Rihanna 20/20 Talks Chris Brown Beating

Rihanna opens up about Chris Brown beating her on 20/20. Part 2 & 3 under!

  • pft.

    i like that the fact the times she gets most emotional is thinking about her younger fans and the impact it could have on them. it disgusts me that there could even be 13-14 year old girls out there who are in abusive relationships and then even think its ok to go back to those guys. i applaud her for that much. domestic violence is hard. runs in my family and each times takes forever for the woman to actually leave.

  • Anonymous

    I Think she does seem a little Harsh, But wouldn’t you if your boyfriend beat you and all of a sudden people look at you strange. I know i would suddenly have an Attitude and act like a Bitch. I love her for being such a strong person.

  • Anonymous

    i really don’t give a Damn for her and her ex boyfriend

  • xLoveWingsx

    I just like some of Rihanna’s songs, and she seems like a really sweet person, and I when I saw that picture of her, beaten up so badly, I swear I cried. Nobody deserves to be beaten up!

    Chris Brown, I don’t know him, I’ve never heard one of his songs (exept the duet with Jordan Sparks) and I don’t know how kind he is, but from that day on, when I saw Chris’s face on pictures, I spit at the pictures.

    It’s sad how domestic violence happens in most relationships :(
    I know my parents divorced because of it :(

  • Kourtney

    I just can’t bring myself to ever like Chris Brown again. I wasn’t a huge fan before everything happened but I did listen to a few of his songs. I know that what happened in their personal lives shouldn’t change how I feel about someone I don’t actually know but it did. I feel so bad for Rihanna. I know several girls from my high school whos boyfriends were abusive to them and they all stayed with them no matter what and just ended up hurting themselves even more. Violence is never the answer, ever.

  • Delsy

    I really don’t like her. But this gave me so much respect for her.

  • Anonymous

    rihanna is amazing for talking about this.

  • Sophieee

    god poor thing…
    I really want to find Chris Brown and kick his ass

  • Gemini

    she’s very strong

  • okay

    I feel for her…but isn’t it interesting how she decides to talk about this when she has a new album coming out? Yeah…

  • HannahMary

    Your icon is SO cute!

  • HannahMary

    Does it matter. Maybe because her album’s coming out and she’ll be doing press for it she knew that she’d be asked about the incident constantly and so thought that it would be better to get it out of the way in one interview? Or maybe it’s only now that she feels strong enough to talk about it? Don’t judge her.

  • okay

    I’m not judging her? Just saying I doubt she’d be talking about it if she didn’t have an album coming out.

  • Angel<3

    Whether it wuz last year or a week ago, it still exists. I feel bad about what happened to her because things like this happen everyday. It’s like something so destructive and violent that sometimes you just have to think back on it. Chris is trying to build up his career back and that’s good because I love his music but it did happen and not just because Rihanna deserved it?

  • Anonymous

    couldn’t she not talk about it for a while because of the court stuff? i could be wrong, i think i just remember hearing that. then again, that was over with a while ago. who knows, but i think it’s important for her to talk about it in any case.

  • ?

    Claire you make me sick how could you make such a comment.
    No man should hit a woman its sick I should no its happened to me.
    Don’t speak so soon because one day you will eat your words.
    If not yourself, your daughter, granddaughter or someone else will
    go through it then you will understand. So shut your mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Finally. Relevant news. She’s so beautiful, and I watched this 20/20 last night, and she seems like, evil as hell. Just by the way she answered questions, she seems a bit RAWR but I love her lol. Rihanna ftw.

  • No Bitchassness

    I love Chris more than before and i shouldn’t, i think rihannas alright like :/

  • Anonymous

    Chris is a total asshole.
    I dont care WHAT the hell you do, a guy never has the right to hit a girl. Period.

  • No Bitchassness

    No Bitchassness said:
    I love Chris more than before and i shouldn’t, i think rihannas alright like :/

    Btw i mean i love Chris’s MUSIC. And actually im watching this and i actually like her and respect her loads but sometimes shes pretty stuck up.

  • No Bitchassness

    omg im nearly crying here :(

  • Anonymous

    U da asshole u dumb bitch

  • Anonymous

    U da asshole u dumb bitch

  • Kirsty

    this is so last year.

