Short Stack SWEET DECEMBER Video

  • Anonymous

    anyone who likes this shit doesnt know what real music is.

  • umm.

    I think short stack is pretty good:)

  • Anonymous

    Short Stack is Australian! Stop comparring them to the Jonas Brothers, they’re totally different. I like Short Stack, their alright. Gonna see them in concert in a few months : ) I get to meet them. I like The Maine better though – check them out – now their GOOD ; )

  • Yo

    I love Short Stack! :D

  • Anonymous

    They are like the best band..Better than the Jonas Homos

  • Anonymous

    I love it!!
    Sounds really good!!
    Thanks for posting.

  • Anonymous

    short stack are amazing <3 <3 <3

  • Stefanie-Australia

    love short stack …… aussie band out there at the moment!!!

  • Anonymous

    To the peopl who say if you don’t like them you don’t know what good music is. I honestly feel sorry for you. These guy are lame.

  • Anonymous

    OMG i luvvv the maine too!! and i luvv shortstack but i havent been to a concert :(

  • Anonymous

    Omg i love short stack
    shaun . Andy n brandie are so hot!!!!!! Luv u guys!!!!!

  • Nikki


  • Angelica

    loves it :)

  • A.

    These guys seem to have a lot of v-kei influence.
    I really like them too.

  • 123

    short stack are awesome! Wooo Best aussie band ever, any americans who don’t like em don’t know what real music is..

  • Hibz

    I don’t like them. And how come you’re comparing them to the Jonas BROTHERS? They do totally different music you dickhead.

  • Anonymous

    i love them, their great and really nice, u people should listen to them, their amazing and deserve respect, plz don’t try to compare them with the jonas, their much better than that.
    love ya Andy,Shaun and Bradie

  • BekahJayne

    These guys are mates of mine, they’re aboslutely awesome guys, just won ‘Best Aussie Band’, so congrats to them. They’re worth checking out.. :)

  • SexySoccerStud8

    Who are these guys?

  • Maggie

    Why should we care…?? Who even are they..

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    First?! ;)

  • Kyla


  • mhmm .

    I actually kind of find this song catchy. (:

  • Anonymous

    They look like girls… : /

  • Anonymous

    Totally love it
    i like short stack!