brazilian and we are huge fans
    well, brazilian fans are great
    they can do anything for their idols
    nothing can touch us…

  • amy7141

    I dont feel bad for her. Dont bite the hand that feeds you. If she doesnt like it then she shouldnt have chosen to be in the business. Most celebrities get it so much worse than her ..(Britney, Brad & Angelina, Rob).

    I still like her as an actress and as a person, I just hate it when celebrities complain.

  • hithere

    oh my fucking dog! haha why are they in Sao paulo?! you know, they should be in Rio, with us! :'( I WANNA MEET THEM!

  • A.j.

    Kristen seems a bit shy,she probably didn’t expects Twilight to be that big.She is still cooping with all this still cause I’ve seen her movies in the past and she NEVER got this much publicity for Speak or for Catch that kid.So stop saying she a bitch,I mean when you can’t even go outside your OWN HOME with seeing the paparazzi camping out by your house just dieing to get a picture.She is doing the best that she can, at least shes doesn’t say Fuck you to her fans or something mean.Just cut her some slack,people I mean really.

  • lolita

    eu amoooo elesssss
    e americanoooosss entendam que agentee BRASILEIROS nao temos a mesma oportunidade de ver os nossos idolosss por isso que nós somooosss louuucooossss por eleesss
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  • Anonymous

    wild!?!?!? ohh make me laugh!!
    brasilian fans are not wild! we just LOVE them!! some people slept in front of the hotel’s door!!! some people travel from another state to see them!!
    sooo shut up!!! we’re not wild!

  • Anonymous

    She went into the business doing indie movies. She likes acting, but she doesn’t like the attention. THAT is why she chose to do indie movies. Twilight was a low budget indie movie, and she did it thinking it was gonna stay that way. So I think she has every right to complain.

  • Lola

    Stop with the putdown! Rob was in NYC and he got mobbed by fans as well. I’m pretty sure there’s crazy fans EVERYWHERE. You just don’t get it on film all the time.

  • Anonymous

    hey i’m brazilian and i just want to tell you guys: i think what the fans did was kind of wild but we are not like that!!! And just for you to know: ROP ALMOS GOT HIT BY A CAR BECAUSE OF AMERICAN FANS!!!!!! not all brazilians are like that. i would never do that tothem cause if that was happaning to me I would not like it. i wouyld like having fans but not to be atteacked by them!

  • ImNotAnnoying

    she is a horrible actress why does she act! why is she even famous! i like her but she is a horrible actress.

  • Anonymous brazilian

    are they here?? whoa i didn’t know that -.-
    and i agree, crazy fans are everywhere.

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  • Anonymous

    Just because celebrities barely go to Brazil doesn’t mean you have a right to completely FREAK out over them. Although that happens in Los Angeles sometimes, so it doesn’t really matter. I’ve never seen/met a celebrity and I live in the USA. It doesn’t freaking matter if you see a celeb or not. Stop peeing your pants over it. And by the way, I don’t think people living in Africa or Asia sees celebrities too much either, so suck it up.

  • Anonymous

    number 1- i hate kristen she cant act and she dosent act like she loves her fans.
    number 2- she is ugly and people need to stop obssesing over her and the twillight crew!!

  • Amanda___

    shes promoting the movie. why is it so surprising shes there?

  • Anonymous


  • Irene

    Promoting the movie

  • Andrea Martins


  • Anonymous

    wild fans? OMG! Its not good! They just love them, and wanted to see your idols!

  • Delsy

    I love her so much. She is great actress.


  • btw, wild ? haha,

  • Irene

    THIS is why she fucking complains, and I think she has every right to. She went into this thinking it was gonna be an indie movie so..

  • raina

    good hope she is crushed in one of these…i cant stand her

  • blahblahh

    then sit down :)

  • Anonymous

    You cab barely see it

  • Thaah :*

    selena > kristen

  • Anonymous

    Kristen > Selena

  • wow12

    Of course people would like a fake little angel over a regular person with flaws who do not put on their face with tons of makeup and fake hair extension everytime they’re going out. So, I respect your opinion ^_^

  • Anonymous

    selena > kristen

  • brittany

    Kristen > Selena