Very Happy 16th Birthday Tiffany Giardina


Tiffany Giardina turns 16 today [November 4].

  • madisonave

    shes young. big future ahead of her. happy birthday!!!

  • chaceed

    happy birthday taylor swift.

  • Jane

    woah… same age and birthday as me..
    happy birthday =)

  • Nina1234

    sorry,but who?

  • Anonymous

    yea Ydid the do that???

  • Delsy

    Happy Birthday. She is honestly crazy pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Never really heard of her..
    (Well, don’t blame it on me, I live in germany :P)

  • Sophie C

    Happy Birthday Tiffany!
    And also Happy Birthday to my best friend samantha who is also 16 today :D

  • xafranbix


  • Ruby

    Happy Birthday 16
    I heard your new CD rocks !!!!


  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Happy Birthday Tiff!
    16! Congrats!

    Your music is awesome, you have a great voice! Just keep on it. Your doing a great job.

    Love you!


    happy birthday too her:] its mine too but im 19

  • Anonymous

    What? I think you’re a bit confused there, buddy. Her birthday isn’t for another month or so.

  • megan2the

    love her outfit. someone get it for me for my birthday.
    happy birthday giardina. best wishes for 2010

  • MelissaFTW

    happy birthday Tiffany! you are a beautiful person.

  • MelissaFTW

    happy birthday Tiffany! you are a beautiful person.

  • xoxo

    where is her nose at the second pic? hahahahha

  • Sammie

    Happy birthday Tiff! :)

  • Tayloxoxxoxo`

    you do know you put this is the taylor swift part right

  • NJheartheart

    so pretty. hope you get a car. happy birthday!!!

  • bryanRay

    cool pics. shes hot.

  • HannahF

    shes prettier than kristen stewart! happy birthday.

  • Anonymous

    i thought she was younger than miley. ha.
    still, happy birthday :)

  • bbbbbounce

    <3333333333333 HAPPY BIRTHDAY



  • Anonymous

    happy birthday. i met her. shes nice.

  • Brangelina

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    haha she is. she’s just turning 16.

  • blamesang

    i heard zach sang got run over by a football player and almost died.
    happy birthday.

  • jbluver86

    I thought she was like 18 not 16 cuz she looks older than that!

    Anyway, happy birthday Tiffany

  • Lallalaaaa

    Thought she was 19..

  • Karey

    EWW if he’s a cutie, harry potter is a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ericabbyx22

    Happy Birthday Tiffany! <3
    Today is my dad’s birthday too. xD

    Tiffany reminds me of a mix of Roxy from MTV’s the city & Jessie James.

  • Anonymous

    omg i thought she was soo much older than that!

  • Anonymous

    She looks 20

  • Emily X

    Well happy birthday to her :D
    It’s my birthday too, but I’m turning 15 xD

  • kristen

    Poorr tiff in that 2nd pic, she dosnt have a nose haha
    love ya tiff!

  • olivia1

    you can’t even see her nose in the 2nd picture. ewww how creepy. it makes her look lke an alien

  • JINX

    wow happy birfday tiff

  • dreamingggg

    Happy birthday!
    why is it under taylor swift?

  • Anonymous

    Zach Sang is dead! Thats what I heard…he tweeted about getting hit by a football player during video club…what a fag he sucks

  • Anonymous

    Zach Sang and Tiffany Giardina what ever the f this girls name is are dating …he allways effing tweets about her but she is so lucky he is a cutie

  • Anonymous

    It’s my birthday today too!!!!!!P.s. It’s sesame street’s 40 anniversy. Yhaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  • Kimberly

    Love her :]

  • haily


  • Anonymous

    Whoa, happy sweet sixteen! she’s gonna be driving sooooon! shes super sweet & i love her msuic, definitely one of the coolest girl singers ever. <3 cara

  • lisa1223

    y is this under taylor swift??????
    love tiff happy bday

  • moe1

    lookin good. happy birthday. <3

  • Carey

    love you, happy birthday!

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    happy birthday Tiffany! Err, i mean Taylor!

  • Abby

    WOOT! Happy Birthday!

    PS Why is this in the T.S. category?

  • ilana

    you’re 16 thats amazing ahhhhh
    love you so much.

  • Anonymous1111

    Why is this in the Taylor Swift category? :P

  • donnie

    zach sang died?

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  • sara12

    Happy birthday tiff!!!!!! <3

  • anonymous

    selena cant sing for HER LIFE

  • selly :)

    i hate her.
    selena is much better

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday whoever you are:)

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who actually doesn’t care about this girl? Not being offensive but I’ve heard her music and everything and I don’t really get why people like her. Like I said, no offense. She might be a good person, and I’m sure she is. I just don’t get why people love her so much.

  • pft.

    the same reason there are people in this world you love, that many other people do not – preference.

  • kayla

    Lets randomly attack someone on their birthday to make yourself
    feel good about yourself.
    maybe a diet is in order

  • Kris27

    Ohh … I thought she was older.

  • Anonymous

    why are everyone saying she is talented? she`s not talented AT ALL!!! i am sure that this world has so many more talented kids,probably with more “talent” then tiffany!! and she wont have successful career i`m sure! buuu tif!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birhtday Tiffany! <3 =]

    &oceanUP, how about a post for our girl Chlod? shes AMAZING.
    She seriously deserves her own post. <3

    please make it happen :]

  • uma

    is zack dead ??

  • carey

    Hes alive and well
    just got crushed by a huge football player

  • Anonymous

    y doesnt she have a nose in the 3rd pic lol

  • Anonymous

    to the ppl who say selena has no friends, u forgot about tiffany. she loves her

  • Anonymous

    i thought she is younger! lol.maybe 14? can`t believe she is 16!

  • cheyanna

    love you tiff. happy bday tiff 16 is a big number!!!

  • jaybe23

    she’s gorgeous!!!!! happy bday!!


    WOW! you are soooo hot. <3 happy birthday girl.


    WOW! you are soooo hot. <3 happy birthday girl.

  • jenn

    sweet 16!! Mine was on the 1st!!!! wooohooo!!!
    go scorpios!!!!!!!!! =)

  • TT

    lets get #happybirthdayTG trending!!!

  • lisa1223

    happy birthday!

  • naomi129

    did your boy justin bieber wish you a happy bday yet ;)

  • Anonymous

    SHE..just turned SIXTEEN!! wtf?!