Megan & Liz JUMP THEN FALL Taylor

  • YouBelongWithMe

    Oh these are the girls who were on Oprah on webcam when Taylor Swift was there. They are so lucky! I mean they got to talk to Oprah and Taylor Swift. If I was in there position. I wouldn’t be able to talk. Very talented.

  • Anonymous

    love themmmm <3

  • it’s me

    Oh my gosh!
    I can’t believe they were featured on Ocean Up!
    I totally love them and I love this song!
    They’re soooooooooo talented and I think we’ll hear of them again very soon!
    Wow that’s so amazing!
    I mean…I’m tha administrator of Megan & Liz unofficial Italian forum and this is a very good news!
    thank you!

  • fdjsfkldsfjs

    i think they sound good separate in this song, not good together. but check out their other songs. they sing SO WELL together. crazier by taylor swift is a good one. one love is good. and lots more. =)

  • AmaNDA

    they both have great voices, just not together.

  • vanessaaortega44

    Love them, not their best cover

  • Anonymous

    their voices actually mix well somewhat. it’s just a huge contrast. usually they sound better together. but they’re super talented :)

  • dur

    why do you people keep posting these two ?
    they can sing but not together ..and what the effffff are they smiling at?

  • giovanna

    omg, I love their voices, keep working on it..

  • AshleyLovesHerTwins!

    YAYAYAYAY! I’m SO happy they are on here again! Thank you for putting them on there, they are amazing!

    Everyone who is reading this comment, make sure you subscribe to them. I want them to get 100,000 subscribers before their birthday which is November 21st. Please help!

    xoxo – Ashley.

  • Anonymous

    not thier best cover.
    they couldn’t really hit the note for ‘jump’.

  • Anonymous

    they are very talented. but idk, i just never liked them, they give off the vibe that they are the best or something.

    anyway, i love this taylor song <3

  • Anonymous

    not their best cover.
    but they have a lot of better ones!!
    i think megan tried to outdo liz.
    liz did FANTASTIC in this video !!



  • Wowzers

    AMAZING!! See, now that’s talent!

  • Anonymous

    there are the best<3
    i love u mag and liz
    and yes i have to agree it is not there best cover i mean they did better go check out
    them singing one love by Jordan Pruitt it amazing<3 :)

  • Lauura_x

    Its funny how everytime they sing ‘jump’ they both raise a shoulder ahha :)
    Anyway, they sing good.
    i wish I can sing like them! ^^

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good at least better than taylor id say.

  • Anonymous

    i dont like liz she is off tune all the time but i love megan

  • Anonymous

    they have nice voices
    love that song!

  • BirthdayCake

    They sounded great seperatley when they were singing together it didn’t mesh. And it seemed like they were competeing against each other.

  • yelyah_fan

    i love megan she is awesome!!! i think she be more famous if she going solo

  • Anonymous

    the girl with the brown hair can sing really good……but blond not so much

  • anonymous

    they have pitch issues


    they have pretty voices, but they don’t mix well together at all in this one.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if they heard about the cat lady… there’s a way to extend the deadline with a song
    maybe they should do it

  • Anonymous

    cant say i agree at all

  • Anonymous


  • MileyFanforevzz

    they didnt sound good togther they were really out of tune and i dont think that they will ever make it big because they look and sound too boring.. no originality there at all sorry girls :(

  • Anonymous

    i love them!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think they are really good! this song would have been a little better if they would have stuck with the original way of singing this song. Their other covers are better.

  • Anonymous

    i love megan and liz more than the world, but this cover isnt their best. they sounded great throughout the whole song, except the chorus. they tried harmonizing too much. & its like a competition between the two. liz did amazing throughout the whole song, megan did except the chorus. but megan is usually the better one.

  • souka

    well, i think they did it well
    but they dont match
    i like the one with brown hair

  • Anonymous

    they are gooood – alina :D

  • taylorrrrrr

    their voices to not mix well at all…keep working on that….

  • Anonymous

    there voices mix well perfect!
    your just jelous that your voice doesnt sound like that!

  • JonasCyrusSwiftGomez

    These girls are so pretty :)
    But not one of their best covers.

  • jilliannnnnn

    lovelovelove megan and liz!

  • Anonymous

    like it but in the beggining it wasn’t that good.

  • Anonymous


  • JonasGirl001

    Uhhh nice except their voices aren’t mixing very well…..

  • Anonymous

    not their best cover.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think they know how to harmonize.. separately theyre good though

  • juliecouture

    meh, just average nothing special.

  • Anonymous

    they’re pretty
    and can sing

  • Rileyy


  • veeroh

    their voices are great just not together btw does anyone besides me find their body language & all that smiling awkward?

  • Anonymous

    they hav amazing voices

  • FarahMLFans

    they should be on this site more often.