Christian Serratos VALEIRE MAKEUP Trip


Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide & New Moon star Christian Serratos headed to Valeire salon in Beverly Hills to have her makeup applied on Wednesday afternoon. Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    i always thought she was pretty!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, I’d also like to add that for a “nobody” she is doing really well for herself since she has the money to buy those nice things she has on and get her hair done.

  • Anonymous

    She’s SO pretty, but her hair is heinous.

  • Nicoley

    Wow I hardly recognized her! I love that hair, so gorgeous. She plays Angela in the Twilight series, and I wouldn’t call her a nobody.

    Why does everybody take it upon themselves to bash people like this? What did she do to make you lash out against her?

    I think she’s gorgeous and at least she has a role in the movie. That’s not “nobody.” Jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone.

    She’s incredibly talented and she deserves a whole lot more than this.

  • Anonymous

    She’s really pretty.

  • Anonymous

    wow she looks like a wannabe
    she plays a nobody in newmoon
    wtf OU

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a wannabe jessica alba

  • Anonymous

    Awh its Suzie :)..she looks so pretty!Who does she play in New Moon?

  • Anonymous

    why did she change her hair?

  • Anonymous

    she is really pretty..i love that hang bag:)

  • Camu

    She’s so gorgeous!:D and I love her bag, which btw is a Valentino=)

  • AnaLu

    I also dont think she’s a “nobody” it’s really mean to say that, because it’s a lot to have a role in the Twilight movie, and she’s definetely so talented and beautiful:D

  • Anonymous

    She plays Angela in new moon (:

  • Anonymous

    How is it possible that the name of the place is clearly visible in the pictures and they managed to mispell it twice.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! oh yeah i can’t believe i never noticed she was suzie crabgrass. She’s hecka pretty too!


    OMG, She’s that girl Ned liked on the show. She looks gorgeous. Love her purse! :D

  • Sam

    Can someone please tell me what kind of bag that is. I love it.

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  • Anonymous

    who was she in Neds?

  • Mélanie

    >>OMG ! lol

  • its mee suzie crabgrass

    oh my gosh i was like who the hell is this then it clicked it was suzie crabgrass!! of course how could i forget.

  • whoa

    Ew, her hair!

  • Anonymous

    who did she play on Ned’s Declassified? I don’t remember seeing her :/

  • Anonymous

    She played suzie crabgrass

  • Taylor S.

    Wat kind of purse does she have?? who made it??