Part 2 & 3 under!

  • Anonymous

    WOW David Henrie <3 You :)

  • N.O.T.

    Really liked this episode. David was looking might fine! and selena did a really good job in here, i actually enjoyed her character in this one. An i just love harpers nervous laugh.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THIS =]

  • laurenUK

    omg i have tears welling up inside of me :) x

  • Anonymous

    i feel bad for liking this show..

    but i can’t help it.

  • Anonymous

    She may not be the best singer in the world, but she sure is one of the best actresses for her age. This girl’s got potential if she keeps at it.

  • Anonymous

    Selena is seriously a good comedic actress.

    Everything she does just seems to.. flow.

  • Anonymous

    Aww, I just love this show. I think it’s really good for a Disney Channel show… and the actors are great. (: I think they all have a lot of potential, I bet they’ll go far. (:

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree. She is one of the best teenage actresses around, in my opinion.

  • kylewebs

    haha, good stuff.
    gotta love selena!

  • racheldxo

    Wow, Night at the Museum rip off, but I liked it.

  • J-Bug

    Best show on DC.I love Selena&David.

  • Leah

    that was sooooo sad!!!

  • Anonymous

    BEST SHOW EVERR! Selena is awsome so do David and Jake! love the show i like davids body he has perfectioned it! :)

  • ……….

    so great!!!

    i agree…def one of its best show ever. i think its b/c of the whole justin & juliet thing…it wasnt kiddy..it really felt so real….love this wowp!!!!!

  • pauli

    yayyy love this episode!!!

  • mhmm .

    awe, I love this show :D
    Justin has some NICE arms (:

  • hermione

    i love selena, shes always looks so perfect….

  • Anonymous

    ve it

  • wizardsrock

    best DC show ever! ;)

  • Anonymous

    i was literally about to cry because of the ending! my eyes were getting watery :*(

  • Anonamas

    Awesome. This show is the best.

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I loved this episode!

  • Anonymousss

    this show aired last week