  • Claire

    Rhianna is a bitch. No wonder Chris did all that shit to her

  • w

    I feel like I never looked at Rihanna’s face properly.
    Her eyes are GORGEOUS.

    The part when she said there was no soul in his eyes as he beat her :/ so sad.

  • Charlotte-x-

    Love her. <3

  • Anonymous

    The Poor Thing, Feel So Sorry For Her. No Man Should Ever Beat A Woman, It’s Horrible.

  • (:

    go rihanna.
    i hate chris brown, to think i used to respect him.

  • meesh

    loved rihannamore when i saw this
    thats so sad :'(

  • DemiLovatoIsAwesome

    She is amazing.
    I love that bish :)

  • vanessaaortega44

    this make me cry…

  • HannahMary

    She did so well,
    I’m so glad that she was able to see the impact she was having on others and the message she was sending to others and giving the impression that girls could go back to their abuser.
    She’s obviously really strong and I hope everything goes well for her in the future.

  • It sounds like

    No man has the right to hit a woman! Unfortunately, there is too much Violence
    against women.
    However, must she start to talk about that now, briefly before her new album comes out?
    I don´t want to sound like an arsehole, but it smells like PR for her Album.

  • Anonymous

    WOW O_o

  • Anonymous

    fo so

  • Katie

    I really respect Rihanna, she is very strong and has a lot of class. There is never an excuse for a man to beat his girlfriend, no matter what.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how just cause there famous everyone makes a huge deal about it. You don’t see every other girl who gets beat getting an interview on Good Morning America.

    Rihanna’s not even that talented I just noticed how she never hits high notes haha this has nothing do with this but yeah…

    Chris Brown is GREAT, love him :)

  • CommonSense

    He has already talk about this, haven’t you heard his excuses? And even if he never talked about this, he is nos doning it to respect her? That’s stupid. If he wants to respect her, he should have never put a hand on her… Would you like to be beaten by someone and had him and everyone talk about it like they knew a shit? Would you like to keep your mouth shut when everyone is saying stuff like you deserved it? No one deserves to be beaten woman or man by someone they love. I don’t know if you have seen this interview but try and see it, at least the final part when she talks that she left him because she didn’t want a young girl to do the same she did, even if he never hit her again.

    And by the way do you even know how many girls are killed by someone you know? Do you know that you have 90% of possibilities to be killed by someone you know and love? think about that and then have the common sense to repeat what you have said….

  • D

    A lot of people are saying that Rihanna is only giving this interview because of her album release, and that’s only your guess.
    Whatever the reason she did this interview, it really gave me respect for her, and I’m glad that she helped shed light on domestic abuse.
    To the person who said their aunt was abused and people didn’t care…I’m really sorry about your aunt, but there’s a simple answer to that. A lot more people are familiar with and attached to Rihanna. It doesn’t mean what happened to your aunt is any less important, but it just shows that people become upset about things that happen to people they know or have an attachment to.
    To the people saying Chris Brown is more talented than Rihanna…talent has nothing to do with it. Yes, I enjoyed Chris Brown and Rihanna’s music before this incident, but now when I hear a Chris Brown song, I feel extremely guilty and angry about it. So I no longer like to listen to his music.
    I really gained respect for Rihanna watching this, and I applaud her for speaking about it.

  • Anonymous

    This is something to get over.
    She needs to get over the fact that the person she loved beat her and She needs to move the fuck on. It’s almost been a fuckin year already and she decides now to make a stupid interview so people will feel sorry for her.

  • Sarah96

    i <3 Rihanna!!! i hate that she of all people had to go through this =[ i wish people would just stop it with the domestic abuse, already!!! it is absolutely heartbreaking that this happening in the world!!!


    I had so much sympathy for her because I was once a victim myself but I feel like if she wasn’t going to tell the truth she shouldn’t have done the interview. Numerous friends and celebs have come out stating how she used to physically beat Chris Brown all the time and that she had a nasty temper. What Chris did was horrible but why is it ok for her to abuse him but he gets penalized. And it’s so interesting how this happened almost a year ago and now all of a sudden she has an album dropping and she wants to talk about it.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I know it’s bad about what happened to Rihanna, but i still love Chris Brown

  • Anonymous

    I would get mad if the person I was madly in love with got a text message from a old girlfriend, who wouldn’t? Yeah, I would also get a little worried. I understand why she got a little upset, but Chris took things way out of hand. Telling her he’s going to beat the shit out of her then he’s going to kill her later? Where did that come from?

