Very Happy 12TH Birthday To Alex Wolff!


Alex Wolff from The Naked Brothers Band turned 12 years old on November 1. Pictures of Alex dressed up for Halloween at school. What do YOU think he was?

  • Lelelle


  • andriaaaa.



  • Anonymous

    bruno! haha

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO BRUNO! And 12!? Our little boy is growing up :)

  • ME!! >.<


    LOVE HIM!! <3

    ..HE WAS BRUNO!!

  • :)

    he looks like a 7 year old

  • Katie90

    He’s really ugly

  • ilovejoejonas

    BRUNO!! he was definitely Bruno.

  • raejonas

    he only has “friends” because he’s “famous”

  • seriously.

    I think he was Bruno. Man, I should’ve thought of that, haha. :p Oh and why is he in the Demi Lovato section? o.O

  • Anonymous

    poor demi has to share her section withh him :P

  • lollll .

    totally agreed.
    no one’s gonna click “naked faggot band.”

    I really don’t even know why they even get posts on here.

  • Anonymous123

    Duh! He’s BRUNO!

  • sanjanuhhh

    Apparently, he was Demi Lovato from Oceanup’s guess.
    Wrong category.

  • Anonymous

    I think he is under Demi Lovato because this is the only way someone will actually look at the news from the crappiest band ever.

  • Surprised

    omg lol hes BRUNO

  • sanjanuhhh

    LOL. Very, VERY, true.

  • everyday

    12 or 6?

  • Anonymous

    He was gay

  • Anonymous


  • star19

    Why is this tagged under ‘Demi Lovato’ ??


  • Maddie Finster

    I think he looks like a gay prostitute who doesn`t have any clients. Srsly, The Naked Brothers Band is nothing. NOTHING. NO-THING. Alex is such an annoying little brat!

  • salete Music is Life

    i think he was bruno…from the film…

  • joejoans


  • hpaddictedx

    BRUNO haha that’s priceless.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hahaha Bruno, great idea :P

  • Jonas>miley

    i though he was 9! :C

  • Anonymous

    he’s bruno haha

  • Anonymous

    He dressed up as Bruno.

  • Anonymous

    Bruno? that guy ehmm(gay) from the movie

  • emilyj

    who the fuck cares about him?? god i hate nick kids !

  • Anonymous

    wow i love how hes bruno, hes 12, probably didnt even see that movie and even if he did, more than half the humor he wouldnt even get because he wouldnt understand it. WOW. whattafag.

  • SammieJF

    Haha wow. He’s Bruno? Er… Alex…
    I didn’t want to see that movie because it looked disgusting. Can’t believe he liked it.

    Anyway, you guys look real tough calling a 12 year old boy a fag. COOL, BRAH.

  • Anonymous

    And I despise all Disney stars ;)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it screams Bruno to me, and yeah thats really weird an 11 year has seen the movie, heck I saw it on my 18th birthday and was grossed out

  • Anonymous

    he is Bruno! duh!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lol 12?
    i thought he was like 14

  • Anonymous

    Bruon, ob

  • Anonymous

    lmao hes fucking 12 years old. immature? god. i cant stand his brother but ive gotta say alex being BRUNO for halloween? hes so cool. btw hes bruno. k.

  • Lemonade

    I don’t know, but judging on the 2nd photo…”queer”? That’s a little immature.

  • becccaa?

    because people care more about something not about demi but just has demis name in it, than about alex wolff with his name on it.

  • Anonymous

    why is he in the demi lovato section

  • Kndnosufanekw

    he is totally bruno. also what ever happen to the naked brothers band>?

  • idk

    He was GAY!!

  • uhyoullneverknoww!

    he’s older than me?
    i’m only 11.
    what. the. fuck.

  • uhyoullneverknoww!

    he’s older than me?
    i’m only 11.
    what. the. fuck.

  • becccaa?

    I shouldnt waste my time on a waste of nothingnessly gayness,
    but i LOVE how these like flat, 12 year old to like 16 yr old(UH?! couldnt make the cut for the both JBS?) chicks are dressing sluttyish (and kind of totally unoriginal), trying to inpress a wannabe famous 12 year old.
    HAAAAA. FAILS AT LIFE. (all of them :P)

  • joejonas101

    found out my sister has an oceanup

  • lisa

    Yaa haha xD

  • Julia

    He kind of looks like Bruno :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous123

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  • Pelle svanslös ftw

    CJ from PushPlay?

  • Anonymous

    bruno! ew!

  • oceanup

    happy birthday!

  • SamiJoooo

    bruno! hahahah either that or aaron carter or someone i have no idea. probably bruno though. he’s hilarious. and for the people who are calling him gay, hes a 12 year old dressed up for halloween. im sure you didnt look like a man when you dressed up for your 12th halloween. and if he was bruno, then he was trying to act like bruno. its called humor.

    loveeee alex! happy birthday big bad 12 year old! :)

    and i sent these in btw haha