Anna Maria Perez De Tagle OLD DOGS


Anna Maria Perez De Tagle, KSM & Jason Dolley attended the Old Dogs world premiere at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA on Monday evening. PR Photos.

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  • fast cash

    wow i didnt think that she liked dogs

  • Ash

    she looks a bit like latoya jackson in some pics

  • Anonymous

    Oh, come on…you guys are funny. It’s just make-up…shading of the nose. I love it…Anna Maria looks gorgeous!!!

  • nicky

    I know her! She’s got the cutest nose! She doesn’t need a nose job. Most Asians put on make-up that way.

    Excellent fashion choice GIRL!!! I love your style!

  • silvester

    Anna Maria is really looking gorgeous after a long time i have seen her pic and priobably thibnk that she has the best body and looking for her next ventuires.

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  • maricar

    I love her! I always see her on red carpets. Her skin is perfect and photographers love her!

  • liliana

    Some people are jealous huh? Anna Maria’s so pretty in pics and so pretty in person!

  • sonia

    This girl’s got class! On and off the carpet she carries herself so well. Gosh, she wears signature and expensive clothes. Love her!

  • AnnieRawrs.x

    wow disney stars grow up so fast ! i remember when i had this MASS crush on jason dolley, and now he looks , uhm , weird

  • Anonymous
    Full video interview at OLD DOGS PREMIERE

  • ellomate

    What the hell is she wearing. Honestly, you have SOME money from CR. Do something with it.

  • Anonymous

    lol it looks like he dyed one-half of his hair…

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Yeah, her nose looks creepy. And I like her but, her hair is SO WEIRD! It’s like, one part is diffrent from the other….

  • racheldxo

    She kind of looks like Latoya Jackson in this picture, shame.

  • AnonymousAnonymousAnonymous

    Jason dolley is an unfortunate looking kid.sorry

  • Anonymous

    No comments ?

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  • Audrina


  • Anonymous

    anna maria always makes TERRIBLE fashion choices.

  • Audrina

    yeah, her nose looks weird.
    What happened?