    I do like Chris, but i’ve lost a ton of respect for him. And I love Rihanna — she is so confindent and strong. It doesn’t matter, men should not hit their wife, daughter, son, or girlfriend. You’re really ignorant and vein if you’re calling her a bitch. Would you want to be called a bitch after you got beat of by the person you loved?

    I didn’t think so.

  • Ewww

    Really I see no point in this interview. No one is ever going to know what really happened except for them. It’s easy to believe someone just because the media tells you to. I don’t see why people are taking sides. And it disgust me because plenty of people are getting hurt right now far worse and instead of trying to help them all the media is doing is constantly focusing on something that happened a long time ago. None of these people really care. My auntie was getting beat for 12 freakin years and ended up on the news. Nobody cared then, so it’s funny to me how because it’s Rihanna people wanna act like they’re so upset. Tell it like it is, the media and everyone else just wants another story and someone to abuse in the public eye.

  • SJae

    No Bitchassness said:
    I love Chris more than before and i shouldn’t, i think rihannas alright like :/

    Btw i mean i love Chris’s MUSIC. And actually im watching this and i actually like her and respect her loads but sometimes shes pretty stuck up
    Oh okay thats cool, I hope u have a good time when one of your boyfriends knocks you the fuck out for questioning him.
    You should re-assess your morals.
    Good day.

  • Rihanna is a dog

    She went behind his bak and done that….He wasn’t going to talk boutit to respect Her..But now i tihnk he should’ve.She onli done it cos’ she wants all tha attention on her for her new album

  • Anonymous

    That was one of the most ignorant statements I’ve ever heard.

    Get over it!?

    Domestic abuse is not something to “get over”. I think you need to “get over” yourself, think before you speak, and get some help if you believe this is something to get over.

  • Anonymous

    Rhianna is the strongest celebrity i know of :]

  • StarLightSTARbright

    Anonymous said:

    This is really annoying.
    Yeah he shouldn’t have hit her but dude get over it what happned, happned

    So let’s put you in a car with someone you’re inlove with and have them beat hte crap out of you.
    Have a freakin heart already.
    She hasn’t even talked about it before ;
    I mean she is emotionally scared from this and it will be with her for the rest of her life.

  • Bre

    Love is blind…and it’ll take over your mind…what you think is love, is truely not. You need to elevate and find…

  • Anonymous

    chris browns parents fail at raising a child.

  • Anonymous67678

    Some said that shes evil and bitch in here, if something like this would happen to you, and you would talk about it, im sure you wouldnt be all happy and smiley at the moment. Shes hurt. And u say shes a bitch. She has the right to it when talking bout Chris. And maybe now she just have the courage to talk about it, i dont think it has nothing to do with her album. No one would use that kinda thing. And i dont think that would be any help selling her albums either. I think shes strong, like she said, and thats an important quality to get over it. I dont know what kind of person would be on his side in this case.

  • Lovestory

    I have so much respect for Rihanna. So much. She has so much strength and grace. It is never OK for a man to hit his girlfriend. NEVER.

  • Anonymous

    chris brown should get a dick n his face

  • Anonymous

    i bet chris brown likes it up the ass

  • Anonymous

    Rihanna needs to get alife..Chris respected her and didn’t say anything aboutit because he knew it would upset her..Nd den she goes behind his back and does this..wow shes a real dog

  • Anonymous

    this is horrible that something like this would ever happen to anybody. This should never be tolerated in ANY relationship im with that girl who said “if a man hits you…. peace out sucka.”
    and to the comment that said “this is so last year.” shut the fuck up. Rihanna just got so much props for doing this and it brought so much exposure to dimestic violence cases. fuck you for saying something like that. Kids now days just try to have a to cool for school attitude its ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    f love most epic line eva

  • Anonymous

    This is really annoying.
    Yeah he shouldn’t have hit her but dude get over it what happned, happned
    and If he was beating she must have hit him at least one to try to get him off of her.
    Chris is still a great artist, and ALWAYS will be.
    Rihannas new single SUCKS, I mean she usally does good but this one is just freakish.
    Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    So let’s put you in a car with someone you’re inlove with and have them beat hte crap out of you.
    Have a freakin heart already.
    She hasn’t even talked about it before ;
    I mean she is emotionally scared from this and it will be with her for the rest of her life.


    hahahaah your funny good one she neeeds to get over it reallly move the fucc on already its almost been a year and now she wants to do an interview so people will felll sorry for her, you guys canfeel sorry for her but nothing will change my opinion. So shut the fucc up!

