Taylor Rob Kristen New Moon UK PARTY


Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson hit up The Twilight Saga: New Moon UK premiere party at Battersea Evolution on in London on November 10. Robsten were spotted holding hands at the airport! They MUST be dating and/ or near marriage.

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  • StarLightSTARbright

    WTF is she wearing?
    Whatever,Robert and Kristen belong together.

  • Anonymous

    What the heck is she wearing??? Fashion Police!

  • anonymous

    just because they were seen holding hands and they have been rumored to have been dating for a fairly long period of time does NOT mean they are close to being married. It means they were holding hands in private and some invasive paparazzi decided to be creeps.
    and from the looks of it, most people think the admin who posted this is crazy and I’m inclined to agree

  • adrianna

    why the hell did you cut rob???!!!.. i’m not robert fan but the picture was perfect

  • Kourtney

    Kristen has the prettiest green eyes.

    Rob and Taylor are too attractive for words.

  • StarLightSTARbright

    In the video they weren’t really holding hands.
    Kristen is wayyy to young to get married.

  • Syds.
  • Anonymous

    So since this is a Taylor post. Not Taylor Swift but close enough.

    Do you guys think that Demi and Taylor are still friends? They haven’t talked on Twitter anymore. And i know that twitter isn’t the only form of communication but they used to tweet each other. Not often but sometimes. And they haven’t lately. Thoughts?

  • Sadiezz

    Robsten were spotted holding hands at the airport! They MUST be dating and/ or near marriage

    Oh, the power of sarcasm.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is she wearing???
    and did she get a haircut.
    her hair looks pretty good.

  • pilas

    omg kristen what did you wear????????’

  • Belle

    Are you serious ??? every where i go i hear about it i am in love with new moon even my teachers talk about it

  • YouBelongWithMe

    Robsten were spotted holding hands at the airport! They MUST be dating and/ or near marriage.
    Oceanup just because they are dating doesn’t mean they are near marriage. I don’t even know if they are dating

  • taylorr

    i kno right what was she thinking when she even decided to bye that outfit!

  • Anonymous

    oceanup! seriously marriage? just because they’re holding hands? NO

  • tits

    what the fuck is she wearing

  • YouBelongWithMe

    Taylor Lautner is my husband sorry Taylor

  • msjonas13

    nice, im so excited

  • Anonymous

    Why does it mean they are near marriage because they are holding hands?

  • nancy bo bancy

    yo question question; just cause they are dating doesnt mean they are near marriage? whatever, it’ll probably tank.

    celebrities think they’re immune to divorce, so they get married after almost no time knowing each other. i couldnt marry someone until i dated them for at least two years. at LEAST. maybe thats me, but oh well…

  • j

    taylor looks good :) lol

  • Anonymous

    the fuck, oceanup? You had a perfectly good picture of the trio up, and then you exchange it for one that’s fairly unflattering of Kristen?

    Why do you always post unflattering pics?

  • hpaddictedx

    I like her skirt.

  • Emma

    Ok, Kristen officially scares me.


    kristen-no…. that’s all i’m gonna say
    and is it just me or does it feel like new moon isn’t as popular as twilight?
    like i know everyone’s still gonna go see it,
    but tbh no ones really talking about it…
    this time last year
    all the twilight fans had gone crazy
    but now… its kinda quiet

  • em(ily)

    Wow OceanUp…I love your posts but seriously – marriage?! Some of yall’s side notes are really weird…
    Anywho, I think it’s been pretty obvious that something’s going on for awhile now. :)

  • Anonymous

    Rob is so fucking hot! Kristen is pretty! taylor is ugly, hate him

  • Irene

    Better Video With the Robsten Pictures:

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Rob & Kristen are definitely a couple in real life. Love them together! They are scorching hot looking together!

  • Anonymous

    Robsten is the hottest thing on this site. Consensual adults who are in a relationship. Two epic hotties.

  • Anonymous1659

    what the SHIT is she wearing??? lol

  • Anonymous23

    how does holding hands = dating? i hold hands and link arms with my guy friends all the time. it shows a close relationship, but it doesnt equal dating. in one of kristen’s interviews, she said she has nothing to hide and that what ever she says, people are still gonna think what they r gonna think. so what if they are dating? it doesnt affect my life. people need to stop their obsessing and get a life!

  • Anonymous

    Wait- she cut her hair again?

  • Twilightsucks

    Nov 11, 2009 @ 04:25 pm
    Anonymous said:

    i miss this robert http://www.glogster.com/media/2/1/95/4/1950437.jpg
    Me too…

  • oneofakindxo


  • Anonymous

    She has it pinned up.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO!!! never. taylena is 1000000x better than robsten sucka.

  • Anonymous

    why don’t you stop caring about what other people believe in and YOU get a life? :)

  • Anonymous

    she has a madam’s apple

  • Anonymous

    I agree taylena is soooo much better. too bad it is over

  • Anonymous

    okay. so i love twilight. and LOVE taylor.
    But seriously, where did kristen FIND that outfit?
    She looks much better with long hair.
    And rob looks like he just got out of bed.

  • oneofakindxo


  • Anonymous

    They are definitely dating. She stays over his hotel all the time when he’s in LA. I know a lot of Ocean Up people probably don’t understand the idea of a real couple that has sex since they stalk Disney tweens all the time.. but R/K are actually the real deal. Try to keep their stuff private.

