Sterling K: ‘Girls, Don’t Be Mean To Nerds!’


Sonny With A Chance star Sterling Knight chatted with BOP! about being rejected by a pretty girl at school: ‘When I was in middle school, there was a girl that was the most gorgeous person I’d laid eyes on. I told her, ‘I’m going to be an actor. I’m going to move to Hollywood. You don’t know it, but I’m going to be so cool.’ She still would not give me the time of day.

I’m sure it was because I was telling her how rich and famous I was going to be, which probably sounded completely ridiculous. Since then, I have been working and I really appreciate it. Since learning about my success, the girl I used to crush on found me on a social networking site. She tried to be all nice.

She was just saying, ‘Oh what’s going on? That’s so awesome!’ I have two pieces of advice: Girls, those nerds and dorks are going to be the guys you’re going to go for in five or six years. Don’t be mean to them. Also, if you get rejected, let it bounce off you. There are too many other things in life to focus on.

  • Anonymous

    woow… :S now i feel really baddd :P
    storyy of mi liffee

  • St. Jimmy

    I wish I knew more about this guy. He seems really sweet :)

  • YouBelongWithMe

    I have a crush on a guy who is nerd. NERDS RULE

  • Anonymous

    sonny sucks

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    LOL :)

  • yup

    thats really good advice!

  • hpaddictedx

    Preach it Sterling.

  • Elia

    I’m in love with a nerd and he’s awesome…
    I am some nerd too ^^

  • Hannahh

    It was probably more because he thought he was so cool because he thought he was going to be famous, rather than the fact that he was nerdy.

    But other than that, I agree. Those nerds will be your bosses in 10 years. :P

  • Anonymous

    hes beautiful!

  • jerseygirl

    Slap me but I just think he’s adorable.

    LOVED him in 17 Again.

  • Covert09

    Hahaha that chick got her karma and she got it good. I as the nerd I am have to say that we’re normal too just like everybody else. Guys should do the same and be nice to nerdy girls and not take advantage of us.

  • Anonymous

    ha nerd are more fun and they are good to talk to

  • Michelle

    Awww! he’s so cute! xD

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Somewhat reminds me of “A Walk to Remember”

  • Anonymous

    awww.he’s adorable!:))

  • brionna bby

    I adore him.
    I loved him in seventeen again hes a rpetty good actor at least to me.

  • kali


  • Anonymous

    i agree ?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with him! I mean I the jock types are good looking and all, but they usually don’t have any substance. There usually not the guys that are husband material. It takes them a lot longer to mature. I usually fall for the nerd types anyways, they’re so sweet and end up to be really good looking lol

  • Lemonade

    Umm, if a boy told me he was gonna be so cool, I wouldn’t find it attractive, either.

    But yes, nerds are more fun to hang out with! I can actually talk with them!

  • elliesaur

    Haha, that girl got powned. :D
    I love Sterling. He’s amazing.
    Nerds are amazing, they’re just those type of people. Besides, I think everyone is a bit nerdy.
    Can’t wait for more Sonny. :)

  • Stop The World

    Nerds are the best <3

  • @biivieira

    awwwwww I love Sterling so so much, he’s my newest celebrity crush. he not only got the looks but the personality too :)
    hope he can visit Brazil somedaaay

  • ClaireBear

    I’m sorry, but if a boy came up to me and told me all that junk, I’d be annoyed and turned off beyond words. I never turn down nerds.

  • rachelxlaurent

    Nerds rule, duh. :)

  • Bri Knightchuleta

    Way to go sterling!!! You tell em!! You r 2 good for that so called “pretty girl”

  • Anonymous

    All of the nerds i knew in school are still losers now working as janitors and pizza delivery.

  • Anonymous

    if could see the nerds in my classroom you would think another way they are always picking the boogers,playing little kid toys like superheroes and when they talk to you is always about toys is frustrating. :( ps i dont bully them

    but sterling is right love him cant wait till starstruck


    haha, that’s cute.
    and nerds ftw.

  • juliecouture

    sad but true.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Aw, that’s cute :)
    I agree.

  • Kacie

    I am a girl. But I totally agree with that Sterling. It allways works out that way, the person you would never dream of being with turns out to be what you want in the future. Funny how that works. :D

  • Mcnoa

    I’m a nerd and I have a crush on a populair guy but he don’t likes me :(
    and I think I will never be famous…..:(

  • Mcnoa

    I’m a nerd and I have a crush on a populair guy but he don’t likes me :(
    and I think I will never be famous…..:(

  • remembrdecembr

    awh. <3

  • Laura

    this is THE BEST thing ever! I LOVE STERLING KNIGHT!!!!!!

  • Kris27

    he’s cute in 17 again, just there,
    because in that boring program called sonny with a chance he’s very ugly i must say
    i don’t know .. his face is weird =S

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    I’m KIND of a nerd…. well just the straight A’s part. I can’t help it if I get staright A’s! I don’t want my parents to kill me!

    Lol. But I’m popular too so that’s weird.

  • ms. lonelyheart

    Cutie, haha. <3

    I never watch SWAC but if I did, it’d be for this guy. He’s adorable and he just seems so sweet — but not perfect (telling a girl he’s cool, lol), cause no one is. :)

  • Ignorance01

    I agree with Sterling. There are a lot of people who just judge other people because they are not ‘popular’. I find that quite sad. I’m a band geek and I’m proud! Haha :) I Love Nerds and Sterling!!!

  • Goldengal11

    My mom used to say the SAME thing to me. She said back in the 80’s when she was in high school, everyone picked on the nerds. And the girls turned them down all the time. Now, the “nerds” are successful and can get any girl.


  • mspink

    Awww, he’s so cute!!
    And what’s so true!
    I love Sterling, he’s absolutely amazing!

  • rainbowveinsxx

    Haha, he’s awesome. (:

    like they said on an ep of family guy
    “you never know who’s gonna grow up and be famous!”


  • Teddy!

    He seems like the type of guy who enjoys penis.

  • Anonymous

    now THIS is a Disney star!

    He’s perfect, LOVE HIM!

  • blinbling


  • misguided gts.

    haha so true.

  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    We need another post!!

  • Mrs.jonastobe

    o sterling…


    I agree… :)

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Ha, thats cute. I agree!

  • Anonymous

    aww love him 4th?

  • CookieCaramelDealer

    they’re people too :X

  • Sasha

    I so agree, be nice to nerds because in 10 years they’ll be your boss.

  • DinoGirl

    Nerds are more fun to hang out with, anyway. :]

  • Emily Ford

    Something about him….is quite intriguing.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAOO @ the girl..

  • Anonymous

    he still looks painfully nerdy. but hey at least he’s nerdy looking and has a tv show now

  • Goldengal11

    This reminded me of this video SO much.

  • brianaheart19