  • Anonymous

    People who say its Rihanna’s fault are crazy! What ever she did was not as bad as what he did to her! He had no right to beat her like crazy! Even if she hit him or whatever she did, she didn’t do anything as bad as Chris. Rihanna for the win!<3

  • Anonymous

    i feel so bad for her. :\

  • JonasGirl001

    OMG feel better Rihanna, No one should EVER hit someone, ESPECIALLY A GIRL, and for a BOYFRIEND TO do that?! He BETTER gth (the bad one)

  • Mikayla

    Ok…. First off he should not have put his hands on her, period… a man knows that his strength is greater than a womans, so he shouldnt use his full force abusively upon a woman…. But!! I think that she hit him first, n the heat of the arguement, and her need to get information from him, she hit. No this does not give him any justification for doing what he did, either way you look at it, it was wrong. I felt sorry for her, and the abuse that she had to go through, but I also feel sorry for him, because the consequence of his personal actions, are going to drastically affect his proffessional career. I think they both did something wrong, chris’s was just way worse… I love her and his music, but I do question why she choose to talk about this old incident, so close to her album release.

  • jonas girl

    not always girls can be stronger them guys my cousin is stronger then her boyffriend.

  • meh-are-cool-hehehe

    Yeah well i love them both but chris’s parents were violnet too you know! but that gave him NO right to do what he did i think rihana should delete him from her mind cause you never know if hes gonna do it again

  • Natalie (:

    For every man who beats a women, there should be an electric chair with there name on it. Rihanna deserves so much better. I’m so proud of her for being independent and standing up. We need more independent women like her.

  • xxxxxxx

    shit nagra

  • xxxxxxx

    HOLY SHIT. I WAS FIRST. my life is complete

  • Anonymous

    i’m not against rihanna but she just spoke about this now because she wants to promote her album

  • wow

    all you who say rihanna is a bitch shut the fuck up because if u got beat up u will not what to be with that person too and she is a great person so is Chris Brown put dose not mean he should hit her

  • msjonas13

    this is so upsetting :(

  • Anonymous

    i love rhianna :)

  • Anonymous

    and yes, it’s so upsetting.

  • Natalie (:

    At least she adressed this the classy way, unlike that monster Chris Brown who made a youtube video with his MJ-poser shirt.

  • Anonymouswrodifgnwoe

    daaaaaaaaaaang, this is so sad and intense,/:


  • mirandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    i understand, if she was attacking him. he could hit, as in slap her. but to then procede and beat the shit out of her. was unnessacary. he is obviously stronger then her. he did NOT have the right to do what he did. he has no excuse.

  • w

    She and Chris annoy me.
    But I really wish the best for them. Domestic violence happens in so many relationships and it’s sad.

  • hpaddictedx

    Damn you Chris Brown and I don’t even like Rihana…no one deserves physical abuse.

  • Anonymous

    How people can say that they still respect a man who would beat a girl until her face was swollen is beyond me!! A man NEVER has a right to hit a woman, and if you think different and you’re a guy I hope you are single for the rest of your life, and if you’re a girl, you need to start re-evaluating. That’s like saying murder’s okay


    Rihanna’s amazing.

  • Cata_loves_miley

    wow i saw this last night. but i kinda wanna hear an interview like this to be done to chris brown. i wanna hear both sides of thy story

  • Mishelle

    Honestly, anyone who likes Chris “more” than they already have needs to get checked. Whether you like Rihanna or not, (I’m a big fan), no body deserves what she was put through. And you know what, she’s most certainly NOT “coming out just so she can promote her album”. People are just plain rude. She’s coming out to help girls JUST LIKE HER, who are or were in a messed up relationship. I think she’s a strong, beautiful girl, that needs to be recognized for her strength to come out and say this. Knowing that they are both “superstars”.