  • Anonymous

    you guys…do understand what sarcasm is, right? yes, oceanup was REALLY suggesting they’re close to marriage because they were holding hands. some people are slow…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how people can say Taylena is way better then Taylor2. Taylor2 haven’t been out that long, time will tell how they look and act together. All the shots of them have been surrounded by paparrazi and most of the shots with Taylor and Selena were more candid so they were more relaxed not swarmed by the paps.

  • Anonymous

    that is sooooo true! lol! i agree all the way!

  • Anonymous

    Lets just say that Taylor Swift is a much bigger catch then Selena. Swift is a major trophy girlfriend for Lautner. Selena is just some Disney girl that the young teens know about but Swift EVERYBODY knows who she is,

  • oneofakindxo

    Ha no.

    Tlautner & Sgomez = more attractive than ugly kstew &rpattz.

  • Chanell

    Rob is such a hairy, scruffy mess.

    But I’m a little in love with him:)


  • DinoGirl

    “Robsten were spotted holding hands at the airport! They MUST be dating and/ or near marriage.”

    Props for that one OceanUp!

  • Anonymous

    Bahaha. You guys are funny kids!
    Taylena = Cute (rated pg)
    Robsten = Steaming, erotically hot (rated X)
    Taylor2 = …wtf

    Mmmm. Now I don’t know about you little children
    but I find Robsten hotter than those Disney kids.

  • Shania

    Why are we talking about disgusting Taylor Swift?

    This topic is already soiled with disgusting Kristen Stewart!

  • Anonymous

    And why the fuck are we talking about Disney kids in this post?

  • OfficialCL

    WTF is she WEARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE LOOKS LIKE A FREAKIN’ PEACOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww im gonna throw up…………..

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Irene

    I always thought he was cute! When I watched the behind the scenes of GOF I was so captivated by him. Lol, no joke.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
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  • JhrPlm

    XhHOxTVA svtOLK

  • Anonymous

    look at the top of kristen’s head. does it looks like joe’s old hair? hahahahha

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    Oh man…Im not sure if I like the new do. I like her hair longer and with the red in it.
    she is much more prettier.

  • Anonymous

    did u guys notice that pretty much in every pic that robert pattinson is in he looks drunk? oh so does kirsten but taylor is a work of art! i luv him sooooo much. when will they come to new jersey? that will be the happiest day of my life!

  • camila

    I don´t like Kristen dress and her new look
    I like more with her long hair and I love Taylor

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  • Ignorance01

    what is Kristen wearing? O.O

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  • cash advances now

    Ok so everyone is talking about those people. Twight was so last year. Can we please talk about someone else, an lets hope they go crazy like BritBrit, lindsey.

  • Anonymous

    love, love, love her outfit.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a crack head in these pictures hahaha.
    And her outfit doesn’t match :o
    I like her with brown hair better.

  • Nicksgurl4life1

    I wonder if they are dating…….?


  • itsmeduh


  • Anonymous

    OH YA 3RD!=]

  • Gemma

    oh my gosh holding hands things look pretty serious then it could only lead to marriage

  • Anonymous


  • JonasCyrusSwiftGomez

    I was in the mall today and everywhere I looked, there were cardboard cutouts of Jacob and Edward Cullen.

  • Anonymous

    Robert Pattinson looked soo fit!! he came right up to the barrier and signed everything! Hes soo nice and my friend touched him on the hand while trying to get her book and she sorta like was like OMG and he started propa laughing LOL

  • Jonas4Canada


  • Anonymous

    -Robsten were spotted holding hands at the airport! They MUST be dating and/ or near marriage-

    ahah. Shanna, why so jealous?


    Tay Lautner looks great :)


    He should take taylor swifty out next time :)
    They are so much cuter togheter muwahahahhaha

  • Anonymous

    Does that rob guy EVER wash his hair?!

  • rainbowsprinkles

    her outfit is umm wow..

  • Anonymous

    i hate twilight.

  • Anonymous

    She has such a beautiful face she should do something for it

  • Anonymous

    Kristen looks so gorgeous and the guys look hot, too. Can’t wait for Nov 20th!!!

  • everyday

    Taylor looked fine. What is up with Kristen’s outfit? Strange.

  • Doom

    What is she wearing?

  • Anonymous

    I love Kristen but that outfit is hideous.

  • Anonymous

    Why does rob look like a hobo , i mean compared to taylor . seriously???

  • hotmess

    Her dress from yesterday es muy bueno.
    This is just horrific.

  • Anonymous

    Yay im number 40, just joking

  • LALALAReally

    Oh my gosh guys, they’re holding hands. They MUST be getting married.


    I hold hands with my guy friends sometimes too. I’m not saying they’re friends, they probably are dating, or at least I think so, but just cause they’re holding hands, doesn’t mean they’re getting married.

  • ImNotAnnoying

    what is she wearing?

  • Anonymous

    Can you guys believe that this was him just a few years ago!!!!


  • Anonymous

    ‘They MUST be dating and/ or near marriage..’

    sooo true oceanup ;) i mean.. they’re holding hands..married for sure – what else xDD