Tony Oller LOVE STORY Taylor Cover

  • Anonymous

    maybe he should cover emily’s song then?

  • JoBro

    absolutely amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Tony, why aren’t you signed yet???????

  • Anonymous

    not the best, i like taylor swifts singing it way beter he went of tune kinda



  • mwahhaha(:

    I don’t really like it, but I like how this version is different. It works, but something about it makes it sound… weird.

  • god

    someone need to stop telling this boys liess HE SUCKKKKKKS and tony i anit a hate just tell it how it is!

    disney star need to stop with this I CAN SING CRAP too many aritst and not so much fans to go arounf want until jb and miley die out then you can have you turn if you dont suck as bad as tony here!

  • Anonymous

    why does he have his own section he SSHOULD BE IN THE RANDOM DUDE SECTION!

    he horrible sound like a cat dieing!

  • uhhhh

    well, it sounds really weird. like, fake. idk. anyway maybe if it sounded more… normal. it would be better.


    Frist he ruined a Justin Bieber song now Taylor! It looks like some want Taylor Swift attention tony go back to emily because TAYLOR DOESNT THANK PEOPLE FOR RUINING HER SONGS!

  • dramaqueen

    ahh? i love this and congrats on your new show!
    i can’t wait till it airs.

  • Chinadoll

    This is really really really good.
    Thank you Tony

  • Anonymous

    I liked it

  • KayMac

    Tony who can’t u cover? luv’d it

  • Anonymous1234

    Jesus Christ, leave him alone! Yes, he changed the melody. Yes, he sounds different than Taylor Swift (obviously). What do you expect out of him? He’s his own person…let him change up a song. He wants to put his personality and style into a song, there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re all so obsessed with keeping things the way they are and making sure everything is the same all the time…broaden your horizons a little bit. It’s sad how freakishly devoted you all are to these artists…whenever someone does a cover, you pick it to pieces if it’s the slightest bit different than the original (AND IT ALWAYS WILL BE). It’s really, really pathetic if you think you can say Tony Oller has a bad voice. He doesn’t at all…he’s extremely talented and you all just don’t like him because he covers your beloved teeny-bopper music and changes it up a little bit to suit his voice and style. Don’t be so narrow-minded about everything, it’s annoying.

  • Lissette

    I’m in love with this cover<3

  • DisneyChic

    i actually?love this!

  • Thatwasgreat

    I’ve said it befor and I’ll say it again…. he
    was the best natural singer Disney had. He will go on to great things. By the way that was not autotuned unlike most all other Disney singer.

  • JBGirl

    That’s really good!!

  • ginagurl

    Awesome cover Tony keep up the great work.
    you rock and i can’t wait for more from you!

    luv u Gina

  • renata

    I don’t mind him or his voice, but this just didn’t work out. Seriously, wtf.

    Then again, Taylor Swift is one of those artists…just leave her work alone.

  • fuckoceanup

    fuck yall

  • jerretc1

    More Auto Tune?

  • KitKat

    Wow awesome.

  • Anonymous

    sorry Taylor, i love you but you just got outdone. IDK i like both version. great job Tony

  • Kourtney

    I just don’t like guys covering this song at all.. DavesDays and ForevertheSickestKids versions are the worst

  • Anonymous

    i completely agree but do me a favor and listen to the The Scene Aesthetic’s version… it is soooooo goood its like an acoustic type of sound… its really relaxing

  • nick jonas

    he killed it yuck someone stop him!
    sounds like a wannabe Justin Bieber!
    sorry boo but only Justin cant do the whole wanna be black boy sound and look!

  • chickyboom52

    Aww I love his covers, it was cute.

  • beyka

    i like it.

  • Delsy

    i love it.

  • Anonymous

    1ST !!! HIS VOICE SUXXX !!

  • camm

    his voice is different, but i like it!

  • prettynails

    Yikes!!! He’s not bad…he’s actually pretty good but WHAT THE F? This sounds so strange.

  • Anonymous

    He has a good voice, but i don’t like the version. It just sounds like he’s messed up the timing