Stephan Jerzak White Horse Taylor Cover

Thx Lexi!

  • Mrs. Jerzak<3

    i loove him <3.
    i can’t believe barely anyone knows about him :P he’s pure amazing (:

    I love you Stephen Jerzak <3

  • Anonymous

    this is really really old, but i love him. :)

  • Anonymous

    AWE. good for stephen, he’s a good friend of mine and i’m so happy that he’s getting the recognition he deserves now. even IF this song is really old for him. hah.

  • Stephanie

    wow youre lame O.o

  • gabby

    lovely cover. (:

  • Jacob

    Miley is Adorable

  • Taylor.

    who is this kid?

  • Jacob

    Miley is hot . thats the headline today

  • Lexi

    just wanted to let everyone know, i sent this to oceanup (: even ask! lovelovelovelovelovestephen (:<3

  • katieee

    this has been out for like ever and your just now putting it on here?!
    love me some stephen jerzak<333

  • Anonymous

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    one word amazing

  • Jacob

    Noddin my head like yeah movin my hips like yeah !

  • whaddafuxk

    this is old.
    way to fail oceanUP.

  • Jacob

    I mean have u seen her music video “PARTY IN THE USA” i was litarly dying , she was so fucking sexy

  • Brittany B

    HE IS SO EFFING AMAZING. lovelovelove :)

  • Anonymous

    OHH MY GODDD! Stephen Jerkass is soooooo overrated. He’s from my hometown and not even worth it. He left his original high school cause everyone was over him.

    I busted out laughing when i saw that.. wooooooooooooooow

  • 1998
  • Anonymous

    this guy is so amazing,
    he has become all i think about.
    i was supposed ot see him today, but
    when i found out i couldn’t, i cried
    for a very long time. he is simply


    i LOVE this<3
    oh my gosh.

  • Kayluhh

    I love him so much! Gahh! KIng is bomb.
    This is so old though!
    this one’s better: :)

  • Anonymous

    He sounds good, but the revised lyrics don’t completely make sense.

  • IHateTaylorHaters

    bwahaha this was done ageeees ago dude

    im as cuuuuuute as a button! (:

  • Joy

    WHOA !! this is crazy old !
    x]] i love stephen though <33

  • Anonymous

    You spelled stephen’s name wrong. LOL

  • Heather

    omfg, he is so hot<3

  • Megan.

    I <3 Stephen Jerzak. =)

  • debby

    you’re so annoying, you know that!?
    there’s a reason behind why he switched schools not cause “everyone was over him”

  • qn31

    this is really super old! kinda slow?

  • katie8p

    I love his song small town celebrity, but in ihs other songs he sounds like nevershoutnever. The lyrics are kinda making him sound selfish though :).

  • Stella


  • Stella


  • Anonymous

    fuckin’ retard its STEPHEN JERZAK….dumbass. & stop posting him on this website, he is one of my favorite artists & i dont want little teenies listening & following him. so STOP. you already fuckin disney exposed, All Time Low & other bands….GET THE FUCK AWAY TEENIES.

  • debby:)

    get him off here!!!
    he deserves better than stupid freakin teens and disney kids!!

  • Anonymous

    haha this is soooo ollddd
    but it’s amazing♥
    i love stephen jerzak:)

  • awsdrthujil

    what the hell, this is the oldest thing EVER.
    Keep him off of this site, he’s too good for it !

  • debby:)

    seriosuly oceanup?
    why. he’s way too amazing to be on this website.
    and his name is STEPHEN! he hates it when people spell his name wrong.
    stephen jerzak is so amazing, freakin love him. now all the stupid little disney kids are gonna like him just cause he’s “HOT” seriosuly? theirs more to this guy than looks! –i love you stephenjerzak!

  • awsdrthujil


    I feel the exact same way, he’s way too good for these Disney kids.

  • deanna

    this is really old oceanup.
    but i love stephen jerzak :)
    i’m actually going to his concert tonight!

  • joerine

    gosh this is sooo amazing!!love it!!

  • <3

    Stephen Jerzak is fucking amazing <333

  • bkdbsvkfsvbfs

    this is oldddd.

    i love Stephen Jerzak. <3

  • <3.(:

    i love him. (:

  • kamilla


  • Anonymous

    This is olddddd. He’s pretty good though.

  • Anonymous


    i loved it :)
    ur voice is uh-ma-zing!!!!

    <3 beijoos!

  • Anonymous


    i loved it :)
    ur voice is uh-ma-zing!!!!

    <3 beijoos!

  • Jacob

    Hey im Jacob im 17 im obsessed with a girl named Miley cyrus

  • Anonymous

    This is SOOOOOOOOO old
    But I love Stephen <3 :D!

  • Anonymous

    uhhh? this is really old.
    slow on news oceanup?

  • ohmy[;
  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Fucking hell.

    Stop posting amazing artists on your site. Please…

  • Anonymous

    i love how this is like realllyyy old. & its just now gettting discovered.

  • Anonymous

    He goes to my school, really weird to see him on this site.
    but congrats.

  • saraaah

    this is old whenever I sent it in you didn’t put it on oceanups a bitchh, haha but stephen jerzak I love him he used to go to my school till I moved. ?

  • Kayluhh

    Way to spell his name wrong :/

  • Anonymous

    I may sound stupid.. but who is Stephen Jerzak?

  • brianaheart19

    I like it! I’m going to check out his other videos.

  • kayy

    his name is stephen jerzak! not stephan! grrr

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