Camp Rock 2 star Alyson Stoner attended the world [remiere of Walt Disney Pictures OLD DOGS held at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California on November 9. Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous
  • AnnieRawrs.x

    funny she’s @ the ‘old dogs’ premiere, coz her hair looks like an old dog.

  • Whitney

    Aww! I think she is so adorable. :) Love her dress and her hair.

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  • Anonymous

    LOVE HER! I think she’s gorgeous. Best dancer ever aswell :)

  • camellialan

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  • Anonymous

    demi just talked to selena.. i hope you all can shut up about them not being friends any more…
    here’s what she said

    @selenagomez I hope you can make it to my party this weekend :)about 2 hours ago from mobile web

  • Chicka.Chicka.Boom.Boom.

    I think she is soooooooooo pretty! She is soooo grown up!

  • Chicka.Chicka.Boom.Boom.

    And she is sooo great!

  • STFU Princess

    I’ve always liked her as a Disney star.
    Not as good as Selena but damn, the girl can breakdance.

  • JhrPlm

    GVKkJpX YZVppzIo

  • liu

    chanel and chloe hermes handbag

  • Anonymous

    awe i think this is sooo pretty :)

  • fast cash

    wow i cant belive that she loves dogs

  • emma

    holy shit she got so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    Very pretty! She will go far in the movie making biz! Good luck to you Alyson!

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Alyson you are sooooooooooooooo prrreeeettttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Alyson you are gorgeous! No matter what anybody thinks you should always now that at least 1 person likes whatever you wear…and that person is ME!!!!!!!!

  • Juliette

    That dress is very nice. Looks good on her.

    Juliette, Body detox advisor

  • JBlover

    it totally does not!!!!!!!!! Thats just so cruel!!!!!!
    If Alyson read that she would HATE YOU!!!!! LAY OFF !!

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    She’s a cutie. She just has that simple beautiful look to her. Thanks for the pics.

  • Anonymous
  • Sonny

    She is really pretty!

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  • Anonymous

    She’s SO pretty! I love the shoes :) Alyson ROCKS!

  • ………..

    second. uhm, pretty?

  • Anonymous

    Alyson…leave some hair spray for the rest of us!

  • mileyluver15

    cute shoes my friend looks like her sooo much its crazy!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really like her, but I like her hair here. :$

  • Anonymous

    WHAT did she do to her hair?! she looks like frickin bob marley!

  • Anonymous

    Ugly shoes! Ugly Hair!

  • Anonymous

    her hair looks fugly